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drank Camomile by Bonomelli
3 tasting notes

This tea brews better than most.. and I’ve tried a lot! I’ve been drinking herbal teas for years and of all the Camomile teas, this brand is the only one that brews strong enough to get the full flavour of the herbs. It also brews clear and darker than any other Camomile tea. I’ve grew up on Bonomelli Camomilla and each sip reminds me of my Nonni (grandparents) and the many evenings of sickness that only Camomile can remedy.

You will never drink north american brand Camomile tea again!

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drank Camomile & Apple by Twinings
3 tasting notes

My most favourite herbal tea. It has a comforting aroma because of the warm apples and maintains the lovely bright and crisp flavour of the Camomile. I wouldn’t define it as “fruity”- then again when I think fruity I think berries and citrus not apples.

I love that a cup of this tea just spills with healthiness and I find that these two flavour’s are really complimentary to one another. The apple provides a different kind of sweetness to the Camomile’s already sweet undertones and helps to bring it forward a little further.

I drink mine with about two tea spoons of honey which boosts both the flavour and the medicinal worth of this tea. I’ve also added a tea spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice which transformed the taste and smell beautifully.

Twinings Camomile and Apple has ruined plain old Camomile tea for me! I dare you to try it :D

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I’m not a big fan of green tea but I was deliciously surprised by the Jade Dragon Mao Feng!! I was gifted it along with a lovely Teavana tea tumbler and have been drinking it nice and hot for the past 2 hours. I steeped it for just over a minute and was a bit concerned with it’s light colour. The aroma doesn’t change too much whether dry or steeping/steeped and I find it smells equally earthy and sweet. The taste has altered a little as its cooled, but texture has remained the same. Now, one of the reasons that I don’t terribly enjoy green tea is because it leaves my mouth feeling dry and this worsens with each sip but this has not occurred. In fact, from the moment it hits my tongue, to the last moment that I swallow it, my mouth is coated with a wonderfully silky almost creamy texture. I like to inhale deeply while I take a sip and let the liquid roll around on my tongue before swallowing and exhaling. I always drink my tea with a tea spoon or two of honey and I found that it brought out the inherent sweetness of this particular brew. Due to taste and feel, it is easy to forget that you are in fact drinking a light brothy liquid and not something akin to warm sweetened milk. In fact, it continues to astound me in every sip!

My only concern with this tea is that if you wait too long between sips (like more than 40 seconds), the silky coating on your tongue gets complicated and when you do take another sip, you are left feeling a bit dry and tasting a bit bitter. But I think this is due to the secretion of saliva and the effect it produces when it lingers on the sweet taste buds. Altogether, not unpleasant and nothing another few sips can’t cure!

I’m looking forward to seeing what this tea will be like when I re-steep the leaves.. I think this is called “re-infusion”? I’m afraid i’m not terribly well versed in the language of all things tea :) I strongly suggest this tea to tea and non-tea drinkers alike, regardless of green tea preferences.

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Recent University Grad, BA Honours Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and English. Love me some Tea!!! Excited to learn more about non-bag teas and navigate the culture that is modern day tea drinking :)


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