Continuing my re-tasting of these chanakara teas that I bought a year or more ago. Luckily there were a couple of boxes that were still wrapped in cellophane, and the flavor seems to be very present so far. When I wanted a caffeine-free tea to sip on, I went for this one. I’m not terribly familiar with dragonfruit itself. I’ve seen them for sale before, but I’ve never actually tasted one. The dry tea bag smells very gingery… uh oh. I steeped for 5 minutes in boiling water.

The brewed aroma is fruity and quite tart from the hibiscus. I can definitely pick up on a kick of ginger. Because of the smell, I added a teaspoon of sugar before I even tasted this tea. I am actually pleasantly surprised by it considering the number of ingredients in it that I don’t generally enjoy (ginger, hibiscus, licorice). Most of the flavor is a lovely fruitiness that is accented but not overpowered by the hibiscus. The fruit definitely reminds me of other “exotic” fruits, such as mango and papaya. I taste the ginger and peppermint only at the end of the sip, and even then they’re quite mild and play nicely off of the fruit.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the fruit flavor in here, and the restraint on the hibiscus! This would make a super delicious iced tea, too. I might have to order more of this one, and perhaps the loose leaf version this time around!

Flavors: Fruity, Ginger, Hibiscus, Peppermint, Tart

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML

This may be silly…but the name makes me think of naruto

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This may be silly…but the name makes me think of naruto

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Hi, I’m Cameron!

I’m a 30-something software engineer currently living in Austin, Texas with my husband and our two pugs, Gobo and Ume. I tend to cycle between my different hobbies, and they include piano, knitting, video games, board games, miniature painting, planners, bento, KBeauty, and – of course – TEA! But really, what I’m best at is “collecting” hobby-related things… ;)

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- Total 2024 Sipdowns: 62

I prefer my tea lukewarm or at room temperature and without milk or sugar. I steep Western style, and fluctuate between using big mugs or small teapots depending on the season.

I am always up for a swap! Just let me know if you’d like to try something in my cupboard.

Tea Preferences:
I enjoy both flavored and unflavored teas in many forms. These days, I drink mostly flavored teas, and I tend to gravitate most toward black, green, oolong, and herbal varieties. I do have a special fondness for straight Japanese green teas, however.

I do not sweeten my teas, and pre-sweetened teas are usually too sweet for me. I also do not enjoy stevia.

I tend to reach for fruitier flavors rather than desserty ones these days, but I do have favorites from both categories. Willing to try anything once! There are a few ingredients/flavors that aren’t generally my jam, such as coconut, rose, lavender, and chocolate flavoring. But I also have teas that I love with some of those things, too! :)

Favorite Companies:
3 Leaf
Bird & Blend
Dammann Frères
Harney & Sons
Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms
Old Barrel Tea Co
Simpson & Vail
Taiwan Tea Crafts

Tea Rating Scale:
90-100: Outstanding! Permanent cupboard resident
80-89: Great – a possible staple
70-79: Good, but I wouldn’t buy it
60-69: It’s decent
50-59: Meh… I may or may not have finished the cup
40-49: Ick. Couldn’t finish it.
00-39: Repulsive, I spat it out

I will sometimes refrain from rating a tea if I feel I’m too biased due to my personal dislikes, or if I suspect the sample has been compromised by age or scent contamination.

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Austin, Texas



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