An Earl Grey with floral lavender and vanilla. What’s not to like? I actually don’t think I have had a tea with lavender before. Maybe I have had a herbal tea before but definitely not a black one.
It’s supposed to evoke the aroma of a London Fog, a beverage that consists of Earl Grey tea with steamed milk, vanilla syrup and sometimes lavender, so the ingredients in this tea definitely make sense based on this. I don’t know what makes it Victorian, though. According to Wikipedia, the London Fog beverage was invented in Vancouver, Canada in the 1990s, not during the Victorian Era like H&S claims.

The dry leaves smell mainly of bergamot and lavender. In my opinion, there is barely any vanilla here. If I focus really hard, I can perhaps detect a little bit of vanilla, but the bergamot and lavender are the two strongest aromas by far and they are about equally strong. The bergamot is possibly slightly stronger.

The steeped tea smells mostly of bergamot and lavender like the dry leaves, but the lavender is stronger now and the bergamot more subdued. The vanilla is there as well but it’s very faint. The vanilla flavor is not nearly as strong as in their other vanilla flavored teas like Paris, Tower of London, Florence etc.
There is something about the herbacious lavender that makes this tea smell a little like hay or chamomile to me. I don’t why.

When you taste the tea, you clearly get the bergamot and lavender. The vanilla is once again very subdued. I don’t know if the vanilla is supposed to be this faint – maybe I got a bad batch. I guess I will find out when I reorder it.
The black tea base is pretty strong, just like the tea base in their other Earl Greys (EG Supreme and EG Imperial). I would say medium to full-bodied in terms of tea strength.

All in all, this is a scrumptious Earl Grey with strong, herbacious and floral lavender notes and a touch of vanilla. It’s very, very good and is an excellent morning cuppa.

Flavors: Bergamot, Citrus, Floral, Hay, Herbaceous, Herbal, Lavender, Tea, Vanilla

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 3 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

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My name is Andreas, I am from Denmark, and I am 26 years old.

I am a lover of fine teas and my favorite tea brand at the moment is Harney & Sons – which I discovered via Steepster back in 2011 or early 2012, but first tried in January of 2021.

I have been drinking high-quality teas since 2009, when I was thirteen. The brand that made me appreciate quality teas was Kusmi Tea – which I still love. But since then, Harney & Sons has taken the number one spot for me, and it has become pretty much the only brand of tea I drink on a regular basis.

I prefer black teas, or blends of black and oolong – both flavored and unflavored – and dislike most herbal and fruit teas.

I usually don’t care for green teas or white teas, either.

I enjoy most of my teas with a splash of milk and without sweetener.

I mostly review and rate teas I love because I think that’s the most fun, and because, most of the time, I buy teas I know I am going to like.

Favorite flavors:
Citrus – bergamot, lemon, orange.
Sonefruits – peach, plum, cherry, apricot.
Berries – black currant, strawberry, raspberry.
Dessert flavors – chocolate, caramel, vanilla.
Nuts – hazelnut, almond.
Spices – cinnamon, cloves, ginger.
Tropical flavors – coconut, guava, pineapple.
Herbacious flavors – peppermint, spearmint.
Floral flavors – lavender.

Not so favorite flavors:
Very acidic hibiscus, whiskey flavor, overly artificial flavors, extreme sweetness.



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