652 Tasting Notes

drank Not So Vanilla by Tippy's Tea
652 tasting notes

Received this last week, very excited about it!

The bag smells divine.

I couldn’t wait long to try it, and I’ve had a couple mugs now (2 steeps each)

I am a huge Golden Orchid superfan, it’s probably my holy grail tea. Though way too expensive to drink regularly, it’s definitely something I covet and cling to.

I was hoping this would be at least a bit comparable, and it is! It doesn’t have the long, delicate unbroken leaves that GO uses as a base, but it is still full of flavor. Maybe not QUITE as naturally chocolatey for the base, but the vanilla aspect does not disappoint.

It has a lovely thick and creamy mouthfeel as well.

Perhaps I shouldn’t compare this to anything else, but I can’t not.
I can’t remember what I rated GO but I will definitely reorder this when it’s gone.

Vanilla everything FTW!


Yay! I’m going to have to get some after reading all of these glowing reviews. I haven’t tried GO because I can’t justify the price but this sounds like a great option.

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What delicious wizardry is this?!


Lol, the Jabber Wocks !

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This was my anti-stress tea today at work.

So thick and silky smooth, rich and chocolatey and very satisfying.
I have the new blend at home now, so I will try that soon to compare the two.



I’m really interested in seeing how they compare. :)


Are you going to try them side by side? That is always fun!


I’m with Dustin… that sounds like a PARTY to me. :D


CURSES. I totally meant to, but I was so happy to leave work I left my friggin older bag of North Winds in my desk. :(

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Bought this as part of my most recent WP order… it was one I just added on a whim because I wasn’t sure if Keemun was my thing. I’ve had some before that was a bit too smoky for my personal tastes.

The Hobbit in me made sure I ordered it to try, despite my initial reservations.

Am I the owner of a very refined pallet? No, I am not. However, I really enjoyed this tea. I could tell upon first sniff that it was going to be one of those juicy sort of fruity black teas, and I was totally right.

I enjoyed this as my “Second Breakfast” today, it was very satisfying. I had coffee first thing in the morning, and I had brought this to work to make sure I could try it asap. I wasn’t disappointed. It had bready notes and a slight maltiness to compliment all the juicy mouth watering flavor.

I wouldn’t call it a chocolatey tea, personally, but that’s ok by me, because I wouldn’t want a chocolatey tea for breakfast anyway.

Not regretting my inner Hobbit’s decision to order this tea :)


WP keemun isn’t smokey at all i don’t find.

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I’ve been sick since Thursday. A gross, stuffy, foggy head cold. The “blow your nose 3 times per hour” sort of cold.

My tastes just started coming back on Sunday evening. And now they’re mostly back.

But since I couldn’t taste or smell anything for 4 days, I wasn’t wasting good tea. I have Davidstea’s Cold 911 or whatever it’s called, which i LOATHE, but always drink when I’m sick. So I had a few mugs of that.

Also, I thought that since I still craved hot, comforting tea even though I couldn’t taste it, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to drink up the ones I don’t love but had lots of.

So I alternated between 3 teas, mostly. (Besides the Cold 911 one)

- The Tea Spot’s Bolder Breakfast which has a chocolate flavour I’m not super keen on

- A&D Damn Fine Tea Mount Grey, which I find to be an overly strong (overwhelmingly so) EG

- H&S Queen Catherine which everyone else seems to love but I find a bit too smokey. It’s actually really good when you can hardly taste it. HAH.

So, I am almost done the QC and the BB, I brought the remnants to work to polish off. I think I will go make some now.

The Mount Grey, however… I suspect that one going to be around to haunt me forever


Phew, I’m not the only one who’s not super fond of the Bolder Breakfast chocolate flavour. :)

Glad you’re feeling better.


That’s a great idea, to work on those kinds of teas during a time like this. Hope you’ll be back to 100% soon!


Heh, I’m currently in the stage of ‘blow my nose/sneeze every 2-3 minutes’. Boy does it suck. On the plus side, I believe I no longer have a fever. Isn’t being sick great???


aw man, hope it passes soon!!

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Funny, this one.

I am a hater of all things lime flavoured. (Actual lime, no prob) I’m the one who picks around the lemon and lime skittles, or starbursts or whatever the candy may be, leaving behind a bag full of yellow and green rejects.

