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On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! The excitement for the upcoming holiday is so saturated in the air that I can almost cut off a slice and spread it on toast. My little Christmas tree is started to fill up with presents and the Christmas music playing all the goddamn place sounds less annoying today.

I am happy to see another genmaicha on the label today, I will admit. As I have raved in an earlier review, I freaking love genmaicha blends, and Anne’s in particular. And, as I have had this tea before, I decided to play around with the tea and up the temperature and add some awesome Hello Kitty green tea filled marshmallows that I got at the Japanese supermarket nearby. Oh my gawd. I don’t know if it’s sacrilegious to put marshmallows in tea, but the mallows and sweet green tea jelly took this already awesome brew to another level. 10/10 Would recommend A+

Check out the review on my blog: http://itstheteamonster.blogspot.com/2016/12/12-days-of-christmas-day-11.html

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drank White Christmas by 52teas
296 tasting notes

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… White Christmas Black Tea!

Dang, only two more teas left in this countdown? My, how time flies! Wasn’t Thanksgiving like a week ago? I did not know what to expect when I read the label on this tea. The name White Christmas could really go in many different directions to describe almost any blend. White chocolate, vanilla mint, holiday sprinkles are all quite plausible choices. To get to the bottom of this, I opened the package of tea to discover the wisps of marshmallow root and plenty of strong, fresh minty scent. The combination of the two instantly made me think of good old pillow mints. The brew wafts a minty smell to my nose holes. I smelled crest toothpaste, altoids and candy canes. All of which, in my own opinion have their own distinct mint characteristics. I really enjoyed the smooth marshmallow finish. It gave the tea a crème de menthe feel. I wish I could have gotten more of a fudge-y note with the Fijian black tea, but it was still refreshing and energizing. I’ve always been curious as to why cooling things like mint are so popular in the winter… when it’s cold… Nevertheless, I still order a peppermint white mocha whenever I come across a Starbucks

Check out the post on my blog: http://itstheteamonster.blogspot.com/2016/12/12-days-of-christmas-day-10.html

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drank Coconut Cream Pie by 52teas
296 tasting notes

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Coconut Cream Pie Black Tea!

Frustratingly, many small events prevented me from enjoying my first cup this morning. Long story long, I usually filter my own water in large glass jugs with a stick of binchotan charcoal inside. But the last few days I have been without water on account of some stupid plumbing issues involving a dishwasher, a new disposal, 12 chopsticks, and some aggressive mice. (That may be another story for another blog…) I ran out of drinking/tea water last night and forgot to fill my water filtration vessels. Woke up late the next morning to plumbers fighting off the King mouse to hook up our kitchen sink again. Once they had left and I had a mere 6 minutes to get out of the door. For some reason, my sleepy brain thought it would be okay to just use the water from the tap for my tea this morning. Since I don’t live in a place that has good tap water, It made my first brew taste like garbage. I could hardly taste the tea over the metallic and chlorine taste. Granted, I’m the kind of person who won’t even use tap water to boil pasta. When the time came, I managed to brew a decent cup. I really like the combination of vanilla and coconut to compliment the black tea in this blend. It felt like a much thicker, creamy coconut element than the previous blends with coconut in them in the countdown. When brewed up properly, I could finally enjoy the richness of the coconut and even get a good velvety vanilla mid note. I am happily surprised at how sweet this blend is. The black tea even gives it the buttery and flaky crust aspect. A very vivid tea when the flavors have been extracted with good water, which if today is any kind of reminder, it would be that 99% of tea is good old H2O.

Check out the review on my blog: http://itstheteamonster.blogspot.com/2016/12/12-days-of-christmas-day-9.html

Flavors: Coconut, Vanilla


I’m sorry that you had the issues you had this morning – but I’m glad that you finally did get a decent cuppa from this tea as I quite like this one!

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On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me … Hot Buttered Spiced Rum Green Tea!

