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December 15th, I think.

Yeah, I’ve given up on following any sort of system here. A cold which is causing me to cough rather a lot and consume my own weight in licorice root tea and lozenges is rather a lot of interference in any sort of Christmas calendar system. Not to mention the fact that we’ll be going to England as well, so it was actually doomed from the beginning. I now have four untried teas from the thing waiting on my desk and a fifth in my cup.

Which is this one. And this is exactly what it says on the bag. Just citrus. Could be anything. It looks like a herbal and it has a lot of lemongrass, so I’ve decided it’s another herbal. So far half the teas in the Christmas calendar have been herbals, which I have to say I’m finding a little disappointing. I mean, I know I’ve been rather interested in herbals lately, but that’s not why I bought the plocking Christmas calendar!

Anyway, this one. I suspect we have to do with a mate, here. There are tiny green leaf bits in between the lemon grass that look kind of mate-y and there’s a funny not-quite-smoky aroma to it as well. I think it’s a mate base.

It mostly tastes like lemon grass, though, and with a sort of roasted kind of note underneath and minty aftertaste. Yes, the evidence is definitely pointing towards a mate base.

It’s nice enough, but honestly nothing very exciting.

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