So the fact that I bought this is kind of hilarious. I was definitely swayed by the marshmallow, and by the fact that I was riding high on the promising wave of new Butiki Teas!

It’s very limey. The marshmallow sweetness was definitely noticeable too, it softened up the lime and was tasty. Neither flavour overwhelmed the base. But not tasty enough to make me love lime.

I think someone who enjoyed lime would LOVE this tea. It’s very flavourful and seems accurate to me. But I’m not on the lime bandwagon, which is why after trying one cup, this one is going to end up in the stash sale thread :)

If i was rating based on personal taste, I’d give this like a 65, because I don’t love lime. But seeing as how it’s a lime tea, it’s a great blend so if i was going to rate it based on flavorfulness and accuracy and execution, it would deserve an 85 for sure.


may be interested in picking this one up off you, once i get a chance to try a sample from what cavo picked up


just PM me on facebook whenever you decide :)


I am the person who picks out ALL the lime skittles… they are my favs. :)
So glad I’ve got this one coming!!

Cameron B.

Lime Skittles taste WEIRD! Like Windex or something. :P


haha WORD!


oh my god, I love them! Seriously. I can’t get enough of them when they’re around… Then, when you pair a lime with a lemon, oh MAN! I let the candy coating melt off before I bite down, so then it’s all soft and awesome… haha

Cameron B.

DeliriumsFrogs, I will be sure to save all of my lime Skittles in a little baggie and send them to you. :P


lime skittles are awesome..


LOL! Love it, DeleriumsFrogs! I’ll have to try that for maximum enjoyment. :)


See, Sil knows where it’s at. lol


I thought they changed the green skittles to green apple flavored? Or am I remembering the wrong candy?


no they did but you can still get lime in some of the non original packages


One time I bought skittles without closely reading the package, and the lime WAS apple… but, really, I should’ve noticed, because the bag was all non-traditionally coloured, but that’s what happens when you’re shopping for skittles at 10:30pm on a tuesday…
Green apple is GROSS (unless it’s a blowpop, then bring it on…)


…I just googled, and you are all totally correct! They DID change the lime to green apple! At halloween, we must’ve somehow got goofy skittles, because I was totally eating lime then….
This is just wrong. How could they DO such a thing!!??


I had no idea either. I’m gonna have to hunt me down some lime skittles.


Ugh, if there’s anything i hate more than lime flavoured stuff, it would be APPLE flavoured stuff!!

All of my green skittles will be reserved for all of you :P


Reading the reviews for this tea and I came across these comments – whaaaat?! They changed the lime to Apple for you guys?! Ours are still lime in the UK! I’m so glad, they’re my favourites (:

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Another sample sent from Nattie!

I enjoyed a mug of this yesterday at work after lunch. It seems more of a natural tasting pumpkin tea, vs a lot of the chemically flavoured ones. I mean maybe this is too, but there are actual bit of pumpkin in there rather than candy bits, so that’s a plus to me!

Again the base was a little weak to me, though I left it steeping for like 10 minutes and nothing bad happened, haha. So it’s forgiving!

It was a pleasant cup, though to me it was definitely more of a pumpkin enhanced chai than a pumpkiny dessert tea.

I don’t think I’d buy it but was great to try!

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drank Dark Horse by Cornelia Bean
652 tasting notes

I received this in the package from my Secret Santa – Anlina – and quite enjoy it.

Definitely intrigued by the name…I’ve had this twice now.

The second time was this morning, so that experience is fresher in my mind. I would say I oversteeped it, because it was VERY bold. I left it for about 5 minutes, not thinking about the CTC aspect.

Though a little stronger than I normally would want, I still enjoyed my cup today. Slightly malty, thick, rich… I added a splash of 10% cream to it, and thought it was very tasty. I’ve been yawning nonstop all morning, so I’d actually consider having another cup right now! It definitely makes for a perfect breakfast tea.

I will try again with a 3 minute steep vs 5. I am going to see how well it resteeps after lunch!

Thanks Anlina :)

(The only downside to this tea is now I have that awful Amanda Marshall song stuck in my head)

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I love this tea.
The other night I was cleaning out my craft/computer/junk room for a bunch of hours while watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and I had steeped two big cups of this. Both were delicious.