I am a little sad that this countdown is ending soon! I am really enjoying discovering a new tea each day. I still have a little bit of each tea to drink down, and part of me wants to savor them longer. I feel this way about plenty of teas that I’ve bought and all but forgotten. Chalk it up to my tea hoarder mentality; I don’t want to run out of all these teas I like, so I let the last little bit sit around my tea cupboard for all eternity – or at least until I buy more and find I no longer have room. Trust me, the irony is not lost on me.

Opening this tea this morning, I wondered how the green tea would play out with the flavor I discovered on the package. Cracking it open, I see some dried citrus slices and some chunks of various spices. Butterscotch and rum waft up the package to greet my nose. The green tea looks like the Chinese sencha that was a part of the first day’s blend. I was kind of hoping for a nuttier, creamier Chinese green tea like a Bi Luo Chun to match the buttered rum, but I liked the pale and slightly grassy sencha on the first day. It’s lighter than the traditional Japanese version and can take a beating with temp and brew times. I personally have never had hot buttered rum, but I can take a guess at the flavor. It brings thoughts of butterscotch pudding and lots of Bacardi. While this tea is not something I’d pick out for myself, I am surprised at how much I am enjoying it. While I feel like the Chinese Sencha used in the blend is a bit of a milder flavor profile in comparison to the spices and rum, it adds a smooth, refreshing finish to this dessert tea. I love how the spices combine with the rum flavor. It’s like I spiked my drink with a little Captain Morgan. It’s teas like this one that makes me happy I got the box. Finding something totally new and unexpectedly delicious is what’s giving me life right now. Excuse me while I find some real rum to add to this tea…

Check out the review on my blog: http://itstheteamonster.blogspot.com/2016/12/12-days-of-christmas-day-8.html


Tea hoarder problems!! This tea sounds like something I’d love.

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drank Marshmallow Assam by 52teas
296 tasting notes

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Marshmallow Assam!

Happy December 20th! Yesterday was my brother in law’s birthday, so we saw the new Star Wars movie. It’s kind of a tradition of sorts, last year we saw episode VII on his birthday as well. Except this time, we didn’t have to wait an hour and a half in line to get in. I snuck in a thermos of the last of the Coconut Flan Genmaicha from Day 3 of the Countdown just in case. But I did learn that genmaicha tastes great with movie popcorn :P

As I scratched off today’s label, I pondered on how this tea will play out, I vaguely remember some old tea friends discussing the original blend when Frank was still part of the company; yet I never tried it for myself. Marshmallow and Assam are on such different flavor levels for me, so I am curious to see if the Assam will play nice with the marshmallow. I went by the package instructions because I know how touchy Assam can be when it’s over-leafed or over-brewed. A level teaspoon for 2 1/2 minutes – another short steep time – and I was good to go. I could smell a light creamy sweetness, just as if someone had cracked open a jar of marshmallow fluff in the next room. I hate to say this, but I may have found the one blend in this countdown that I do not like. I love marshmallows, and I think that the flavor is sublime in tea, and Assam is a comforting, almost nostalgic tea that brings back a lot of happy memories. However, the two together just don’t vibe. The Assam that Anne used is a very drinkable black tea on it’s own, but the robustness and the astringency of the tea itself almost completely drowns out the fluffity puffity marshmallow. There is just the slightest hint of a sweet creaminess at the end. I feel like the blend is a bit simple for what I know Anne can cook up. ETA: I made this tea into a latte at work with eggnog and some extra nutmeg sprinkled on top.good lawd, it was tasty!

Check out my review on my blog: http://itstheteamonster.blogspot.com/2016/12/on-seventh-day-of-christmas-my-true.html


Awesome… Anne reblended this one!

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Phew! Finally doing some catchup on my 12 Days of Christmas cross-posts!
On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Crisp Cranberry Soda Green Rooibos!

For the second day of 52Tea’s Christmas Countdown, I was lukewarm to the name of the blend. I was so not ready to get my rooibos on when I scratched off the silvery label. Try as I may, rooibos and I are just not very friendly. I enjoy drinking caffeine-free tea late at night, and I want to like it, I truly do. Luckily for me, typically green is the lesser rooibos evil (sorry red), so I was ready to give it a shot. Reminding myself that ’it’s for the blog!" Helps too.

