Mengku Palace Ripened Golden Buds Loose Pu-erh Tea 2007

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  • “My son, my godson, and my son’s girlfriend all came to stay for the weekend, and my son asked if he could grill and invite a friend he knew from church. The friend asked to bring several family...” Read full tasting note
  • “I had three steeps of this tea yesterday, but I have been wondering if I could pull out a fourth steep out of this tea. So, I decided to try it with my tea leaves from last night. I steeped these...” Read full tasting note
  • “I was drinking this Pu-erh for my morning tea because I was feeling very sad and a really good cup of tea couldn’t help but cheer me up! My car is up for sale, I had a buyer and we were to meet at...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is a mug of comfort, and that’s exactly what I need right now. Something has been going on with me lately that is very unpleasant, it started when I was in Boston and it’s been getting...” Read full tasting note

From Teavivre

Origin: Mengku, Lincang, Yunnan, China

Ingredients: Made from 100% pure leaves from Mengku Large-leaf Arbor Tea Trees

Taste: Mellow earthy sweet taste

Brew: 3-4 teaspoons for 8oz of water. Brew at 212 ºF (100 ºC) for 1 to 2 minutes (exact time depends on your taste – a longer time will give the tea a stronger taste and color)

Mengku large-leaved tea is of high quality for tea production. Using it as material, Palace Pu’er Tea has a large number of gold buds and symbolizes great value. Just as its name suggests, it is so precious that only the empire can drink Palace Pu’er Tea. Not only because of the mellow taste, but also owing to the valuable status, it has been quite well-known since antiquity.

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76 Tasting Notes

3256 tasting notes

My son, my godson, and my son’s girlfriend all came to stay for the weekend, and my son asked if he could grill and invite a friend he knew from church. The friend asked to bring several family members and it ended up being a really fun day with some really nice folks.

Hubby does not eat cow because he doesn’t like the texture of beef, so I was pretty happy that my son was grilling portobello mushrooms to serve like burgers. They were delicious!

While we were waiting for the food to be ready, I started talking to the two young ladies, who turned out to be very curious about TEA! Yay! We talked and talked and talked about tea, and when they said they were adventurous and had never heard of puerh, I decided we had time for a gong fu session with this lovely tea.

The first steeps were inky black, because I like my puerh strong! I did not rinse and we started with one minute steeps or perhaps a little longer. They said they could detect the aroma of mushrooms, and had a lot of fun experiencing the changes in color and taste of the tea. We got seven good steeps before the color and flavor had weakened too much to enjoy.

I have invited them back since they were interested in lots of different types of tea. I hope they will take me up on the offer!


Oh, there are so many things I like in this review!! Family and friends gathering, people interested to learn about tea, sharing about tea knowledge, and let’s not forget Portobello burgers, yum! What a fun day it must have been :-)


Oh, it was delightful! I am so glad my son invited them and glad that his friend brought so much family along, because I think it made everyone feel more at ease because no one felt like a stranger! I will have to keep that in mind for future events. This was our first time aging portobellos and we loved them! I think they will become a staple. The girls were typing notes about Teavivre and Steepster into their phones when they left, so I hope to see them here soon, as well as at my house for more tea!


Love it.

Josie Jade

Sounds like a wonderful day!

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557 tasting notes

I had three steeps of this tea yesterday, but I have been wondering if I could pull out a fourth steep out of this tea. So, I decided to try it with my tea leaves from last night.

I steeped these leaves for an hour until the liquid is a nice amber color like I just brewed a lighter tea. The smell is still wonderful. A light dusty smell that is combined with the scent of fresh rainfall. The tea is still warm even though it has been steeping for the past hour. My french press keeps the tea nice and warm.

The flavor is slightly different from the other steeps. It is still silky smooth and I am getting a creamy mouthfeel that is just divine. It isn’t as dark as the other steeps and is slightly more astringent.

I am glad that I managed to wrangle a fourth steep out of this tea. I’m not sure if I would brew it up often, but I am happy I have the option.


you just reminded me I have a sample of this to try :-)

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676 tasting notes

I was drinking this Pu-erh for my morning tea because I was feeling very sad and a really good cup of tea couldn’t help but cheer me up!

My car is up for sale, I had a buyer and we were to meet at the Bank today to complete the transaction but this morning they pulled out of the deal.

WAH! BOO HOO! (There…OK,done!)

Drowning my sorrows with tea was a pretty safe way to get over a disappointment. I know I’m usually cheerful, or I try to be unless I’m sick or there’s a disaster.
Tea has been seen as something offered for comfort. Just look at old movies.
“Here dearie, your whole family was lost at sea, have a cup of tea.” “Oh my Reginald, Lady Margarite has fainted, fetch some tea.”

Maybe it wasn’t quite that bad but almost! Funny and charming.

