128 Tasting Notes

drank Rose Bud by Teavivre
128 tasting notes

Water: 17oz

Leaves: medium size rose buds w/ purple & beige petals

Steep: 5m

Aroma: floral rose

Color: medium yellow

Clarity: great

Taste:For this tea it’s stated to use 5Tbs/7g but for this batch since i had a sample packet i decided to use the whole pack instead. The rose buds had a pretty color to them a beige base w/ purple tips. Once the tea had been done steeping i noticed much of the color has faded. The rose aroma remained present all during the process. With this tea in terms of flavor it was light & smooth, I didn’t really get a floral taste. Overall i found this to be an okay tea with a heavy rose scent. I might try to mix it with another tea or try some coconut sugar next time. I normally drink my teas without adding anything.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec 17 OZ / 502 ML

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Water: 8.8oz

Leaves: 1 medium flower

Steep: 10m

Aroma: floral spice

Color: light yellow/green

Clarity: Great

Taste: I want to start off with saying how pretty the packaging was for this a yellow packet w/ a clear view decorated circle featuring the flower in the middle. when picking this tea apparently i didn’t look at the packaging online since i had no idea it would look like this lol. This was the first time i had brewed just one flower for a cup of tea, although in the past i have tried the larger blooming flowers balls which are huge in comparison. As for taste it was a very light. Overall not a bad intro back into tea after not drinking any for a little while.

8 min or more

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Water: 17oz

Leaves: rose petals, chamomile & more

Steep: 5m

Aroma: Floral

Color: dark yellow

Clarity: Great

Taste: The first thing i noticed about this tea is how pretty the colors are the the magenta colored rose petals with a splash of yellow due to the chrysanthemum & chamomile followed by a background of pale green. The aroma was difficult to distinguish dry leaf maybe a floral w/something extra? The wet leaf made the aroma come out even more. For the steep i went with 17oz for a whole sample tea packet. As for the taste i was surprised as the first sip was followed by a slight sweetness which faintly remained as i continued to drink which went nicely w/ the floral taste. Overall I can say i enjoyed this tea quite different from others in my collection.

As for a music pairing I’m listing to Cherry Pie by Lotus it a favorite track of mine to listen to these days for when i want to unwind. Created by my friend I highly recommend listing to it as you go for your next cup of tea.

This brings me to my last review of 2015! I hope all of you have a wonderful NYE!

Lotus – Cherry Pie

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec 17 OZ / 502 ML

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Water: 8oz

Leaves: small green & white leaves w/ jasmine flower petals

Steep: 3m

Aroma: Honeysuckle & Jasmine

Color: Dark Yellow

Clarity: Great

Taste: Upon opening the package the immediate aroma reminded me honeysuckles you see as a kid, sweet & floral. As i measured and put the leave in the pot the jasmine aroma was more present. I also came across a few flower petals which is a nice touch. The first steep had great clarity w/ quite a bit of small leaf particles that escaped my strainer.The jasmine aroma remained through out the brewing process. As for taste i found this tea to be very bitter & couldn’t finish my cup.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Water: 16oz

Leaves: mixture of lemon grass & various other items

Steep: 5m

Aroma: Lemon & Mint

Color: Dark yellow

Clarity: Great

Taste: The aroma really shined when hot water was poured over the leaves. Boom came the fragrance of lemons and mint! This tea was quite nice very light w/ a hint of flavor and mint. I’m normally not a fan of lemon grass based tea or pure lemon grass. Overall a plain tea w/ simple flavors different from my usual go to.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 6 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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Water: 17oz (2 cup + 1Tbs)

Leaves:medium rolled dark green leaves

Steep: rinse,6m

Aroma:sweet & vegetable

Color: Dark yellow

Clarity: Great

Taste: The brewing instructions for this tea were a bit different from what i normally follow. I went with the Western method starting off with a rinse of the leaves, the amount of water need was much larger compared to others I’ve made in the past calling for 17oz for 1 tablespoon of leaves. Brewing time was also longer starting at the 6minute mark. I’m excited to see how this will turn out due to the different instructions. The color produced was a dark yellow accompanied by a light floral aroma. Taste was light w/ a very faint bitterness detected. As for a food pairing I had this tea after my lunch of a vegan veggie soup & rice.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 17 OZ / 502 ML

