230 Tasting Notes

drank Shamrock Tea by 52teas
230 tasting notes

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drank Boston by Harney & Sons
230 tasting notes

I got to try this tea from the “Here is hoping traveling teabox”.

One sniff and I knew I would LOVE IT. Once brewed it seemed suprisingly familiar even though I had never tried it before…then I realized. The Tea Gathering House Blend (http://steepster.com/teas/the-tea-gathering/23725-tg-house-blend) which I LOVE is the same tea. I know that the owner of the Tea Gathering sources some of her tea from Harney. I am certain this is the same tea.

I do adore this tea no matter what it is named. It is a yummy almond-y cranberry confection. Yum!

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drank Violette by Mariage Frères
230 tasting notes

This tea has such a silky-smooth mouth feel. The other mariage freres tea that I have tried (Marco Polo) had the same delightful feeling.

The aroma in this tea is VERY prominent. The violet flavor is very distinguishable. There is a slight perfumy aftertaste that is not at all cloying like some other foral teas.

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drank Thé des Sables by Palais des Thes
230 tasting notes

This is from the here is hoping traveling teabox.

I drank this one on my way to work today. The dry leaves SMELL so sweet and nice, almost like a lighter marco polo.

The tea when brewed is not nearly as aromatic as the dry leaves. It still smells good but as I was expecting marco polo level of scent – this is very slight.

The flavor has notes of peach and mango. The green tea base is kinda lost with the flavors. I like this tea but I do not LOVE it.

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drank Catuaba by Infussion
230 tasting notes

This is from the here is hoping traveling teabox.

This dry infusion looks like a fibrous root. It almost looks like the shavings I used as a child for my gerbils. The dry root like infusion has a cedar smell.

Once steeped it is deceptively rosy in color. It looks pretty. However, at first sniff it is bitter and goes into my sinus cavity much like a vapor rub. A deep sniff of this makes me wince. There are notes of chlorine and wood in the smell.

I researched information about this herb online and found out that the fruit from this tree is not edible. I am not surprised. This root is barely edible…err…drinkable.

The flavor is hard to discern. I can say that it is VERY bitter. It puckers the edges of my tongue.

While I am rating this tea 0 the entertainment factor as I sipped it with a friend is 100. We had fun drinking this, reading about its supposed benefits and having a laugh.

Thank you Tea Sipper for putting the teabox together. I may not like this tisane but I appreciated the opportunity to try it and (comically) give it a review.

Rob Rauschenberg

Your reviews today are very spunky. haha.

Donna A

Your writing is very poetic.


My comment got deleted! DANG!

My reviews today are from: 1. having fun with the traveling teabox, 2. being in a great mood due to a win at work 3. trying tea with a friend and 4. enjoying new things even if they are somewhat funny!

Thanks for reading!


also had 1/2 day due to snow!


Donna a: thank you!!!


Yeah, I did not like this one either! I wanted to but oh my goodness was it bitter

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drank Schisandra Chinensis by Infussion
230 tasting notes

This tea is from the here is hoping traveling teabox.

This tea may have health benefits. But it is gross.

The infusion is a light yellow color.

There is no tea in this infusion nor is there anything resembling leaves. It is just dry peppercorn looking berries.

The dry berries smell like cedar chips and vinegar. I am not joking. This is repugnant and fierce. I can appreciate that infussion.eu is trying to spread chinese herbal medicine and know that there are interesting supposed benefits. However, you REALLLLLLY need to want the benefits in order to choke this down.

The prominent note is SOUR. It gets under your tongue with a ZING! (And not a good zing.) It is very vinegar and dill tasting. Perhaps you could use this to make pickles!

I am glad I got to taste this but will stay away from this herb in the future. If you are going to try this herb please be aware that it gets more pungent as the cup cools.

I finished the sample from the traveling tea box – but I do hope that others can try this and let me know if I am crazy in my taste!

Note: I was googling the various health claims on this tea and found that this tea is not suggested for people who are pregnant. I am not a dr, however, I am just relaying what I read on the interwebs.

Rob Rauschenberg

This sounds weird and intense. haha.

Emily M

Wow…that sounds… interesting?


Marcel Duchamp: It is seriously intense. wow.


Ah, I didn’t know it wasn’t suggested for anyone pregnant. Could you write that on the package of this one? In case anyone else in the teabox doesn’t know? thanks


Haha, Schisandra berry tea will do wonders for your overall health if consumed consistently over the long-term. The taste is strong and not the best but in my experience, you get used to it. They call it the five flavor fruit because it contains all five tastes. Adding some honey, agave, or coconut sugar especially makes the taste better. That said you do want to make sure you buy from trusted sellers for best quality. I’ve been using Chinese tonic herbs for a few years now and they do work. They work best of course when you consume them regularly.

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drank Jasmine & Lavender by Premium Steap
230 tasting notes

From the here’s hoping tea box

I love both lavender and jasmine. I selected this tea from the teabox because I am always on the lookout for Jasmine or lavender flavors and have never seen them together.

This is a great tea. I am also getting a citrus flavor which is an interesting addition.

The tea is an orangy-tan in the cup. The dry leaves smell GREAT. I love it if this scent came in an air freshener! I am really enjoying this tea and added it to my shopping list!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

I love both jasmine & lavender as well, and haven’t seen them together – at least not that I remember. I added this to my shopping list as well – sounds divine!

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This tea has pretty rose-amber color in the cup. THe dry leaves are very attractive blend of black tea heavily sprinkled with beautiful pink rose petals. THis is a very attractive tea in the dry leaf. The dry leaves also smell VERY aromatic of rose.

A pleasant rosy cup of tea. No bitterness. The rose flavor is somewhat muted. However, when searching for the flavor in the sip it is clear this is a rose tea. In a lineup of teas it is clear that this one is rose.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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This is from the Here’s Hoping Traveling Teabox

THIS IS SO YUMMY. I very clearly get the light baked good flavor. Oh, Yum! I wish I had more of this to try. I am so glad I got to try this sample!

Once brewed the tea has a beautiful amber color. Wonderful.

Thank you for setting up the teabox Tea Sipper!

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This is from the here’s hoping traveling teabox!

This was good, non-bitter black tea. The flavor of orange and cranberry get lost but this is a mellow tea. It has a nice sweetness for having no sugar.

Thank you Tea-Sipper for setting up the teabox!

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I like all kinds of tea and am open to new things. I am learning about all kinds of new tea and am working on pushing my palate with new tastes.

I live in Framingham, MA with my daughter, husband, a cranky orange cat and an oversized chihuahua.

I am open to tea swaps from around the world and tea meetups if anyone is in the Greater Boston/ New England area.


Framingham, MA

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