Cracking open the package, a deep whiff of bubblegum and Crest hit me on the nose. The blend is very visually appealing – large hunks of cranberries, whole and sliced. The brewed tea had another scent entirely. To me, the brew tastes exactly like Country Time pink lemonade. It was love at first sip. The sweet, subtle cranberry blended well with the fruity rooibos. I was worried that all those cranberries would affect the infusion in a mouth puckering sour way. Not so with this blend.

Once I brewed my first cup, I kept craving more. Without much thought, I finished the whole package in one day. So far, I am looking forward to sharing my experience.

Check out the review on my blog: http://itstheteamonster.blogspot.com/2016/12/12-days-of-christmas-day-2.html

Flavors: Cranberry, Fruity, Lemon Zest

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On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me … Snickerdoodle – Reimagined Black Tea!

Before we begin, I gotta make a shout out to the ladies at 52teas for the entertaining aspect of the scratch off reveal for the tea names! Can I just say, I freaking love those little silver discs. I get so much satisfaction from the simple act of scratching off the shiny shavings and brushing it off like an archeological dig. Kudos! Upon opening the package, I get a strong note of sweet cinnamon. A twinge of trepidation crept though me as I can be pretty picking about cinnamon – I find it to be a strong flavor and tends to overpower other supporting flavors. I also catch the sweet and rich scent of gingerbread waft up to me just before I scooped out my 4 grams. After the after the appropriate amount to brewing time as well as some time to cool, I took a big swig of my mug and almost forgot to swallow in surprise. It was as if I had taken a bite out of a freshly baked snickerdoodle with hot, slightly caramelized cinnamon sugar on top. It did a great job staying hot and comforting in my stainless steel travel mug without much affect on flavor. The leaves from Vietnam were quite interesting. The difference in leaf size varied a lot. They came in all shapes and sizes and I even came across a large leaf with two little buds hidden inside. The flavor and texture of the tea really made the blend for me. It had a nice, smooth thickness and a prominent baked-goods note throughout. Until the next silver scratch off!

Check out my review on my blog: http://itstheteamonster.blogspot.com/2016/12/12-days-of-christmas-day-3.html

Flavors: Caramel, Cinnamon, Cookie

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On the Fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me … Coconut Flan Genmaicha!

I was honestly so excited to see this blend on today’s tea. I am always a sucker for a genmaicha blend. Every one that Anne brews up reminds me of why I am such a fan of 52Teas’ gemaicha blends. Each flavor combination is a study in balance, and they totally ace it. Wh en this came out last May, I bought it instantly. It came out on my birth week and got it in time to have as a birthday brew at work. It was perfect birthday teat! I am always on the lookout for non-traditional Japanese tea blends. Houjicha, matcha, you name it.

Since I knew what to expect with this tea, I didn’t pay to close attention to the cups. The distinct coconut creaminess shined through, nicely tying up the nutty, toasty flavor of the popped rice with it’s coconut cream quality. It’s a delicious and straightforward blend that hits the mark. I pity a fool that doesn’t like the flavor of genmaicha, because this blend is hecka slammin’.

Check out the review on my blog: http://itstheteamonster.blogspot.com/2016/12/12-days-of-christmas-day-4.html


Hey, welcome back!


hahaha Thanks! it has been a long hiatus!

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On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Banana Pudding Black Tea!
Sweet freezing jeebus, it has been so goddamn cold this last couple days. Yesterday was so cold, my fat Alaskan Malamute, Kuma didn’t even want to go outside. It dumped a ton of snow on our doorstep, and temperatures dropped to -5F during the middle of the day. And to think, it was in the upper 50’s not two days before. Thanks Denver. So grateful for a steaming cup of black tea today!

I have had a couple of banana blends from 52Teas before, and I have enjoyed each one. I was unaware before opening the package that there would also be coconut in this blend. I can see the flakes of coconut being useful in achieving that creamy pudding feel in the tea. I also like the combination of flavors, it reminds me of a blend from Etsy seller Ami Tea created that Muse Monthly had in their box one month.

