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A tea lover that comes by it honestly. Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers loved tea. Dispite my parents being chronic coffee drinkers, I’ve managed a few tea parties with them using grandma’s tea things.

I raised my son to love tea. The evidence of this came one day when he was shoveling snow while I was boiling water and prepping the teapot. He walked in all ruddy faced and winded. Seeing me, he sighed heavily then raising his face Heavenward he breathed, “oh good! you’re making tea.”

Converting my husband, however, took awhile. Then the daily gathering around the teapot – as a family – began.

I’m also a knitter, a crafter, and a book junkie. I step over on the dark side and drink coffee once in a while, BUT, it has to be good coffee in a French Press or stove-top perk pot. Drip coffee is not my cup of tea.

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