I can honestly say that this is exactly what I wanted. I have been in love with matcha tea ever since I had my first green tea latte at Starbucks. I had started to spend so much money there that I figured that I would go ahead and buy my own matcha and make these drinks at home. The shipping was extremely fast, which is great of your as impatient as me, so of course I made a latte the second I opened it. It smelled so good, and tasted exactly like the latte I pay $5 for at Starbucks. It is a beautiful green color, and smells amazing. I was also very pleased with the company for sending me a small sample bag of their Eggnog flavored matcha! Red Leaf Tea has so many flavors of matcha, and if they are as good as this one, I will definitely be buying more flavors from them, as well as this Connoisseur’s Matcha. This is also very great for people just starting our in their journey with matcha. Its the classic matcha taste, and in my opinion, doesnt even need any sweetner. It also mixed very well with my milk. I dont have one of the ceremonial wisks that one should use when making matcha, but a regular whisk worked fine. The packing was also very nice, and makes for an easy, mess-free latte at any time. Tastes great hot or cold, and even makes a great green tea frappuccino!

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