516 Tasting Notes


How fitting to start my tea swap journey with one blended by the swapper herself – SimplyJenW ! First of all, thank you for all the rooibos! It’s going to be an adventure.

I picked up some treats from a new European bakery in my neighbourhood, Kave Haz. We got some Gypsy cake and French Cream. Yum.

Of course, to make this an extra special treat, I made lattes with foamed milk and vanilla syrup! Mm I tried it on its own first and it’s the perfect blend and sweet caramel and apple. I’m totally into apple teas this fall, but rooibos is my favorite. I love rooibos lattes too, so I digress – thank you SJW, you expert tea blender you :)

I’m really enjoying this tea. Next time I will have it without the syrup because it’s quite decadent and sweet just on it’s own.

I feel so lucky to have so much of this in my cupboard to share with friends and keep by my side all fall.

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I was in an un-name-able store in order to buy little tea cups so I could have a tea party with my guy friends. Because I couldn’t have tea party without the cups. WELL they had freaking nothing, so I bought four “appetizer bowls” and they work perfectly! They even seem fancy. haha! http://www.webstaurantstore.com/cardinal-r0742-4-oz-spirit-china-deep-appetizer-bowl-24-cs/552R0742.html

I digress, the store also had some Tazo teas! I only go to Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but I thought I would pick some up knowing it’s a decent brand at least!

It’s a nice tea, it’s making me sleepy. It is a little bit like apple pie, but the taste is very mild. After eating a very rich supper of homemade jerk chicken and spinach feta pizza with 13% alcohol honey mead and dark chocolate beer… the mild tea is just what I need to sober up and go to sleepytimes.

It is a bit licorice-y but not too much. Mostly apple and cinnamon, with a lot of woody rooibos. I will try as a latte, and I have vanilla syrup to sweeten so it will be perfect!

My favorite way to sweeten lattes is just drizzle a bit of syrup on top, none inside. This has been such a random note…

Ashley Bain

Clever! They really do look like cute little teacups!
Women are so smart.

Daisy Chubb

Yes they are Ash, yes they are



I was simply perusing the Tasting Notes, and your comments caught me eye. I hope you don’t mind my jumping in here.

Who says they aren’t? I, for one am male, AND I do not doubt that women are as smart as men. I think my wife is probably smarter than I am, but tell any other men I said that. ; ) I teach and even today I witnessed the brilliance of a young second grader (I would bet she is easily the brightest in her class). I just love seeing children shine!

btw, cool story. I love being resourceful!

Daisy Chubb

haha that’s adorable!
Jump in any time my friend :D

And don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me :)

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drank Maple Bacon by Man Teas
516 tasting notes

So I had this one to go with my pancake breakfast tea this morning. Ah it was such a good tea day and it’s not even noon.. wait.. it’s 12:30. Sleep ins. haha.

Yes! This is a pretty yummy novelty tea. Noveltea as many like to say. I was hoping it wouldn’t taste like other bacon flavoured things (The bacon jellybeans we have come to mind) because those are a bit over the top. This tea is blended just perfectly – to give you a bit of a bacon taste and maple flavour, but still a strong tea base so that it’s not disgusting!~ I appreciate that! :)

For the second cup, we added the same brown sugar whipped cream with a tiny bit of maple syrup.

It’s a nice smoky tea, and I want to have more smoky teas in my life. I did get a bacon taste, Mike however did not. Here’s Mike!

Mike: It didn’t really taste like bacon to me, but it did taste like breakfast. And maple. mm I liked it, it was yummy! It just didn’t exactly taste like bacon to me.

Ashley Bain

smoky.. I will send you some of Harney’s lapsang souchong soon! (Still waiting for my sample packets to arrive.)

Daisy Chubb

Fo sho! Before I do my next swap I have to order some little baggies :)

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drank Pancake Breakfast by 52teas
516 tasting notes

SO I made this tea and a cup of maple bacon to go with my breakfast of eggo waffles and super-good quality bacon (the kind from the butcher, not from the grocery store). I guess I shared with my boyfriend to (sigh) so I’ll include his review as well!