It’s silky smooth, chocolatey, vanilla-y…really rich and delicious.

This is my kind of dessert tea. I’m not big on the artificially flavoured dessert teas these days, for the most part.

I’d rather drink ones like this. Over and over again. SO glad I recently ordered more!!

Someday I will come up with the spare funds to try Cocoa Amore. Until then, this tea FTW!

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It’s weird that there aren’t many reviews for this. I really enjoy it as a breakfast tea with milk.

Yesterday afternoon at work, I had a cup at around 3pm. I had a head ache and I was starving but I’m doing that stupid “be extra healthy for the new year” thing which means I have to monitor what I eat.

It helped fill me up a bit, and warmed me up. It’s malty and bold and I was reminded again why I like it so much.

And why compared to teas like this, the Davidstea Assam Banaspaty pales in comparison. (I admit I didn’t bother looking into which regions they come from or if they should even be compared. I’m just going by the word “Assam”)


What are you using to monitor what you eat with? It’s good to do that, but it’s also not necessarily good to be headachy and feeling like you’re starving. Things that can help with that – make sure you’re getting enough water (I count tea towards my water. My dietitian is a-ok with that), make sure you’re getting enough fat and protein (they are the ones that stick with you longer), make sure you’re getting enough carbs (that’s the quick energy). The first two are more important. Another one is is if you are also adding exercise in, that you’re getting enough food to make up for that.

(Sorry if I’m coming across as preachy, but it’s something I really care about.)


I’m on my fitness pal, and I got a fitbit for Christmas which I’m using to monitor my food, and exercise.

I’m definitely eating lots of protein and fat, honestly for the last month or two I’ve been eating lots of crap – chocolates and Christmas baking galore – so I think at this point I’m just crashing.


Also I don’t regularly get headaches or anything, that would be worrisome :)


I’m a part of MFP too and pretty much stopped once I went to AB for a while to help my mom with things back in October. Still haven’t gotten back to “dieting” between that and now holiday food madness in December, so I know what you mean. Once I go back after such a long period of eating crap/irresponsibly, I know I’ll probably get the same symptoms.

Which Fitbit did you get?


Yes, which fitbit? I’ve thought about one off and on. I use Striiv to monitor my steps. but that only works when I have my phone on my. I definitely feel the effects of the holidays too…I can’t get my boots zipped up quite as easily now, and feel like I have a “winter baby” if you know what I mean.

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name change alert – going from whatshesaid to ohfancythat


I love tea. I love my mini-me daughter, my husband, my dog Wally, Netflix, shopping, and tea. Some other stuff too, but these are the most important!

Some favourites -

My new favourite tea company is A Quarter to Tea. I love the flavouring used and how it doesn’t seem fake, and the combinations are so delicious. Right up my alley.

My favourite teas are black, I love Laoshan Black and Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black tea from TTC. Also many of Teavivre’s black teas.

Butiki teas RIP, I loved how the flavours were subtle and not fake tasting and didn’t overwhelm the tea base. Trust that I am dramatically mourning the loss of this company!

Teavivre, Whispering Pines and Mariage Freres are some more tea companies I appreciate. Along with Davidstea as it was the ‘gateway drug’ to my tea addiction. Though I’m mostly over it now, I’ve definitely moved on from the artificially flavoured teas and am trying more quality straight teas!

My ultimate goal is to try as many French teas as possible – and to finally find a source in Canada for Mariage Freres so I can buy Wedding Imperial, and Black Orchid for sure.

I would like to try any Taiwanese Assams that exist in the world!

Also continuously on the hunt for Fauchon – La Naissance. If anyone has some of this I would pay for it!!! It’s my number one all time favourite tea.

When I rate, it goes like this:

85 -100 = WIN! awesome, I love this and keep it on hand
70 – 85 = pretty darn good but I don’t NEED to own it
55 – 70 = not necessarily terrible but not a tea for me!
30 – 55 = missed the mark as far as I am concerned. Wouldn’t drink it willingly.
0 – 30 = I likely won’t rate this low very often, so if you see it, consider the tea a great big FAIL and probably disgusting.


New Brunswick, Canada

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