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Got a fresh batch of this Mega Yummy Oolong!
Packed in a bunch of leaves into my Yixing pot and made it coffee strong.

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I know that there’s endless Tea blogs out there that wax poetically about the taste of different Pu-erh teas.
To me they all taste the same.
Wood, Earth and Coco.
My wife says it smells like wet dog, but then again all she drinks is Earl Grey.
I really wish I could say I like Pu-erh but its a big Meh in my palette.


some of it does smell like wet dog :-)

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I picked this tea up in Kathmandu back in 2007. I haven’t made a cup of this since so I decided to see how well this holds up over time. Turns out it does pretty well. Now I’m not a black tea drinker but for a tea going on 4 years old it brewed up pretty nice.

Geoffrey Norman

Four-year-old black tea?! And a pekoe, no less? You must’ve kept it well-preserved.

CMT 雲 山 茶

haha No it sat in an old Tibetan wooden bowl. Wouldnt say it was air tight.

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Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America is a traditional Jinja Shinto Shrine located near Seattle, WA. Not only do they have there own kickass Sake but this high quality Sencha. A friend of mine brought up a bag of this from his stay at the shrine. This has a beautiful sweet aftertaste and really bright Umami. Whatever that means. ;)

Geoffrey Norman

They grow their own sencha?!

CMT 雲 山 茶

No they Import the Sencha from Chado En in Japan, and some place in Oregon makes the Sake for them.


Sounds like my kind of shrine. =)

Geoffrey Norman

I know which place makes the sake. It’s about a thirty-minute drive from my house.

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This is solid classic Oolong. Just drank the last of my batch. Name is very fitting for the 2 feet of snow we got today.

Song(Rolling in the Deep) Which could be how this Oolong is made.
The first thing that popped on the cbc radio2 while drinking this.


Love the song and probably the tea. Might pick this one up just just for the Adele/snow/contemplation combo. Her music is very oolong friendly, when I think about it.


Thanks for playing along!

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Geoffrey Norman

I’ve only had one pouchong/baozhong to date, and I loved it.

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I decided to dust off my tin of this after reading LiberTeas latest review. But alas I still find this teas flavor to faint for my taste buds. It does have a slight hint of butter but my palate is not sophisticated enough to drink this. Once again this tin will go into the back of my Tea Bus.

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Ah Christmas. A time of gifts from strangers that mean well but really know nothing about tea.
Now while this Green tea, and I use that word loosely, does not taste horrible its not something I would drink twice. It reminds me of drinking Cream Soda slurpees from 7/11. Which I do enjoy, but the addition of decaf green tea really adds nothing. Overall its a mild and not overpowering drink. A little like Detroit, it has its highlights but I would’nt want to live there.


I don’t like soda, and I don’t like cold matcha other than matcha limeade or matcha orange juice… but strangely the possibility of matcha cream soda excites me- and it would be similar but probably (and hopefully) better than this.

CMT 雲 山 茶

Matcha Cream Soda does sound good, in theory anyways. ;)

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I had low expectations going in on this tasting and I wasn’t disappointed.
If your looking to taste what a Matcha should not be then this is where you start. Far from being green it brews up a gross brown hue and it tastes as bitter as it looks. Kenya is not known for its green teas and this is just another sad grab at the Matcha Craze that’s out there. Few teas leave me nauseous but this one takes my cake.

Geoffrey Norman

Aaaaah, I understand the skepticism now.

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To truly enjoy a great cup of tea, we should be there with the tea-not off thinking about the past or the future…even what we will say about the tea.

-Master Ling Ping Xiang



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