I confess, I really do not like pudding. I know, I know. Many people are surprised when I say this. It’s all about the texture for me. It’s thick and ultra-creamy texture makes me gag every time I put it in my mouth. I feel as if I am swallowing Crisco. I am the same way about mayonnaise. Thankfully, drinking a tea inspired by pudding does not have the same effect. This deliciously desserty blend was a good balance of banana, malty black tea, with a hint of creamy coconut. I got more of a coconut sprinkled banana bread rather than pudding. An interesting choice to have two blends with coconut in a row, but they are varied enough for me not to care. Another delicious day counting down the days till Christmas! Am I getting a bit stressed out just thinking about it? Yes. They say tea calms you down, right? continually chugs tea

Check out the full review on my blog: http://itstheteamonster.blogspot.com/2016/12/12-days-of-christmas-day-5.html

Flavors: Bread, Coconut

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drank Winter Cabin Chai by 52teas
296 tasting notes

On the Sixth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Winter Cabin Chai!

Wow, we’re halfway through the countdown already? It’s hard to think that in less than a week it’ll be Christmas. Wasn’t Thanksgiving a week ago? My how time flies.

I was pretty stoked to see the name of the tea reveal itself underneath that scratch off foil. I saw the words, ‘winter cabin’ and ‘chai’ together and got a little thrill. I love chai in the wintertime, it is such a soothing, warming collection of spices. You And the words winter cabin immediately put in my head visions of a smoking chimney and comforting warmth. You can’t have a smoking chimney without a little Lapsang.

Upon opening the package, I was not disappointed. The menagerie of spices mingled with a strong note of spice made all more enticing to my nose. I scooped out some tea to toss into my teapot and was pleasantly surprised to find that the cardamom pods in the blend had already been popped open. Usually, whenever I make myself a cup of chai, regardless of preparation, I always use my stone grinder to slightly crush the cardamom pods. That way, all the goodness and flavor will become more prominent in my cup. I do notice that the blend itself is very fine. I take note of this and reducing my usual black tea brewing time to just 2 1/2 minutes.

Sipping the brew, I let out a sigh of comfort. I love smoky notes in tea, so the more the merrier for me. Following the smoke flavor is a combination of cloves and allspice. Rounding out the cup is that cardamom I keep going on about as well as cinnamon and a light touch of black tea astringency. A very soothing cup for a cold December Monday!

Flavors: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Smoke

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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I dream in tea.

My name is Maddi. I like to take boiling hot showers and meditate in my closet. I think and talk about tea so much that it has become a punchline of sorts with my family and coworkers. Besides my unhealthy obsession with the drink that gives me life, I do yoga frequently, I make green smoothies out of any vegetables and fruit in the nearest vicinity, I am obsessed with Korean Dramas, I run as a form of moving meditation, and play video games with my easygoing and forgiving boyfriend. I used to cook for a living, and I almost always eat at least one waffle a day.

Favorite types of teas:
Aged Oolongs hold my heart. Sneaking their way in are Korean Greens. Roasted oolongs and I are not on speaking terms as of late. Black teas of all types, but especially Fujian and some Yunnan are nice indulgences more often than not. I know and love Japanese greens more than any kind, while Chinese greens bore me. Certain White teas thrill me, but most have me changing the channel. I love using my Yerba Mate gourd, we have become steadfast amigos. Puerh and I are still getting to know each other, and while sheng is playing hard to get, shou is there to hold my hand when no one is looking. I sometimes make my own functional herbal blends, and if there is a hell, it is filled with Rooibos. Above all else, direct – trade tea is my favorite.

LEAST Favorite Flavors/Flavorings
Herbs, if they are out of place (I’m talking to you, thyme)
Strong Bergamot
Chocolate (added flavorings)
Cloves/strong cinnamon

MOST Adored Flavor Profiles
Majority of chai
Stone fruit/melon

“Tea is naught but this:
First you heat the water.
Then you make the tea.
Then you drink it properly.
That is all you need to know.”
- Sen No Riyku


Denver sometimes, Las Vegas some other times



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