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Water: 10oz (1 1/4 cup)

Leaves:tiny chopped blackish brown leaves

Steep: rinse,15s,25s,40s,60s,90s,120s,180s

Aroma: burnt & smokey

Color: Amber

Clarity: Great

Taste: I was browsing the internet trying to figure out how much tea is 5g worth & stumbled upon the Steepster Main Blog (Tips for Measuring Dry Tea Leaf). This afternoon I wanted to start off with something a bit on the stronger side which is why I went with this tea. Upon opening the packed the aroma packed a powerful punch of smokey & burnt. Soon after I went to the website & read how it’s made from there everything made sense. This time around although not using a Gaiwan I followed the Chinese Gongfu Way which started off with a rinse making the aroma standout even more followed by a very quick steep of 15s. The scent remained as I prepared my cup. Taking the first sip It was very nice and light with no bitterness. Note i tried this with 10oz of water as compared to the usual 8oz. The other cups I plan to mix up the water amount to see how that changes the taste. I may not do all 7 steeps but well see as the day goes on.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

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Water: 8oz

Leaves: large long semi-twisted brownish-black leaves

Steep: 90s, 120s, 150s

Aroma: earthy

Color: reddish amber

Clarity: Great!

Taste: This tea along with the previous one arrived in good condition. I haven’t had black tea in a long time so this will be an interesting revisit with the tea type. The aroma was that earthy. Seeping this tea can go for 3 steeps, tea these leaves were large making it difficult to measure. On to the brewing I used boiling water not allowing it to cool. 90s red-amber color, taste i don’t know if i used too many leaves or if my water was too hot it provides a range of (200-212) I went with 212. I found this cup to be bland & quite bitter for most of the first sips i took. When i had 1/4th of my cup remaining the bitterness went away.120s This time i decided to let my water cool slightly & discard some of the leaves before steeping. Lighter amber color w/no hints of red most likely due to less leaves. No bitterness flavor same. 150s darker then the 2nds cup but still lighter than the first, flavor profile same as 2nd steep. I found this to be an okay tea w/ bitterness if brewed too strong.

When writing reviews do any of you listen to music? Today I listened to Nick Jonas- Chains, Selena Gomez- Revival & Ikon- Rhythm (Korean pop)

Jin Xhan Tea Soap

Package: square, sturdy, thin paper box w/ company logo sticker wrapped around the front
Inside: Soap information Card, soap sealed in hard plastic
Size: 1/2in thick & 1 1/2in wide
Type: Facial & body
Color: Dark beige w/ tea leaves
Smell: Ivory bar soap
Ingredients: Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide(lye), Tea leaves, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Water
Production: Made in Michigan (USA)
Notes: All skin types w/ No artificial colors or Fragrance
Foam: thick white foam (very bubbly)
Skin Feel (After): Dry yet soft

Upon box the soap there were 3 holes in the plastic (top,side & bottom). It was nice that the soap came with an information card allowing me to know what the ingredients were. Although I would have like it to be slightly more specif in terms of if it was a face or body soap. i had to email the company first to figure out this information first before I used it. The scent was difficult to pinpoint but it did remind me of another soap I had in the past maybe an Ivory bar soap? It feels quite smooth in the hands despite there being tea leaves in it. As for the foam it produce a nice rich foam. One thing I didn’t like was it felt like it took a while before my hands felt free of the soap when rinsing. After my hands felt dry yet soft & has no scent. My hands also seemed to be a bit red on the inside. Although it’s made for all skin types including sensitive skin I’m not sure if i want to use it on my face just yet. This was my first time trying a tea soap~

Thank you Sanne Tea for this sample

200 °F / 93 °C 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Taiwanese Green Tea by Sanne Tea
128 tasting notes