There’s some truth in the comfort aspect of tea drinking and that’s why I chose a Pu-erh (and a very good one) for my morning tea.

Pu-erh’s are calming and good for the stomach and blood pressure. (Just what Bonnie needs for maintaining a level head.)

It’s important for me to trust that all things will work for good and worry won’t gain me anything.

I made a lovely creamy latte. (Not all Pu-erh’s make excellent latte’s but this one is really good)
Savory turn’s caramel, the rich creamy sweetness soon taking my sad self to a more positive place where everything was sure to turn out fine in the end.

I took a deep breath. I sat thinking…
“Remember what you said just yesterday Bonnie about being grateful (you even wrote about it in a review you ninny). Were you really serious about gratitude only when things are going your way, or can you be grateful when disappointment or hardship is knocking at the door? Oh?!”
That’s not something I wanted to think about but it was true. It’s easy to be thankful when things go my way. I have to work harder on being thankful when they don’t.

See now how taking a break with tea can help settle the mind.
My tasty Pu-erh latte was what I needed to create the right mood and had perked me up!


Sorry to read about the car deal. I hope a better one comes along soon. In the meantime tea is definitely a good solution.


It will get better Bonnie. :) Everything for a reason.


Got a call from someone else who says they will pay cash and are meeting me at the Bank at 1pm with my son-in-law. (I’m selling the car…Silver RAV4…. at a really good price!)

Autistic Goblin

Well there’s lots of people looking for cars so don’t worry your will find a new home :D Tea is awesome, all hail tea :D


You know, I don’t think I’ve tried Pu-erh in a latte yet … perhaps I shall need to do this. I’m still trying to get over that period of time when I did not like pu-erh … and now, even though I’ve liked nearly all that I’ve tried, I still get that sense of apprehension when it comes to a pu-erh. I hope I get over it soon.


SOLD MY CAR>>>CASH IN BANK>>>>CAN NOW BUY SOME TEA!!!! (I haven’t been able to buy tea even so whoopie!)

Autistic Goblin

YAAY! more tea is always a good thing :D




To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)
There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
And a time to every purpose, under Heaven…


Yay! Now you can celebrate with a good tea!!


KS you are so right. I wrote the note on being grateful yesterday, today started as a downer and a reminder to remain grateful even when things don’t go my way. Then…everything turned around again. Hallelujah!

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172 tasting notes

This is a mug of comfort, and that’s exactly what I need right now. Something has been going on with me lately that is very unpleasant, it started when I was in Boston and it’s been getting progressively worse with each day that goes by. They are headaches but the word “headache” doesn’t come close to describing how horrific they are. It starts when I get up out of bed in the morning, beginning with a feeling of extreme pressure in the front of my head that turns into throbbing, extreme pain. It gets so intense that I can do nothing but lay in bed because with each movement I make, every time I stand up straight or perform any task, I get jolts of crippling pain all throughout my head. Every noise, every little bit of light, every time I move my head or TOUCH anything, I’m hit with pain that hurts so bad it causes me to scream, it got so bad at one point that I was lying in my bed crying and I felt like my skull was simultaneously on fire and about to explode. I’m sorry to whine, it’s just that this is really worrying me. I looked up my symptoms and I’m not finding anything, does anybody have any insight that they could give me?


Good Lord get to the doctor! Could be migraines could be some kind of aneurism! I would not wait around on this sort of thing. I do NOT mean to scare the bejeesus out of you but really put it off.


My mom scheduled an appointment for me today.


Sounds like a splitting migraine. You do need to see a doctor though. I’m going to PM you and ask a couple questions and you know why!


Kyle, based on what you are describing, you should go see a doctor… there are severe migraines that can give you similar symptoms, and if it’s that bad, please seek professional help, hope you feel better soon…


I will go see a doctor asap guys, thanks for the concern. Also, when this first started (while I was in Boston) I was also sleepwalking a couple of times which I’ve NEVER done in my life.


@Bonnie, okay.


One of the things that does help migraines is coffee (not tea folks) drink some coffee, even several cups. Really. I know this from my Neurologists and experience.


I actually tried that because I had heard that caffeine helped migraines, but I feel like it actually made it worse. I’ve also been taking tylenol AND ibuprofen and neither seem to do anything, I just usually have to wait for it to go away which takes 2-3 hours.


Sounds more like a cluster headache, could even be related to frequent use of a computer or tablet device believe it or not. They are HORRIBLE. Get to a doctor, and see if physical therapy and/or massage may help!


Is it “okay” to take both Ibuprofen and Tylenol? I know there are two type of headache medicine you are NOT supposed to take together but now I don’t know which two.


Tylenol and ibuprofen are fine to mix, I think most NSAIDS in general are okay…you’re probably thinking of narcotic painkillers which really shouldn’t be mixed.


