1443 Tasting Notes

drank Pomegranate (Granatäpple) by Nabo
1443 tasting notes

Nabo 2023 Advent Day 23: Granatäpple

This is a really lovely tea — very juicy, flavourful, and fruity. Buuuut, I wouldn’t say that pomegranate is specifically the flavour profile. I’m happy that at least it’s tasty after what this calendar has been overall though.

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Nabo 2023 Advent Day 22: Earl Tranbär

I ordered an extra 50g of this one and have almost sipped it down completely. While it is a fine tea, and an easy ‘when I’m not fully paying attention, but want a hot drink in hand’ cup, it’s not really special. The cranberry doesn’t come through as much as I’d like and I almost forget this is an EG! There is bergamot, but it’s just not as forthcoming as some other EG teas. The base is quite nice and smooth. It’s a nice tea, but I expected a touch more here.

Martin Bednář

This one needs more Cranberry when called that!



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Nabo 2023 Advent Day 21: Vinteräpple

This one smells very apple and cinnamon. I oversteeped this to 5 minutes, but thankfully the tea itself didn’t seem ruined. The flavouring is, of course, mostly cinnamon. There also seems to be a cinnamon oil here — there is a cinnamon intensity, paired with that cinnamon-heart sweetness.

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Nabo 2023 Advent Day 20: Julapelsin

The cinnamon and clove are the forefront here and the orange is lacking. I was hoping for orange and the ‘Christmas spices’ more in the background. No currant to be found. Subtle bitterness sneaks out as the tea cools. Another unbalanced tea from the advent, sadly.

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drank Skovbær by Tante-T
1443 tasting notes

2024 sipdown no. 3

I really liked this when I first tried it, but once I got back from vacation, the berries were coming across in a much ‘chalkier’ way. A true shame as it was very juicy and true to flavour berry in the glorious CPH water. Ahh the joys of tea sometimes!

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2024 sipdown no. 2

Martin thoughtfully sent this my way since he knows me so well! Blackcurrant and cardamom? Delightful!

The blackcurrant is really lovely and there’s a sweetness here (more in scent than taste). The chokecherry adds just a hint of tartness that is almost imperceptible, but still there. The cardamom falls toward the back and I have to concentrate to find it — interesting since there was a whole cardamom pod in the dry leaf. I do wish it was a bit more balanced, but a unique cup that I’m quite happy to have had the opportunity to try.

Cameron B.

That sounds like such an interesting combination!

Martin Bednář

Maybe more cardamom is needed. And yes, I know you well.

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2024 sipdown no. 1

I couldn’t put my finger on the scent at first, but then it hit me — it smells exactly like bread and butter pickles! I mean, I enjoy bread and butter pickles, but I don’t love the idea of drinking them XD.

The taste has some peppermint, but it’s muted by something. I see the ingredients note elderflower. Sadly I don’t get that at all. I could see there being echinacea here though. Thanks for sharing Martin!

Martin Bednář

Hm. Pickles you say? Interesting. I guess I need to try this tea to see pickles flavour. They wrote 3 flavours: herbaceous, floral and minty on the box. Sad there isn’t more elderflower.

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drank Goa Gubbar by Nabo
1443 tasting notes

Nabo 2023 Advent Day 19: Goa Gubbar

Ooh this one is quite lovely. The strawberry is really lovely! And the hibiscus adds just a hint of tartness that could be an ever so slightly unripe strawberry. Really lovely!

Martin Bednář

A winner for me from Nabo this year!

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drank Blåbär by Nabo
1443 tasting notes

Nabo 2023 Advent Day 18: Blåbär

I steeped this at 3 minutes (recommended 3-4) and there was quite a bit of astringency. Luckily, I ordered an extra 50g of this, so there’s more to experiment with.

I tried again at 2.5 minutes and it’s much smoother with no astringency. The blueberry flavour smells really great when the tea is dry, but it’s not as robust in the steeped flavour. I’m going to do another trial at a different temperature to see if I can make the blueberry flavour pop more.

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drank King's Tea No. 1 by Richard
1443 tasting notes

2023 sipdown no. 123

Thank you Martin for this tea and for some tasty and easy sipdowns throughout December!

This one almost has a pu’erh scent — it’s earthy/swampy to my nose. The base seems to be a mix of black teas, so not sure why I’m getting that. The taste isn’t pu’erh, which I’m grateful for. There are hints of lime, but something about the base (perhaps the mix of 3 teas) just isn’t hitting right. I expected more of a robust lime flavour, but that’s not coming through.

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I love black tea and this is usually what’s in my mug. I’m also happy to enjoy a cup of green or red rooibos (green preferable to red), herbals, oolongs (unroasted/green and red preferable to roasted), whites, and subtly flavoured greens (mango or pineapple, yum!).

Raspberry, strawberry, peach, rhubarb, passionfruit, blackcurrant, redcurrant, fig, and most fruits in general, maple, creaminess, hay, biscuit, lavender, and cacao/dark chocolate.

I enjoy bergamot when paired with flavours that mellow it (Camellia Sinensis Earl Grey Cream is one of my favourites).

Any smokiness at all, stevia, too much blackberry leaf, rose, jasmine, ginger (except in chai), cinnamon-heavy teas, anything cloying or fake/candy-like.

I’m vegan with an allergy to potatoes, so I avoid any animal products in tea, along with sprinkles as these often have potato starch (I usually just pick them out of blends).


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