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drank Jiao Gu Lan-Gynostemma by ESGREEN
107 tasting notes

call me weird but of all the teas i tried in chinatown, i liked this one the best :)

unlike other herbs, this has an unexpected sweet aftertaste. like green tea, it can turn bitter when left to steep too long.

my aunt also likes this tea a lot and offered to buy it off me for twice the price, haha. im not sure if she meant it.

so i checked this out and it should not be taken by pregnant/breastfeeding women or if you are taking immunodepressant or blood clotting drugs or are scheduled for surgery in the next couple weeks.

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drank Berry Earl Grey by Joy's Teaspoon
107 tasting notes

The aroma is breathtaking!

After watching a youtube video showing clips of Starwars people saying “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” I immediately reached out for it.

It is an unusual EG! Flowery and gentle, it is a soft EG slowly draws you into its charm. Thank you for sharing this very nice tea with me, Melanie!


Mmmm sounds delish! And before a hoard of Trekkers descend let me just nerdily share: Star Trek, Next Generation, Captain Jean-Luc Picard says that. And every time he does, I want it!

Kasumi no Chajin

Love both Star Trek and Star Wars!


Here you go! This is a bad pic of my son the Sandtroopers after being on stage with Weird Al! His helmet is off, of course, in this pic. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24998856@N06/6575121663/in/photostream


I’m both a ST and SW fan myself! I like the pic ashmanra:)


here’s the link posted by shmiracles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2IJdfxWtPM


LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Makes me want to watch some TNG episodes, but promised myself some writing tonight…hmm maybe when I get home.

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drank Green Mango by Market Spice
107 tasting notes

Was able to try this (steeped it separately but at the same time as a Jasmine and the Mango tisane) and the first time I did, it became bitter easily so I did a cold brew of it with ice cubes and a little bit of water. It turned out nicely :) though it did become bitter when I left it to steep overnight in the ice, hehe :]

It is also good blended with some Jasmine tea :)

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drank Earl Grey Creme by Market Spice
107 tasting notes

my first EG creme, im not sure if this is how it normally tastes but got used to it by the end of the tiny cup. resteeps have a more gentle flavor.

may double the water for the first steep to lessen the strength of the cream flavor :)

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subtly nutty?
light yellow liquor

will update on resteep

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leaves: small, full leaves attached to long stems, olive color
aroma: asian/chinese
taste: like the scent, it particuarly evokes feelings of chinatown

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drank Ceylon by Basilur
107 tasting notes

this IS a smooooooooooooooth black! thanks for the sample, Kasumi no Chajin – sensei ^^

it is my first pure ceylon tea and i like it. it is not too strong (i didnt let it steep for the full 3 minutes).

the liquor is a beautiful golden brown (in my teaspoon) under the yellow light at our dinner table ^^’

i will have to note the aroma next time! (stands up for a resteep)

ok, aroma is dark, rich, kinda bitter-ish but in a good way, like coffee (altho the aroma is not coffee-like, only the bitterness)
taste is the same! reminds me of toast…?

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i did not like this tea a lot the first time i tried it…but the second time i did! even the resteep.

gotta try it another time to make a decent review tho ^^

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drank Peppermint Herbal by 365 Organic
107 tasting notes

So this is peppermint! It is my first time trying it and I like it a lot. Thanks CharlotteZero! This one’s a keeper for me :)

It is so much better when cooled. It has a cooling effect. Left it out on the counter overnight and in the morning even the mug was cold but that’s probably because of the weather :)

Resteeping this.

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Chai was my first love, and later fell hard for Earl Grey. Will always have a soft spot in my heart for tisanes. It has been a while since I last joined and now I am more into matcha but still into other teas most definitely.

Swapped some teas here before with the LIT brand and had to change name to be registered and now selling loose leaf tea in the Philippines as Khesed :)

To see the teas listed here on Steepster:

Swap friends on p.2 of swap credibility thread :)


Clovis, California and Manila, Philippines

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