Here is what I found with Google – not that google makes anyone a genius lol:
You can alternate the tylenol with the ibuprofen but not mix the ibuprofen/aspirin/aleve. They are all NSAIDS and you shouldn’t take them at the same time.


That’s right!


I’m no herbalist and it sounds like a problem that might need more medical insight, but the Chinese tout White Chrysanthmums as being good treatments for migrianes, headache, alergies, and in the traditional medicinal cannon…to expel ‘wind’ from the body. If you are having a hard time finding them let me know…and I will send you some


I’ll have to try that, they sell Chrysanthemums in bulk at a store near me.


make sure they are white….yellow are not the quality ones you want to use for those symptoms

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1719 tasting notes

I’ve been sipping this one for the last couple days. It is just so smooth. There are all the good things I like about ripe pu-erh with none of the bad. The taste is very much horse tack leather. It has an old dustiness about it without seeming musty. There is a kind of fruity note, not exactly raisin but that is the best I can come up with. Also a certain amount of woodsy without being dirt or mushroom. Here is the only issue I have with this one , it is so easy to drink I have to stop myself from chugging the cup.


Yeah…that moment when you’re down to a half-teaspoon and wonder “where’d that go?”


Or you look at your empty cup, then cast a suspicious gaze at your mate, even though you know they don’t like what you are sipping.


My favorite puerh! And it has been out of stock for a long time. I am hoarding a wee bit, and trying to find its doppelgänger.


I am also hoarding the last little bit of this one.


Says you. I have your address and a GPS!


I’ll rinse the yixing and have it ready.

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2816 tasting notes

Thanks to Teavivre for this sample and I’m sorry I’m getting around to trying it just now.

I am steeping this in my infuser mug since I’m trapped at work on this beautiful day – we finally got some sun.

Steep #1 – approx. 1.5 minutes yielded me a dark, sweet and mellow pu-erh. Mmm, this is nice. I’ve gotten a few hints of bittersweet chocolate in the flavor here along with a slight fruitiness. I like it!

Steep #2 – also very nice and earthy. This has a definite clean taste with no fishiness or off odors like you can experience in other pu-erhs. The flavor here is reminding me a bit of pumpernickel bread. Definitely a nice after lunch tea.

Steep #3 – I accidentally let this steep for a really long time – 4 minutes? 5 minutes? Who knows. The longer steep has brought out a creamy element in this tea that I’m really enjoying. I think I could steep this a few more times but that needs to be end of caffeine for me today.

And onto other news… I have noticed today that my equanimity is back and I’m enjoying life — what could be more important than this? Huzzah!

205 °F / 96 °C 1 min, 0 sec

Very nice…….chocolate…….pumpernickel bread! You didn’t have said bread for lunch did you?


no, I had a salad!

Scott B

They sent me some of this tea too :)


Yay! I’m glad you are feeling better. :D


@MIssy – me too. I’ve been hitting up my Buddhism stuff hard and it’s really been helping. :)


Wheeeee! That is great news!


So glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself!


thanks all. :)


Glad you’re doing better Amy. :))

How does this loose Pu-erh rate compare to others you have tried??


I thought it was really good but I do not need any more pu-erh teas right now…

Charles Thomas Draper

YES! Enjoy Life!!


Charles – thank you, I am trying! :D

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2201 tasting notes

Last night there were too many margaritas, too much mexican food, and too much ice cream, and now they are all having a war in my stomach. I have heard numerous times that puerh is supposed to be good for upset stomachs, so I decided to give this a go, finally. I’ve had this sample for quite a while now, and must apologize to Teavivre for only now getting around to sampling it. The truth is, I’m still a little afraid of shu puerh. But onward!

I remembered why as soon as the water hit the leaves and I got a kind of slightly seaweedy smell. Just now I am realizing I should have rinsed them once, but I didn’t. Ah well. Fortunately any fishiness has gone away after a full steep, and the liquor is opaque and dark as night. It smells like sawdust, pretty much spot on.

The flavor is amazingly smooth. Not a hint of bitterness or astringency, and a thick, luscious texture. It is, also, lightly sweet. The main part of the flavor is earthy, saw-dusty (though without the feeling of ‘dust’), woody. As far as I can tell, its a very nice example of this type of puerh. Not fishy or off-tasting, just smooth and relatively pleasant. I just am not super into drinking earthy sawdust, heh. It may be settling my stomach (hard to tell), but hopefully so!

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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62 tasting notes

This sample came to me by way of LibeTEAS, thank you so very much for it and the generous amount as well.

I will start by saying use caution if you intend to abbreviate pu’erh as pu .Twice today I stated that “I could do pu everyday”. I need not explain the ramifications of such a statement.

