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I stopped in at Fru P on the way home to stock up on the nommy vanilla, and as usual I fell into a few of the others as well. This one and a herbal mix containing nothing but chocolate (lots!), hazelnut and black currant, which she recommended preparing like a chai.

Apart from the vanilla, her teas have however always disappointed me a little. I mean, they were good enough, but they weren’t awesome. The aroma is generally over the top awesome, but the flavouring itself always seemed a bit out of balance. I’m pressing on, though, because I simply refuse to believe that she’s only got one awesome tea in the whole shop. Strikes me as highly unlikely.

This one also delivers on the aroma. Very rhubarb-y and sour. I have to admit I did get a little concerned about hibiscus at this point, but when I tasted it, my fears were laid to rest. Tart and rhubarb-y, but no metallic side-flavours to be found. There’s a creamy vanilla-y note to it as well, which makes me wonder if there might be some vanilla blended in as well.

If one enjoys a rhubarb flavoured tea, then this is actually quite good. I’ve only ever had it in green tea before, and that Ruby Pie (I believe) that Sil shared with me, so it was the combination with black tea that drew me in.

I’m uncertain about how much I like it. I mean I like it, but I can’t really decide whether I love it or merely like it. I think it’s something in between. It’s quite interesting though, and it’s the sort of tea that really invites you to play with it. Mix it with other things, see what happens. I’m definitely going to try it in combination with the lovely nommy vanilla. I suspect that might be a combination that could be awesome.

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