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A nice morning cup. I’m not sure what’s exactly in the blend it’s a little smoky and very smooth.

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Nice Organic Citrus Oolong. The Citrus doesn’t seem to over power the oolong it’s a nice cup.

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When I smelled it in the shop I thought I have to try this tea, but I was already sipping on a pot of Holiday Blend so I thought I better take a couple ozs. home or I’ll have to make the 45 minute trek back up here next weekend because I won’t be able to stop thinking about how good it smelled.

It smells like raisins, rosepetals black tea and currants if you can imagine those mixed together. It makes a beautiful reddish pinkish brew it’s a okay cup a little strong on the currants making it a tad bitter for my taste but I will finish it probably won’t purchase it again though. Too many teas too little time, to be drinking only “okay” teas.

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I stopped drinking sodas/colas because I can get my caffeine fix from tea! So I decided to stock up on some black teas to get me up and going in the morning that’s when I discovered Organic China Mist a really nice cup of black tea without the harsh aftertaste of some black teas. It has a soft smoky flavor. Not a bad way to start your day!

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After hearing of a family friend who lost 80lbs drinking Puerh I decided to give hot tea’s a try. You see I am from Texas and we like our iced tea’s here we don’t drink very much hot tea. So I decided that I would try some teas and looked up local tea shops well there was Teavana (of course) and I tried and liked some of theirs but then I decided to explore more “exotic” type teas and that’s when it happened all of a sudden I fell head over heels for this Formosa oolong! It is so delicious sometimes I feel like I couldn’t possibly enjoying something so much and not be overdoing it with the calories but I am. The first hot tea that I can say I truly wouldn’t want to live without! It tastes like an ordinary oolong then all of a sudden a milky almost, but not quite a hint of caramel hits you!

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Nice puerh when I first purchased the tea I found it to be a little too fishy it felt like I was about to experience and asian ginger fish dinner! But after sticking with it, I have come to enjoy it more and more especially the second steeping it is quite good when I am working and hungry but don’t have time to eat when I am working on the computer it hits the spot!

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drank Rooibos Sweet Amore by Teavana
111 tasting notes

I totally agree with the other Angie’s review on this one. I enjoyed it even those some tastes felt a little like a medicine, other tastes felt like they were sweet and woodsy. Will drink again until I finish the tin but won’t buy more.

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drank Earl Grey Creme by Teavana
111 tasting notes

My first shot at an Earl Grey came in the teavana gift set. I was disappointed as I hear everyone talk about how wonderful Earl Grey’s are and this one was hard to drink because the smell made me feel kinda nauseous not that the smell was bad. It’s that I felt like I was about to force myself to drink perfume! I didn’t finish the cup but gave it an honest shot and it is smooth but I just couldn’t get over the perfumy smell. I really wanted to like it but couldn’t get over the smell.


I don’t blame you, some people just can’t take earl grey. It’s kind of like I usually don’t handle chai very well!

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Great morning tea to get the day started. One of my faves for mornings!


I ran out and missed it so I reordered. Having it for my first cup this a.m. and I must say it brews up to a very dark liquor and the taste is slightly spicy (from the rooibos chai no doubt it is a very nice blend with the Matevana being so creamy tasting.

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I Agree with the other reviews of this tea. Very tasty at the store (I think they use ALOT of german rock sugar) but made at home its not as potent. It is still good even with no sweetner added, just not as good as it is at the store.

Update: I don’t know what’s going on here. The more tea’s I drink the more I find myself not liking some of the tea’s I started out adoring? While I am new to tea this is kinda baffling to me! This tea was one of my gateway teas into the wide world of tea recently I have been drinking more and more tea and so today I decided to sit down with my old friend Samurai Chai/white Ayurvedic mix from Teavana and it seems like it has NO taste at all!! The smell the same I made it the same as I always have I don’t know what’s going on why does it lack flavor hmmm I’ll try it again in a few days and see what I think then.

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New to the world of hot tea, being born and raised in Texas we typically only drink lipton black tea, sweetened and iced of course! I recently discovered the world of hot tea / flavored teas and am thoroughly enjoying my new little world of tea!

Favorite Tea Quote: A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
Eleanor Roosevelt


Houston, Texas

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