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Love this blend! This is the first I’ve tried from Murchies. It’s decadent and desserty, getting more soon!

Flavors: Cake, Coconut, Cream, Honey, Vanilla, Whipped Cream, White Chocolate

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drank Rocket Pop by DAVIDsTEA
250 tasting notes

Okay soooo this is definitely a new favorite from DAVIDs TEA. I grew up in the early 2000s and this was such a nostalgic flavor for me. I honestly think it was perfectly done, not too sweet and really good hot but preferred it iced/cold brewed. I got to try this lovely blend as a part of a Mother’s Day gift plan Kelly aka @roswellstrange helped me with. Thank you thank you Kelly! Now I have another favorite to gush about!

Flavors: Berry, Blue Raspberry, Candy, Cherry, Fruity, Juicy, Sweet

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This is one that I got to try from the SVTTB, I always hesitate to order from the Necessiteas because their stock changes so much but I think this would be a staple for me should it be available year round. I agree with some of the other notes, it tastes more like cola than butter beer but I did rather like it.

Flavors: Caramel, Cola, Cream, Root Beer, Sugar

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drank Earl Grey by Zest Tea
250 tasting notes

Hi friends! I just got the SVTTB over the weekend and I figured I’d share some of the teas I’ve tried/ will try eventually. One of the ones I was most excited to try was this one. I ended up liking it a bit, not as much as I thought I would but I definitely wouldn’t say no to a cup of it should it be offered. You know? I think it was a tad astringent for me, especially towards the end of the mug. I did finish it though, super glad I got to try it!

Flavors: Acidic, Astringent, Bitter, Citrus

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This blend is quite nice, I am trying to limit my caffeine a teenie bit, (600 mg a day is a bit much), but this doesn’t hit the spot like the original. Though, I am quite curious how it cold brews.

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Wow how tastes change… I gave this a 50 a few years back. Comparing it to forever nuts is not true…. however, I get mulled wine vibes this time and I really like it.. time for a rating jump.

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I was introduced to TWK by my friend Emily on her discord server. I was a tad hesitant because I don’t love white tea but the green really balanced it out. I think I am going to grab a bag in the new year.

Update: I am super behind on getting packages out, I know one or two of you are waiting for something from me. I promise I didn’t forget about you. Grams is back in the hospital and I have had back to back finals all week. All packages are going out Friday when I get paid, I promise!!!!

I am also super behind on advents and I opened all of todays all all except for one have chamomile… idk how they knew today was my last final but I can’t wait to drink them tonight and sleep in for the first time in ages.

Flavors: Honey, Jasmine, Peach, Rose


Enjoy your lie-in and I hope things settle down to a happy level for you soon!

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My name is Gabriella but everyone calls me Gabby! I am a 20-year-old college student living in NY, majoring in History and Elementary Education. In my spare time, I post reviews and little pieces of writing on my blog, read books, play video games, write poetry, and love to cuddle up with my two-year-old hound dog Buddy.
I have interesting tea preferences, to say the least:
Definitely a mood drinker, and I tend to change my preferences often, if I have a bad experience with a specific flavor or tea type I end up avoiding it for a while, then dive back in later. I also prefer my teas plain but will sometimes make lattes.

Flavor Preferences:

Fruit: mainly melon, berry, and apple flavors are my favorites. I’m allergic to pineapple, passionfruit, and kiwi.
Dessert: Almost all flavors dessert-wise are welcome I especially love warm and comforting flavors like caramels, chocolates, cookies/biscuits, crumbles, and muffin.
Floral: I prefer violets, lavender, roses, and mallow flowers. Open to all florals, allergic to dandelions.
Spices: I love lightly spiced blends but some like the infamous Hot Cinnamon Spice is too much for me.
Herbs: My favorites are mint, rosemary, sage, thyme, and sometimes basil.
Favorite Companies:
Harney and Sons
Simpson and Vail
White 2 Tea
Plum Deluxe
Trader Nicks
Friday Afternoon

Tea Rating Guide:
90-100: Top tier/ have to have them!
80-89: Really enjoyed it/ collection staple
70-79: Good, probably won’t drink it too often
60-69: I won’t refuse if offered
50-59: It’s okay
40-49: Probably dumped or handed to my Mom
00-39: No, just no

I love doing swaps and if you’re interested in anything in my cupboard let me know!





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