215 Tasting Notes

drank Rocky Road by 52teas
215 tasting notes

This evening, I wanted a black tea and decided that I wanted to have something “different” from the teas that I have in my main tea collection – so I found one of my tins that I’ve not explored in a while – and found this tea – still sealed – so let’s do it!

After I brewed it and was browsing through Steepster, I noticed that there is a prompt for the scavenger hunt for this month “a tea flavored like my favorite ice cream” and rocky road is absolutely my favorite ice cream.

This particular pouch comes from the 2020 reblend – and it’s quite tasty. I can’t say it’s a perfect rendition of rocky road, mostly because it’s impossible for me to get a perfect rendition of rocky road with tea because part of what makes rocky road so good is the textures in the ice cream. With the ice cream, you get the smooth creaminess of the chocolate ice cream, the crunchy almonds and the fluffy, bouncy texture of the marshmallow. With the tea, you get the chocolate-y notes & creamy flavor of the ice cream – and maybe a bit of the creamy texture but not quite as much as you do from the ice cream. You get the nutty flavor of the almond but not the crunch. You get the sweet notes of marshmallow but not the chewy, fluffy bounce of the marshmallow. So, I would instead say that this is as close to the ice cream that I could get in tea form. And I’m quite happy with it even though I don’t have those various textures because at least I can enjoy this now and since I do not have any ice cream in the freezer at the moment, what I can enjoy now is good for now. It’s chocolatey, nutty, with a sweet marshmallowy note. Yummy!

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drank Rocky Road by 52teas
215 tasting notes

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I’m going to log this one in as a “Cupboard Staple” for the May scavenger hunt – because it is one that I almost always have on hand since it’s part of the D’s Teas collection.

I love this tea: rich black tea, tasty pancake-y notes with hints of butter & a lovely maple flavor. YUM!

I just finished processing the latest batch of this tea, and it’s ready & available now.

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drank Cranberry Lemonade by 52teas
215 tasting notes

I cold-brewed this overnight, and it’s so good!

I think I’ll post this as May’s “Lemon Tea” from the scavenger hunt. I love the way the cranberry and lemon play together in this one. It’s pleasantly tart, but not so much that it causes me to pucker. Really refreshing.

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So, I realize that Marshmallow Treats are not actually baked goods, but I decided to log this as May’s scavenger hunt prompt “tea flavored like a favorite baked good” because my most recent reblend of this tea has just been added to the website & I love Marshmallow Treats (in fact, my oldest daughter made me a tray of marshmallow treats for my birthday!) So, I’ve had marshmallow treats on the brain lately.

I love this tea. The genmaicha pairs so nicely with the marshmallow treat essence. It’s sweet & toasty – definitely one that I enjoy every time I reblend it!


If it’s made in the kitchen with your own two hands and not from a mix, it’s “baked goods!”


My thoughts exactly! I guess – some “purists” would disagree though, which is why I attempted to qualify it. But, in my mind, it’s a baked good. And it’s definitely one of my favorite treats.

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drank Chocolate Orange Rooibos by 52teas
215 tasting notes

This for an “Orange Tea” on this month’s scavenger Hunt prompt. I recently came across a box of teas that I had stashed away – so this one has been hiding from me for a few years (in this case, few = almost five). I’m pleased to say that the flavor is still pleasant & strong. I was a little worried because it’s been a while – but since the package was sealed, I kept my fingers crossed and am happy it’s still a tasty tea.

Nice orange flavor, pleasant chocolate notes. This was exactly what I wanted from a chocolate orange tea. The red rooibos works nice with this flavor combination.


Ha, I think I came across a packet of this tonight. Opened, though, so we’ll see how it has fared sometime in the next few days.

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drank Tangerine Twister by 52teas
215 tasting notes

I don’t think I made it clear (or at least, I don’t think I did) in my last tasting note that I’m combining the scavenger hunts for May & June in June – because I really didn’t have a lot of time to do many tasting notes in May. So, it may seem like I’m writing a lot more tasting notes this time (or – or I INTEND to do so) but it’s really a combination of two months in one.

Anyway, this tea is from this month’s list of scavenger hunt prompts: A tea smoothie. And while this isn’t technically a smoothie – it is the first of my “smoothie series” (with another to come this month!) so I’m going to say it qualifies. This is a blend that combines sweet Chinese Sencha with tangerines, strawberries & bananas, plus a hint of a “tangy creaminess” recipe of essences that I came up with to taste a bit like the yogurt (or Kefir) that I use for smoothies when I make them. (I usually use Kefir.)

I probably say this way more than I should, but this is one of my favorites that I’ve made this spring. It’s so tasty. You get the smoothness from the green tea base – together with my Kefir recipe of essences that provide a really lovely sweet yet tangy background for the flavors of strawberry, banana & tangerine. It’s sweet, fruity, bright and so refreshing.

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I absolutely love this tea. As I mentioned in the tea description, my mom asked me to make a tea that tastes like the tea she would have as a child. Her grandmother would make her black tea flavored with some spices (my mom called it gramma’s “witches” brew) and then sweetened with peach preserves (rather than sugar).

So, I decided to make a tea inspired by that memory for a mother’s day gift for my mom. I chose a Fujian black tea that had a natural peachy flavor to it so I thought it would be a perfect base for this blend. It is such a lovely black tea – smooth and sweet. A really nice afternoon tea. Pleasantly warm spices & a sweet peach note. I love it!


That is an awesome gift!


Thanks, she said she liked it! :)

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I finally was able to get some photos taken & uploaded – including the picture for this tea. I realize that my website was becoming more “photo not available” than actual photos of tea – so that’s been fixed – not completely YET but some of the teas now have photos! yay! The problem is that I’m a terrible photographer, so I need to bug my youngest daughter (who is a really good photographer) to take pics for me and she isn’t always available to do so.

Anyway, this tea! I’m going to also categorize this as one of the June prompts “a tea that reminds me of myself” – and while this tea doesn’t fully encompass me – because I named it after me, I’m gonna use it as this prompt for the June Scavenger Hunt too.

This tea started out as a vanilla/marshmallow tea that I would have called the Scottish Marshmallow because it’s crafted with one of my favorite bases – the Scottish Breakfast Blend – to which I added vanilla bean & marshmallow root. But after taste testing, it just needed something else. And the first thing that came to mind is coconut. Because – coconut is one of my favorite things to add to a tea. So, I added coconut & was so happy & excited by the result. This is so delicious!

The black tea is so rich & flavorful & invigorating. This is not a tea to drink later in the day because it’s got some gusto to it. The vanilla & marshmallow add a nice sweetness & creaminess that compliments the coconut perfectly – but it’s the coconut that’s the real star here! A LOVELY coconut note to it.

And also, coconut – I’m pretty much “coconuts” – that is to say crazy – so the prompt of a tea that reminds me of myself – fits.

Flavors: Coconut, Creamy, Malt, Marshmallow, Sweet, Vanilla

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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