This tea is so full of flavour. I really get the sense of a fluffy thick pancake smothered in butter with maple syrup. I enhanced my experience with a brown sugar whipped cream and a tiny bit of maple syrup, but it didn’t need it at all. It just upped the ante from awesome to amazing :) I’m finding I like to have additions in 52 teas, now that I’ve tried all of them from my order. For me, that is not a bag thing in any sense of the word. That’s why I have my milk frother – when winter comes and it’s -47, I make lattes/london fogs out of EVERYTHING. aaaaand I finally found my favorite vanilla syrup for that purpose (… vanilla nesquick :D CLASSY!)

Mike’s review: I like it cus it tastes like pancakes and it’s nice and sweet and yummy. And it doesn’t even taste like hot water.

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This tea. Is making me want to go adjust my other ratings lower so that it can be a higher 100. It’s another perfect tea for me.

I took a big whiff of the bag and my nose starting running. :D!
First sip. Hoochie mama that’s got a nice spice! And what’s this, mm a chocolate hit right after? I must have got a good blend because it’s just the right amount of chocolate with the spices. And now the chai-ness comes through. Gosh, this is lovely.

mmm a few sips in and I’m feeling the burn. But loving it mmah!

So I enhance my experience by making whipped cream with cocoa powder. And then I accidentally dumped like 5 tablespoons of cocoa instead of the teaspoon I was hoping for. So I went with it. Made a huge batch of chocolate whipped cream for later. For my subsequent cups of this tea! mm! It tones down the spice just a notch and I like it.

SO glad I bought 2 bags! Thank you Frankie!

The Seattle Tea Snob

Did you put any whipped cream on your tea? My dear, I do believe that all you are missing is a splash of peppermint schnapps. :)

Daisy Chubb

Ho yes. SO much whipped cream on my tea! It’s delightful, but to be honest it’s because I bought whipping cream because they were out of half and half AND coffee creamer. I don’t have peppermint schnapps but I do have chocolate liquer… I’ll be back, I have to make some tea :D


Can you share with me how you made it. I was so looking forward to this tea and when I got it I was so underwhelmed by it that I haven’t even been able to rate it.

Daisy Chubb

For sure, I did just one heaping teaspoon in a little under one cup of water (one cup being the size of my mug, not necessarily one actual cup) and then a bit of milk. I steeped for.. I’ll say about 5 minutes. It was kind of watery-ish, so that’s where my whipped cream came in. I didn’t sweeten the whipped cream a lot, but the addition of the cocoa made it like a slightly bitter dark chocolate taste, so I felt that made the tea how it came to be! That’s why I’m wondering if I got an especially good blend in the chocolate area, because the reviews are all over the place for this one hey?

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This tea is.. I can’t comprehend! It’s so .. bakey!

My old roommate and I used to have “bakey time” where we would make the most time consuming, awesome baking ever. Huge cinnamon buns, pretzels, whoopie pies, you name it.

This tea reminds me of bakey time. It’s really doughy in the flavour and scent. It didn’t smell at all how I expected, even after reading all the prior reviews!

Cream & Brown sugar makes it a perfect 100. And really yummy as it cools down too. What a freakin’ treat!

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You must understand, I am a huge sucker for pina colada flavoured anythings. Throw some grenadine in a pina colada and I’m your slave.
I’m a slave to this tea.

My first 52teas package came today!
My first honeybush!
My first wanting to cry over how delicious this tea is.

These are the teas I was born to drink. It smells and tastes just like a fresh pina coloda, what more can I say? Huge chunks of coconut and an amazing tang of rum (which I appreciate… I appreciated it so much that I added a splash of the Captain).

Thank you Frank. You’ve found a lifetime customer. Or rather, I’ve found myself a lifetime tea supplier :D

EDIT: I should add, my kettle broke yesterday so I went and bought a new one today. And by broke I mean it almost exploded. I was making tea and heard a strange sound.. I looked and there were tiny holes in my cheap walmart kettle, and out of these tiny holes were tiny black balloons that were growing larger and larger.. so I dumped out the water and hid under the table but it was okay. wtf kettle? Anyways, this tea was made with my new, not even metal-tasting kettle that is electric. No timers or temp gauge sadly, but I’ll deal! The end. :)

Ashley Bain

Jenn sent me a sample of this one that I haven’t yet tried, but after your review I think I’m going to have to go downstairs and make a cup. With a splash of rum of course. Long day, I deserve it.

