51 Tasting Notes

Whenever I try a new tea, especially DAVIDsTEA, I like to wait for a special moment. And as much as I’d love to follow what the Fall tea collection says and take these teas on an outdoor adventure, unfortunately I do not have that luxury yet.
​However, I am enjoying the moment that I am in now, watching quiet rain fall outside my window, with nothing but dark green glistening leaves from the hedges in my view, and listening to woodsy music.

This was the first tea I tried from the Fall collection and the one I was most excited about.
The dry leaf smell doesn’t smell like marshmallows to me, it smells like apples and spice. After that initial disappointment, I can’t expect the tea to taste any different.
This wasn’t the first time I tried it, and I’m actually almost through with the bag, but I doubled the tea this time for hopefully different results.

I’m just not impressed. It doesn’t evoke anything in me or remind me of a toasted marshmallow in any way. It should be called Marsh Apple. 
As a Marsh Apple tea, if you double the amount of tea, the cup is drinkable, but not very enjoyable I’m sorry to say. I don’t get it :(

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I just brewed this tea for the first time and it smells Uhhmazing.
I think it has to do with a chocolate tea being stored next to it in the same package. Thank you Nicole for this lovely tea!

A new black tea in the morning always makes me happy and my taste buds are ever so excited to try something new. I am down to using just one packet of sugar in the raw, which I am proud to say is much less than I would normally use. Yay to less sugar!

The tea is yummy, malty, with no bitterness, and just an all around great black tea for the morning or afternoon.


Oooh, adding to the shopping list!


:) it didn’t have the same effect on me the next day because I think it settled more on its own once it was away from the chocolate but it was still good.

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I wanted to get this tea the first time I saw it. I was attracted to the photo, loved the name, and the ingredients sounded good. I kick myself for not getting this in August, and I really think it would be an awesome blend for October. Thanks to KeenTeaThyme, I was able to try it. Thank you for being incredibly nice to share this with me!

The dry leaf smell is to die for. hence the graveyard. How can a green tea smell this yummy?

The taste is so very fresh, marshmallowy, and a tad minty. I think I taste and smell vanilla but don’t see it listed in the ingredients, maybe that’s the natural flavors. This is the first time ever that I have enjoyed a sencha green tea! I want to try this blend so many ways. I bet it would be amazing iced. I wonder how this would be with sugar. I want to make a latte with it! I’ve never even made a latte before.

Definitely a tea that inspires you in many ways.


Happy to share – anytime! :) So glad you enjoyed it too – now we need to petition Frank to bring it back next month…if not permanently!

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drank Zen Iced Green Tea by Tazo
51 tasting notes

Its about time I review this since its pretty much my most enjoyed iced tea. I loved it before steepster, and still do, even after beginning my journey with loose-leaf at the start of this year.
I give this tea a 100 because it is tasty, refreshing, easily accessible from a local store, inexpensive, and fun to brew.

I prefer to make it myself instead of having it at starbucks and I use honey to sweeten.
I made a perfect pitcher of it once which came out absolutely amazing, but I haven’t been able to recreate it exactly for some reason, but I hope to figure it out eventually.

The tea is just so refreshing any time of day. I love that there’s spearmint in this instead of peppermint. The lemongrass and lemon verbana is perfectly blended. I don’t like many green teas so the fact that this is a favorite says a lot.


So happy you found a favorite green!


thanks Azzrian :)

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drank Oh Canada! by DAVIDsTEA
51 tasting notes

Thank you Amanda for this sample.
It was the first tea I tried in my new forest mug from DT which is now my favorite mug ever. I already want to buy another one incase something happens to it. Here is a pic of the entire forest set. http://flic.kr/p/d8PVCS

The little leaves are what drew me to this tea. The first time I tried it, I found the maple and rooibos a bit too much for me, so this time, I made a blend using one teaspoon Oh Canada, and one teaspoon black tea. I called it Black Maple and it came out pretty awesome. Perfectly balanced, not too much maple or rooibos, and I was drinking it in the morning so it made a great breakfast tea. I found it to be very warming, so I would much rather enjoy it in cold temperatures. It smells so yummy!

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I’m starting to think white tea may be my favorite after black tea. There’s just something about white tea that makes me not want to sweeten it, and I love not having to sweeten a cup of tea. Mostly I’ve had flavored white so I wonder if I’d like pure white tea. Must explore more.

This tea is awesome. The dry smell in the bag is incredible and I’m not quite sure how to describe it fully, other than it has a very scrumptious coconut scent. I love seeing the fuzzy white leaves and brightly colored flower pieces in this blend.

It’s an extremely relaxing brew. Light, creamy, coconut goodness.

Thank you to the Tea Merchant for being awesome and letting us at steepster try some of your teas!

Daisy Chubb

Isn’t this one delicious? Ah I could use a whole pot of it right now


I love teas that don’t want to be sweetened!


Yes I must find more! It’s tough sometimes though because when I think tea, I think sweet. Must be from growing up with only sweet teas.

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The packaging is definitely awesome from this company. Nicely made labels on the brown sample bags, and the wax seal was very cool.
I was lucky enough to have received this tea for free and while I love the name of the tea and thought the ingredients sounded good, I couldn’t really enjoy it. I’ve never really had a real puerh blend before and I guess I just don’t like puerh at the moment.
It’s a very bold cup and I appreciate the dark coloring of the tea, but it just doesn’t smell good, and nothing really appeals to me in the taste.
I do however feel like it wakes you up. I will finish this cup, but I don’t think I will be making another. Will keep on the side for future swapage.

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drank Chocolate Cake by DAVIDsTEA
51 tasting notes

Yum yum yummy with milk and sugar. Not much else needs to be said about this tea… it speaks for itself. And now I know of another tea that I would like to eat! I really wanted some chocolate and a cup of this really does the trick of saving you from going out and finding a big piece of chocolate cake somewhere.
Must get a tin of this when it gets cold out (which is like 6 months from now haha… hah… yeah… maybe won’t wait that long)
Thank you Amanda for this highly enjoyed cup of tea!


Chcolate cake!?!?!? How did I miss this? Runs off to check DT.

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There are high force winds and crazy rain outside from the tropical storm to the west, but I just couldn’t stay in the office for lunch. So I ventured out, came back soaked of course, and am now freezing. I just may get hypothermia… maybe I’ve been watching too much Survivorman though.

So this tea is really warming me up! I put some honey in it, and now it’s really comforting too. Surprised to find another good green tea with mint, and its ease of brewing makes it better for work. While the mint is actually just a flavor and not real mint, it tastes quite good and is perfectly blended.

There really should be official “storm fun” days in florida to be away from the office. I love walking in the rain.

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Had to get a sample of this one because I loved the name and the ingredients sounded good. I’ve been waiting to try it and now seemed like a good time, having just returned from a forest. It was a very small forest, as it was in a park, but it was awesome and is the only one I can get to from where I live. I am just waiting for the day until I live near the real forests…

As for the tea, it tastes quite floral. It’s almost overpowering the mint but I do taste the mint. It’s actually one of the best green teas with mint that I’ve had lately, and it reminds me of my favorite iced green tea from Tazo. This would probably be good iced as well. Maybe even with a little honey. It was definitely a relaxing cup of tea.

Whispering Pines Tea Company

I really enjoy this tea iced, and it does take well to honey!

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