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Rather had the most enjoyable experience with this tea coming tword the end of the brick, it is so tightly compressed i found that if you brew it in ~9-11g chunks it wont crumble and it wont be as bitter, etc. lasted so many infusions i lost count. To my surprise i picked up a stronger stone fruit aroma, mostly peach coming from the oils on the Gawain. absolutely excellent and i think it taught me a valuable lesson in taking much care to not break up leaves when you’re prying them from the brick.

Another thing to note is the “old book” or somewhat old musty menthol-like flavor disappears within the first few steeps, and its very neat as the clump of the tea begins to unfurl it reappears again, changing the flavor profile then quickly returning to what it once was. Its rather enjoyable. Going to purchase another 2 bricks for my stash and revisit in a hand full of years time.

Flavors: Menthol, Peach, Stonefruit

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 9 g 6 OZ / 170 ML

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Pretty solid. Gains a stronger wood flavor with the large amount of leaf i used(10g), about halfway through i begin to detect subtle hints of stone fruits and a pleasant coffee-like aftertaste. the wet leaf aroma is reminiscent of earthy fallen logs. it does have some old-book type flavor in the beginning but that was short lived about 3-4 steeps in. all in all pretty tasty.

Flavors: Coffee, Maple Syrup, Stonefruit, Wet Earth, Wet Wood

205 °F / 96 °C 10 g

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Decent! If let sit for longer infusion times, gains a deep flowery flavor with a charcoal like smokey flavor. after a few more sessions at higher temps i begin to identify the smokey flavor as cedar. i also begin to detect a faint citrus flavor. personally i found it most enjoyable in a large pitcher infuser or teapot western style brewed aggressively with high temps and high amount of leaf. Its definitely worth a try.

Flavors: Cedar, Citrus, Flowers, Smoke

205 °F / 96 °C 7 g 34 OZ / 999 ML

I think the temp is too low. i would use 200F at least since its roasted oolong ;)


ooh, I’m sure tried it at around 203F and didn’t notice much, perhaps my tastes were off that day. I’ll give it a revisit at higher temps and see if i notice any other complexity~


i ordered this tea and will get it in abt 10 days. It will be interesting to compare notes ;)

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Michigan, USA

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