237 Tasting Notes

drank BOO-berry by 52teas
237 tasting notes

Currently sipping this tea with a delicious milk cap – YUM! I brewed it double strength so that the milk cap, once stirred into the tea – wouldn’t dilute the flavor of the tea, so now I have a cup of creamy, decadent, blueberry/marshmallow deliciousness with a lovely hint of cream cheese tang and a soft kiss of salt. So very, very yummy!

I still have just a few taster pouches of this tea remaining – but don’t click on the “buy now” button because that will take you to Adagio’s blackberry tea – which this is NOT! Please visit my website instead! :)

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This is the tea of the week for January 16, 2023 – I absolutely love this tea – and sadly, this is the last that I have in my personal stash of this – because I’ve been drinking it several times a week.

I love the way the sweetness of the pineapple mingles with the smoky spiced notes of the cumin and the warm notes of the other spices. YUM! When I have a tea like this, it makes me wish that we had more fall and winter and even early spring – and less of the warmer spring months & summer because teas like this are so much yummier when it’s chilly!

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drank Citrus Spice Cake by 52teas
237 tasting notes

This was the tea of the week for February 27, 2023. I crafted this tea in celebration of my mom’s birthday (March 7) because she likes my tea! :)

She seems to favor spice blends so that’s what I brought together here: a pleasant blend of spices including ginger, cinnamon, allspice, clove & nutmeg. She also like citrus fruits so I added those to the blend, as well as a blend of black teas and vanilla. It’s warmly spiced, it has a pleasant citrus-y note and it has yummy undertones of cake-y flavor. It’s really yummy!

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drank Caramel Apple Gunpowder by 52teas
237 tasting notes

This was the featured blend of February – I didn’t make a featured reblend for February because – when I got to the tea studio to start working, I didn’t have the ingredients I needed to reblend the tea I had planned on reblending. So I had to think fast – and I put this blend together. Apples, vegan caramel essence & gunpowder green tea! It’s so good!


Your ability to just whip up something on the fly amazes me!


@gmathis – thank you! It’s not always so easy – fortunately when I headed to the tea studio at the time that I blended this, I happened to have the necessary ingredients available to inspire something tasty!

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This is my tea of the week for February 13.

This is so good – and it’s almost gone! I do have a little more of this to measure out – which I should have finished by the end of the weekend – but what I do have left of this is not going to last long after that!

Right now, I’m enjoying this as a boba drink that I made. My youngest and I LOVE boba – so much so that I decided that I need to get the ingredients necessary to make boba at home because it was getting expensive to tend to our boba habit! So – this that I’m drinking right now is brown sugar boba, this tea (hot brewed & then chilled) plus a milk cap (also known as cheese foam – I don’t like that name so I call it a milk cap instead!) It is SO good. It is amazing. I love this. It tastes better than anything I’ve ever gotten from a boba shop! So very yummy!

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Currently enjoying this tea – I wanted some caffeine (yes, it’s after midnight, but my sleep schedule is way off – in other words, I just woke up an hour ago) and this is the one I grabbed. I’m happy this is the tea that was on top of my stash because it has such a rewarding flavor. Pleasant notes of peppermint, chocolate & hints of vanilla with the rich black tea. A nice way to get my caffeine fix!

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Currently sipping – & excited that I actually have a moment to sit down & write a tasting note! I’ve been pretty busy trying to get everything set up as an LLC. My darling daughter Amethyst finishes her college education in May & it was her wish to focus on her new career aspiration.

Anyway – there’s been a lot of paperwork to handle!

This is a blend I crafted for November 2022. I love the base of Fujian and Yunnan black teas – it’s rich & flavorful & plays well with the spices and the pumpkin notes. Really nice!


How exciting! And I am glad you had a chance to take a deep breath and a wee sit down! A great tea to choose for National Latte Day, too!

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This is actually our 4th Tea of Christmas but I held off brewing this on that day & instead, saved the tea to cold brew.

This is FANTASTIC cold brewed. I enjoyed it served hot as well, but it’s a completely different tea when cold-brewed! It tastes like a pomegranate lemon-lime soda!

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drank Carrot Cake Pancakes by 52teas
237 tasting notes

I don’t think Steepster likes me. It keeps acting up.

Anyway, this is the 7th Tea of Christmas and it is so YUMMY!

I was really happy with how well the reblend turned out – so beautifully blended. It tastes just like the name suggests, carrot cake pancakes – with a drizzle of maple syrup.

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drank Blackberry Maple Oolong by 52teas
237 tasting notes

The 6th Tea of Christmas from our 12 Teas of Christmas Box. (We’re already half way through the countdown!)

The last few months, I have been on a bit of a maple craze (if that hasn’t been obvious with the teas that I’ve created thus far – with at least one more, maybe 2 to be announced) – plus the lindt lindor truffle that I included with the 12 Teas of Christmas as well as the subscription packages for November/December have been the limited edition maple truffle – suffice to say that I’ve been wanting everything maple over the last few months & I’m actually surprised that I didn’t make more maple-y teas. I’m not saying I didn’t want to make more – I just didn’t.

Anyway, this tea: I had originally planned to make the Maple Cheesecake Oolong tea but I didn’t have the right base available to me at the time of blending (the shipment was on back order) so I had to think quick & I decided that rather than making yet another maple cheesecake variation that I would make a different maple oolong altogether, so instead of going the cheesecake route, I added one of my favorite berries to work with: Blackberries.

I love how this one turned out. The blackberry notes are well pronounced, but not at the detriment of the maple. I like the way these two flavors work together. Usually, when I see a berry & maple combination, it’s blueberry & maple & to be honest, I had considered making this one a blueberry maple – but since I had just recently made a blueberry tea (BooBerry in October) – I went with blackberry. I’m not sorry because this is so good. It turned out better than I expected & I had high hopes.


Loved this one!


This one sounds right up my alley, and if it’s available outside of the advent I am so tempted to make an order.

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