279 Tasting Notes

I had a cup of this earlier today finishing off the last of my personal stash of it. (Sipdown!) I love this blend – I might have to reblend it at some point.

Earlier this week when I did inventory, I did manage to find one single taster pouch of this blend – so I do have it available on the website for those of you who love this one! Hurry – because my s/o might just talk me into putting it in my stash. He loves it too!

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Currently sipping this yummy tisane from last month’s tea selections. I cold-brewed it overnight last night for my iced tea drinking today & at the moment, I’m drinking mine as a boba tea by adding brown sugar tapioca pearls and topping it with a milk cap. YUM!

This tisane is good hot, I’ve quite enjoyed it the few times that I’ve prepared it hot, but it really shines as a cold-brewed iced drink. A nice balance of raspberry & lime notes: a little sweet & a little tart. Light, crisp & flavorful.

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drank BOO-berry by 52teas
279 tasting notes

Currently sipping this tea with a delicious milk cap – YUM! I brewed it double strength so that the milk cap, once stirred into the tea – wouldn’t dilute the flavor of the tea, so now I have a cup of creamy, decadent, blueberry/marshmallow deliciousness with a lovely hint of cream cheese tang and a soft kiss of salt. So very, very yummy!

I still have just a few taster pouches of this tea remaining – but don’t click on the “buy now” button because that will take you to Adagio’s blackberry tea – which this is NOT! Please visit my website instead! :)

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This is the tea of the week for January 16, 2023 – I absolutely love this tea – and sadly, this is the last that I have in my personal stash of this – because I’ve been drinking it several times a week.

I love the way the sweetness of the pineapple mingles with the smoky spiced notes of the cumin and the warm notes of the other spices. YUM! When I have a tea like this, it makes me wish that we had more fall and winter and even early spring – and less of the warmer spring months & summer because teas like this are so much yummier when it’s chilly!

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drank Citrus Spice Cake by 52teas
279 tasting notes

This was the tea of the week for February 27, 2023. I crafted this tea in celebration of my mom’s birthday (March 7) because she likes my tea! :)

She seems to favor spice blends so that’s what I brought together here: a pleasant blend of spices including ginger, cinnamon, allspice, clove & nutmeg. She also like citrus fruits so I added those to the blend, as well as a blend of black teas and vanilla. It’s warmly spiced, it has a pleasant citrus-y note and it has yummy undertones of cake-y flavor. It’s really yummy!

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drank Caramel Apple Gunpowder by 52teas
279 tasting notes

This was the featured blend of February – I didn’t make a featured reblend for February because – when I got to the tea studio to start working, I didn’t have the ingredients I needed to reblend the tea I had planned on reblending. So I had to think fast – and I put this blend together. Apples, vegan caramel essence & gunpowder green tea! It’s so good!


Your ability to just whip up something on the fly amazes me!


@gmathis – thank you! It’s not always so easy – fortunately when I headed to the tea studio at the time that I blended this, I happened to have the necessary ingredients available to inspire something tasty!

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This is my tea of the week for February 13.

This is so good – and it’s almost gone! I do have a little more of this to measure out – which I should have finished by the end of the weekend – but what I do have left of this is not going to last long after that!

Right now, I’m enjoying this as a boba drink that I made. My youngest and I LOVE boba – so much so that I decided that I need to get the ingredients necessary to make boba at home because it was getting expensive to tend to our boba habit! So – this that I’m drinking right now is brown sugar boba, this tea (hot brewed & then chilled) plus a milk cap (also known as cheese foam – I don’t like that name so I call it a milk cap instead!) It is SO good. It is amazing. I love this. It tastes better than anything I’ve ever gotten from a boba shop! So very yummy!

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Currently enjoying this tea – I wanted some caffeine (yes, it’s after midnight, but my sleep schedule is way off – in other words, I just woke up an hour ago) and this is the one I grabbed. I’m happy this is the tea that was on top of my stash because it has such a rewarding flavor. Pleasant notes of peppermint, chocolate & hints of vanilla with the rich black tea. A nice way to get my caffeine fix!

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Currently sipping – & excited that I actually have a moment to sit down & write a tasting note! I’ve been pretty busy trying to get everything set up as an LLC. My darling daughter Amethyst finishes her college education in May & it was her wish to focus on her new career aspiration.

Anyway – there’s been a lot of paperwork to handle!

This is a blend I crafted for November 2022. I love the base of Fujian and Yunnan black teas – it’s rich & flavorful & plays well with the spices and the pumpkin notes. Really nice!


How exciting! And I am glad you had a chance to take a deep breath and a wee sit down! A great tea to choose for National Latte Day, too!

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This is actually our 4th Tea of Christmas but I held off brewing this on that day & instead, saved the tea to cold brew.

This is FANTASTIC cold brewed. I enjoyed it served hot as well, but it’s a completely different tea when cold-brewed! It tastes like a pomegranate lemon-lime soda!

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