Adagio Teas - Online in Naperville, Illinois
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I can’t imagine a more perfect tea company or website.
When I first stumbled upon Adagio, I had nothing special in mind; just order some tea and see how it tasted.
I found myself obsessed with their awesome site. I could get free samples and build up reward points to get more free tea. I could review and rate the teas I tried and add them to my wishlist. It was everything I wanted a tea site to be.
Then I found the custom blending options. Wow! You can make your own blends, add art and buy it and have it shipped to you! How much more perfect can you get? And on top of that, if other people buy your blend, they give you points for more credit!
And if that wasn’t enough, Adagio’s customer service is amazing. They do great promotions all the time. They give quality tea at GOOD prices. I can’t think of how it could be better. They designed a fun, fast, user-friendly site that has everything a tea-lover could ask for. And don’t get me started on how much I love my Iced Ingenuitea gravity infuser. Too good!

KoKo Bubble Tea in Hoover, Alabama
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Bubble tea is delicious. I don’t like the price but the employees are always nice.



Loves tea, reading, music, art, video games, roleplaying, and spending time with her wife and daughter. :)

Ask me for a $5 gift cert to Adagio if you’ve never ordered from them!

As for tea, loves flavored black teas, herbals, and good lattes most. Green is hit or miss with me and I haven’t found a white I like yet. I like my tea sweet, no matter how much some tea connoisseurs turn their noses up at me for it. I love trying new teas and I’ll try anything once!

I noticed this elsewhere on the site so I’m going to post a ratings legend as well:

95-100 Favorite; This is one of my favorite teas. I will want to keep this in stock all the time. I will drink a lot of this tea. I’m likely to send samples of this in swaps because I LOVE it and want to SHARE my love of it with you!

90-94 Excellent; Some of the best teas I’ve tried. Delish. I will probably buy more.

80-89 Very Good; I liked it and would like to have it again for sure. I will surely buy it again at some point. Not quite “The best” of any category, but some good stuff to be sure.

70-79 Pretty Good; Maybe it’s just not quite my type of tea or not quite my flavor, but I acknowledge that it’s a good tea. I might drink it again if the mood strikes me. Not very likely to buy it again. May still recommend it to others based on their tastes.

50-69 Okay; I probably won’t buy it again, but will probably finish drinking what I have. It’s not bad. Not good… but not bad. I probably won’t recommend it.

50 or less Meh; I didn’t really enjoy this tea. I won’t buy it again and can’t recommend it.

10-0 I must have really, really hated this tea. It may have killed my puppy or absconded with my cheesecake. I’m pretty sure it killed Professor Xavier.


Alabama :c

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