December 6th.

Yes, I have a slight delay here. Very slight. Only 12 hours. I didn’t have any of it yesterday because I was too tired and too hungry when we came home. Husband was working from home yesterday so we met up when I got out and got all or Danish Christmas shopping done. We were quite efficient, actually. We went in with only a vague idea of what to get anybody and finished in just under two hours. Well, I say finished, but there are only a couple of small bits still missing. Now there’s just some of the English Christmas shopping left to do, as some of it has been done online already and the rest of it will be done when we’re in England. No reason to travel with it. So no tea for me last night. I opted for dinner instead. And a bedtime cup of nearly herbal.

Anyway, here is a fruity green. Fruity greens, I must admit, tend to be by far my favourite kind of green tea. It’s not the same as with rooibos, where I don’t actually like it if it isn’t flavoured. I do like green tea on its own. I just can’t muster up much interest in it.

This one smells delightfully tropical. I can detect lots of pineapple, but it seems to be overpowering the strawberry a bit, probably because pineapple has such a sharp smell. I think I can find the berries underneath, but it’s much more soft diffuse, so I can’t be entirely certain.

It’s coming through a lot more in the flavour. It’s really the opposite way around here. LOADS of strawberry and here and there a sharp spike of pineapple. The base isn’t very noticeable, but I can tell that there’s a bit of vegetative green in there somewhere. This is very nice!

I seem to be on a lucky streak with this Christmas calendar!

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