I am drinking this tea for the third time to see if it is just as good as the first time. This time I brewed it in a silver teapot and the pot seemed to bring out more flavors than I experienced before. First there was a very slight bittersweet note at first. I didn’t get that the first time I drank this. Second the silver seemed to make the brew more flavorful in general. This also effected the fermentation flavor of the tea. I noticed a little this time. I really hadn’t noticed it before. The sweet notes to this tea were also stronger this time. Even in the sixteenth steep there was a fruitiness to this tea. I was certainly hoping that this tasted as good to me as the first time I drank it because of the steep price tag of this tea. At $550 it is my most expensive tea although probably not if you measure the price per gram. This tea still tastes phenomenal to me. I am planning on breaking up some of this tea and storing it in a Yixing container that I bought a while ago but never used. Again about this tea is the question is the claim of these being ancient tree leaves true? I tend to trust Larry as he has always sold me exceptional tea. And this did not have a suspiciously low price for gushu. It is stated that this tea comes from 500 to 800 year old tea trees, presumably a lot more 500 year old tree than 800. Five hundred year old trees are not exactly unheard of in China unlike a recent claim on a thread of 1600 years. This one I can say tastes phenomenal. Unfortunately, he does not sell samples of this tea.

I steeped this tea sixteen times in a 160ml pure silver teapot with 12.5g leaf and boiling water. I steeped it for 5 sec, 5 sec, 7 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, 25 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec, 1 min, 1.5 min, 2 min, 2.5 min, 3 min, 3.5 min, and 4 min. I should also note that I believe the silver teapot brought out a lot of flavors I didn’t taste before. Flavors to weak to notice before were noticeable. And there was a great depth of flavor even in the sixteenth steep.

Boiling 12 g 160 OZ / 4731 ML

$196 (£156) for 347g. Slightly less than a cake I’m wanting but hesitating. ..

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$196 (£156) for 347g. Slightly less than a cake I’m wanting but hesitating. ..

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I am Allan. I live and work in Long Island, New York. I have been amassing a tea collection for nearly two years and have spent way too much money. I now try to buy mostly Puerh as I like it most and it lasts nearly forever. Black tea has a habit of going bad. If anyone is interested in tea swaps I am open to ideas and have quite a cupboard.


Bay Shore, NY

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