So here I am loving some pu (easy) and I wanna tell ya all about it. The dry leaf smells too sweet for hay but not enough to be called floral. Another sweet plant… After doing a 30 sec rinse I steeped for 1 min to start. Wet the leaves take on a strong aquatic/earthy smell (as wife says “it’s fish,Dave”). I must note that it’s not unpleasant for those not yet exposed to pu’s.

The flavor of this pu is so rich and wonderful and silky smooth. There’s predominantly a leathery sweetness accompanied by mint. I must pause and say here that I’m either gonna have to find a new word or rethink what I’m tasting because this is the third pu I wanna say taste kinda like toothpaste! After cooling more vegeative notes are apparent.

Second steep 2 minutes with a little less water as well. Even after opting for a stronger cup this time to explore the parameters of the drink I can honestly say it’s still smooth and sweet with almost no astringency. I feel a nice buttery richness that maybe I’ve overlooked in past taste notes of teas due to my young palate. What a drink! This may make it on the ‘gotta have it’ list.

I ended up with 4 steepings before I decided to quit drinking tea for the night.

tunes-Bill Withers=Use Me Up,Geuss Who-She’s Come Undone,Harry Nilson-Everbody’s Talking At Me

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec

I have heard camphor, mint, etc. used to describe that cooling “toothpaste” taste! I loved this one – just got my order of it last week I think. Teavivre sent me a sample and yet again, I had to buy it!


Thanks for the suggestions of descriptions. I was hoping someone would pick up on the passive request. I will consider camphor in that it’s minty yet slightly sweet. Anything sounds better than toothpaste.

Charles Thomas Draper

Great taste in tunes too….


I watched the little movie about Bill not too long ago. I love him!!!! I come undone! Wow….ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone with my best sip…has to be buttery and smooth….

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4843 tasting notes

This tea has a strong earthy scent which I noticed particularly after brewing. Reminiscent of peat and leather and wood. I like that even though it has the earthy scent, it doesn’t taste as earthy as it smells. It is really quite sweet and smooth. A very rich taste, almost buttery, but not in a green tea or oolong “buttery” kind of way, but more like melted butter with freshly baked bread. Very mellow and nice. I like this one.


Good LORD are you trying to tempt me into ANOTHER order! I just can’t not right now – but SOON! MELTED BUTTER and FRESH baked BREAD!?!? I just had a teagasim.


This one really is great. This is my next puerh order.


@Azzrian, I have some of this I’d be happy to share with you. PM me if you’re interested.

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323 tasting notes

Thanks to Teavivre for this sample!

I’m still a pu-erh novice, although I’m fascinated by them and am trying to branch out. This is the first one I’ve tasted that has a date attached to it. I’m locking myself in my room with the A/C (not strong enough to actually make the room cool, but at least I’m not sweating… I hate summer.)

The scent of the dry leaves is definitely dark and earthy. There’s a hint of the “fishiness” associated with pu-erh, but it’s no more than a passing whiff. Beyond that, it just smells old. Like smoke and leather and oak trees. There’s a lighter sweetness to the scent of the wet leaf.

First steep – 10 s

It’s a very dark brown color. It reminds me of the barn I used to ride at, down the street from my house. It was built into a hill and was very long and narrow, dusty and dirty and dim. When I look at the liquor it reminds me of the color of a well-used saddle, dark and leathery and deep.

I’d definitely describe this tea as “woodsy.” It’s not heavy, but it’s dark, and there’s a surprising coolness of mint here.

Second steep – 20s

Still dark, flavor a bit stronger than the first steep. Unremarkable.

Third steep – 30s.

Oh, God, yes. I let this cool to drinkable temperature before I attempted a sip. Oh my goodness. The first thing that hits my tongue is caramel. Sweet, light, a hint of chocolate with just the tiniest bit of astringency at the finish. Lighter, golden caramel colored liquor.

I’ll post this now, since I don’t want it getting longer than it already is (oops), but Teavivre, you’re killing me. You’re killing me! I can’t wait till school starts so I have money to go tea shopping.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

This makes both smile and want to try this puerh! It sounds very nice. :D


:D It is delicious, highly recommend you try!


Also on my shopping list! I love this one.

Dylan Oxford

I wonder if that first steep should have been tossed out as a rinse. I’m less than new at Puer, but I’ve seen posts that a rinse does wonders


The first steep is actually discounting the rinse – I did a short rinse before that :)


I love this one. Each batch I’ve gotten so far seems to be different though, it’s a little inconsistent. Sometimes all it needs is fifteen second or less steeps and produces a pitch dark liquor and lasts for 7+ steeps, but other times it takes 2-3 minutes to produce desirable strength and only lasts for 3-4 infusions. Strange. But still, it’s great stuff.

Dylan Oxford

Oh, we’ll then never mind :-)

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