“I looked and there were tiny holes in my cheap walmart kettle, and out of these tiny holes were tiny black balloons that were growing larger and larger..”
HOLY POO. Horror film material.

“so I dumped out the water and hid under the table but it was okay.” LOL :(
Glad you’re in one piece. Sad to hear your kettle no longer is. Wtf kettle, indeed.

Daisy Chubb

Yeah, I’m trying to block that kettle experience out of my memory.
Bonus points if you make the pina colada into an iced tea. Just sayin. :D But if you need it now with the rum, you truly do deserve it. Delish.

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drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
516 tasting notes

Half of it is in the fridge at work, cooling down to be iced tea for me to take to the gym after work! Yummeh!

I’ve learned a lot from this tea.
1. Don’t skimp on leaf – you get the full experience and yummy taste explosion with 2 teaspoons!
2. Doesn’t resteep terribly well, but oh well, it’s still tasty!
3. it’s yummy!

3 being most important.

Good to know it doesn’t re-steep well – I tend not to bother with most teas as I’m lazy, but I always feel guilty as I know they can be!

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But you know what, I bet it was an oversteep. I hope? Can you oversteep chicory? haha!
It smells like rootbeer! Real yummy homestyle rootbeer!

Okay I can taste it’s potential. It’s potential for caramel notes, almond and vanilla (kind of an amaretto feeling) , but before I can enjoy that at the beginning of the sip, it coats my tongue with a thick horrible bitterness. I like the chicory in Chocolate Rocket – I resteep that one 3 times some days and it never tastes bitter. I really hope that this tea experience doesn’t ruin Chocolate Rocket for me in the future o_o

The boy loved the flavour, but also hated the bitterness. It’s not a tea, it’s a tisane, so why come it’s so ruined?

Anyone else tried this and have a different experience? I won’t rate until I know if it’s supposed to be this bitter haha.


What was this one called before? I know they renamed it but I can’t remember what it was before.

Daisy Chubb

ohh I don’t remember, I know what you’r talking about though. Someone here is bound to remember!


Was it the Decafinator? That one seems to stick in my mind.

Daisy Chubb

They stilll have that tea as a seperate entity on the DT website, I wonder how different they are really though

Ashley Bain

yep it used to be the Decaffeinator!

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I’m sorry that people have had bad experiences with this tea, because it is just the taste bomb!! [Is that what the kids are saying these days? Bomb diggity.]

I cold brewed it for today with the last bit of Luscious Watermelon and Swamp Water which were hiding away from me in plain sight. A perfect mix! All this fruity goodness and no hibiscus in sight!

Actually, it tastes like bubble gum! Which makes me think anything is possible. So I’m going to the gym after work today.



Ooooh, that sounds like winning combo to me! I need to try Swampster.


I really wish I had enjoyed Blazing Strawberries. It sounded great. But what I got each time was simply bamboo. No anything else. Maybe next years summer teas will be more up my alley.

Glad you enjoyed it though.

Daisy Chubb

honestly, I have to brew it a certain way to get a lot of taste out of it (in my fridge steeping for 3 days) haha but I love it!
Well when I find a tea that doesn’t suit me but makes you drool, I know where to send it m’dear :)


I wish I had some Blazing Strawberry I could send you but I tried my darndest to like it so steeped many different ways and times so have none left.

Daisy Chubb

Nice haha! That’s dedication :D
That’s ok I stocked up waay too much before the summer teas went away o:

Ashley Bain

I loove Luscious Watermelon. I need to stock up before it runs out!

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My favourite tea companies are DavidsTea and Verdant Tea. They please my palette in different ways – and I love them both for it.

I’m back bb!

<3 Daisy


Ottawa, ON [Canada]



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