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drank Flowers tea by Gurman's
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I have been looking for a flowering tea to use in a tea ceremony which I hope to do at the end of a meditation class – thought it might be a nice idea. Bought 5 Gurman’s black tea blossoms for €9.50 In Dublin. Really excited to see what emerged in my glass tea pot, bought especially. Poured boiling water into pot, dropped ball in, waited with baited breath, along with several family members whom I had built up to see something quite spectacular. The result at least gave everyone a good laugh! A nicely coloured but underwhelming pink flower which remained tucked into the opened black leaves of the flower ball – the whole lot floating upside down the first time I tried. I could only see the flower if I put my face up to the glass. The tea leaves themselves looked very unappealing – a black clump which did not sink down to the bottom but floated around on the surface.

I tried a second time and this time I put the boiling water onto the flower ball. Virtually same result – a raggedy clump of black leaves with a pink flower visible inside, but not emerging. Again, the ball did not sink to the bottom of the pot but at least this time it was floating right way up – ie with the flower on top.

The taste was actually quite good. Not worth the €9.50 (for 5 balls) price tag though as it tasted as good as my standard Barry’s breakfast tea that I drink all day long. Mind you, Barry’s tea is an excellent black tea.

All in all disappointing but I will keep looking and will send off for some blooming tea which has been reviewed online and hopefully fare better.

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