Water: 8oz

Leaves: large long semi-twisted dark green leaves

Steep: 60s, 90s, 120s

Aroma: vegetable

Color: Light yellow

Taste: This tea had arrived in good condition, upon opening the packaged i noticed that these leaves were much larger and longer compared to other green teas I’ve had. As for the aroma it was tough to pinpoint due to it being very faint coming from the dry leaf but i would say vegetable. One to brewing this tea was difficult to measure due to the size of the leaves so i did my best to guess the proper amount as i poured them into my new french press (my mom bought it for me recently) I’ve been playing around with it & works great for tea!). looking at the laves steep they remind me more so of a Oolong tea. Appearance the cup had great clarity with no cloudiness. As for the taste it was very light faint & smooth with no bitterness. 90s darker color, same flavor, 120s same color & taste as previous cup. I decided to stop the steeping at the 3rd cup b/c i didn’t notice any changes besides the color & felt there would be none if i were on the 5th cup. I may go back later and try the last two steeps if so i’ll update this note. Overall i found this to be an alright tea to drink with no bitterness as it brews for longer periods of time.

Thank you Sanne Tea for this sample

150s & 180s same as 2nd cup
I pared it with half of a lemon garlic Falafel warp (my first time having one, good but wayyy to salty)

175 °F / 79 °C 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Orange Spice by Numi Organic Tea
128 tasting notes

Water: 8oz

Leaves: Tea Bag

Steep: 4m

Aroma: Peppery

Color: Reddish brown pink

Taste: I was excited when I spotted this tea at my local Whole Foods, I’ve heard a lot about Numi teas & looked at the flavor selection online. I decided this would be my first tea from them. The aroma from the tea was amazing even before I could even open the box, holding it to my nose right away noticed the peppery spice aroma. That made me even more excited~ I went to brewing the smell of the spices were stronger opening the tea bag. Due to this being a white tea i bought my water to a boil allowing to to cool for a few minutes first. The first steep was 4 minutes the spice aroma remained & was a reddish brown pink color (complex) with good clarity. The first cup was quite spicy from the peppercorn followed up with a sour citrus tone. It was disappointing, the next day I made another cup this one brewed for the same amount of time it has the spice aroma but no spice taste what so ever. It was as though I was drinking a cup of hot sour oranges (I was able to finish the cup). I thought it would be nice to try an organic tea bag with no flavors added to get a more real experience compared to other bags that use natural flavors. Overall I didn’t like this tea, maybe I expected too much coming from this bagged tea due to it’s properties. I ended up returning it to the store b/c i knew I wasn’t going to drink it anymore.

I made this tea again 6/11/2016, Allowing it to cool for 2 minutes
This time around i decided to try it with sweetener coconut sugar & honey. The color was a rusty tone and the clarity was cloudy as i couldn’t see the bottom of my cup. The taste of the 3m was sad and watery I added 1 tsp of coconut sugar but it didn’t really help. 4m the color was much lighter in comparison to the first steep, the clarity remained the same. Spice it once had was completely gone honey didn’t do much.

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 0 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I really got into tea early(2013). I’m happy I stumbled upon Steepster because I’ve been able to learn soo much more! Before I drank my tea from tea bags never really venturing out to try loose tea.

I’m apart of Teavivre Free tasting activity,I joined after making my first purchase with them.
Thank you Angel & Teavivre

Tea Ratings:
90-100 = Very Good
80-89 = Good
70-79 = Okay
60-69 = Didn’t like
50-59= Avoid

*I may adjust ratings depending on when the tea was brewed again & if i liked it more or less.

Verdant Tea
Single Origin Teas
Little Red Cup Tea
Red Leaf Tea
Persimmon Tree Tea
Nepali Tea Traders
Good Earth (Tea Bag)

Green Tea

Brewing Notes: (for 8oz water)

200,195,190 Cool for 1 minutes
190 Oolong Cool for 2 minutes
185 Cool for 2 minutes
176 Cool for 2m 50s (80c)
160 Cool for 3 minutes
158 Cool for 3m 20s (70c)



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