Blackberry Mojito

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Fruit Green Blend
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Berry, Blackberry, Fruity, Green, Sour, Spearmint, Citrus, Mint, Apple, Hibiscus, Sweet, Tart, Lime, Sugar, Berries, Fruit Tree Flowers
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175 °F / 79 °C 2 min, 30 sec 14 oz / 426 ml

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  • “A 1 min first infusion kept the hibiscus to a minimum, but in spite of being called “mojito”, which I would assume implies the presence of mint, I didn’t taste anything minty. Just a vaguely...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is another tea from Teavana that I tweak. I love the base of tart (but not bitter) blackberry and the subtle taste of lime and mint. But I go one step further and add more spearmint. It’s a...” Read full tasting note
  • “Weird that I have a tasting note from 9 months ago but it says last logged almost a year ago…I was like I know I took time off from this tea because I don’t really like it hot. I have a pitcher of...” Read full tasting note
  • “Backlog 4/10 Alright well, this one isn’t TECHNICALLY a backlog because I cold steeped a huuuuge gallon pitcher and I still have a little left, but I made it a few days ago so that’s why I’m...” Read full tasting note

From Teavana

Sweet mint uplifts succulent blackberries in this delicious flavored green tea. Refreshing spearmint and a medley of blackberries, raspberries, plum and apples combine perfectly with green tea for a delicious hot or iced brew.

A delicious source of antioxidants & contains EGCG complex
May help support the immune system
Use as part of a healthy diet to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
Superfruit enhanced with blackberries & raspberries
Spearmint may help relieve occasional heartburn
Contains 5-10% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee

Use 1 teaspoon of tea per 8oz of water. Heat water to 175 degrees (79 degrees Celsius) and steep for 2 minutes. For stronger flavor, use more tea leaves. 2oz of tea equals 25-30 teaspoons.

Ingredients:Apple pieces, green tea, hibiscus flowers, rosehip peels, blackberries, blackberry flavoring, raspberries, plum pieces (plum, rice flour), cactus blossoms, spearmint

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84 Tasting Notes

6107 tasting notes

A 1 min first infusion kept the hibiscus to a minimum, but in spite of being called “mojito”, which I would assume implies the presence of mint, I didn’t taste anything minty. Just a vaguely berryish watery drink. Not terribly impressed. It looks like I felt the same way last time.

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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576 tasting notes

This is another tea from Teavana that I tweak. I love the base of tart (but not bitter) blackberry and the subtle taste of lime and mint. But I go one step further and add more spearmint. It’s a sweeter mint and blends well with the base. I love bold blackberry and mighty mint.

That being said, this is still one of my favorite blends from Teavana. A nice flavor hot and even better iced.


Again, Jealous!! I keep checking and its always out of stock! :(

Meghann M

As am I. I will have to see if my local shop has any as I can never catch it online. My husband loves this one. I will have to try with the added spearmint as that sounds like a nice addition.


@JoeCool – I just sent your package out, but I could mail you a sample if you want. Just let me know. I’m always happy to share. @Meghann: I can send you my tweaked version if you’d like… I’m not trying to be pushy or anything but I know how expensive teas can get… especially if you don’t like one kind and it collects dust in your cabinet.

Meghann M

That would be wonderful, YUM! Let me know if there is anything I can send you.


Oh that would be awesome if you don’t mind. I just got another blend that I think you might enjoy! I’ll send it out today for you! Awesome!

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1220 tasting notes

Weird that I have a tasting note from 9 months ago but it says last logged almost a year ago…I was like I know I took time off from this tea because I don’t really like it hot.

I have a pitcher of it cold steeped and I’ve been drinking it all day. I really prefer it cold steeped. There is absolutely no hibiscus taste because it’s doing a far better job in amping up the blackberry. The mint fits in nicely in the aftertaste, but for some reason I want more! As usual though, the green tea is not very apparent, but it’s obviously there slightly, because this doesn’t just taste like I made juice out of dried fruit and flavorings.

Also genius just struck: I have some red table wine in my fridge so I poured a bit in a glass then filled it with this tea. AMAZING. I didn’t really measure but it’s a good mix because I can taste the wine and the tea still. A bit like a sangria but dare I say better?


Only Teavana I love!


This is the only one that’s still around that I like, though there’s a couple I don’t mind but I wouldn’t actively keep in my cupboard. I think I’m on bag #3 from there of this one since last year!

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119 tasting notes

Backlog 4/10

Alright well, this one isn’t TECHNICALLY a backlog because I cold steeped a huuuuge gallon pitcher and I still have a little left, but I made it a few days ago so that’s why I’m including it. As I just said, I made a gallon and in the process used up almost all of my 2 oz, so that’s a little upsetting. I’m glad I did it iced though, because no way jose would I drink this one hot.

The verdict: this one is soooo yummy! Definitely one of my favorites from Teavana! I didn’t leave the leaves in for long enough (about 16 hours, it should have been more like 18-20 or even a full day but whatever), so it’s a little weak, but not enough to make it bad. This is so yummy anyways! It’s lovely and fruity, not quite true blackberry but definitely berry esque, and has a nice refreshing mint tone that stays in your mouth. Yum yum yum yum yum! I’m actually considering buying this one online to make more because it’s so yummy!

Thank you Bonnie for recommending this one, I would have otherwise overlooked it and I’m glad I bought some!

Scott B

The photo on their web site looks so good. However, a mint and berry combination seems kind of odd to me.

Would be nice if they sent that out as a free sample instead of Youthberry every single time.
Autumn Hearth

I agree Scott, it would also be nice if they had this as an iced sample in the store instead of Blueberry Bliss. I always silently groaned whenever a guest said they liked it best, especially if they like the straight oolong and said they didn’t like sweetened tea. This would taste better with less sugar than what’s used in the Blueberry.


This is one of the only tea’s I love from Teavana and my daughter feels the same way. It tastes like the berry’s we picked in California by her house near Santa Cruz. I don’t taste mint in this blend.

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676 tasting notes

Yesterday I had to pick up my Aerobeds from my daughter Annalisa’s house so I brought her favorite fruit-flavored green tea (Blackberry Mojito) to share with the family. Everyone in my family loves tea! My 3 teenaged girl grandkids were not around but the little boys were ready for yummy grandma tea! My daughter is a tea pro! She has a beautiful large white porcelain teapot (among the many) that she chose to use this day. While the tea was steeping she prepared a tray with a pretty teatowel and teaspoon for stirring agave into each persons cup…for sweet tea. She ordered us into the living room…grandma (me) in the easy chair…baby foster boy on a blanket, foster toddler (3) in line with the other 3 grandsons each holding their cups impatiently waiting for a turn at pourings of tea and agave. I was served first.
“Ummmm.” You could almost see the boys quiver…leaning towards my cup to smell my tea. “Ummmm this is good. Like real blackberries!” And each one got their fill and refill until the whole big pot was empty! At the end of their second cup, and while I was still enjoying my delicious truly berry yummy brew,…the boys turned on the Music Channel on the TV to the 80’s Retro Channel and began dancing. The 11 year old was the leader and the other two (9 and 7) did their best to copy him! So cute and funny. Being a grandma with such a little thing like blackberry tea is pretty neato!


oh my I love your grandkids Bonnie, and haven’t even met them!! it’s so obvious that you adore them… they’re lucky kids to have you! and Blackberry Mojito tea to boot!!!


You’re probably young enough to be one of my grandkids! And thanks!

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421 tasting notes

This smells awesome prior to infusion/steeping. Great mix of berries and plum scents were coming through before I added the water. Major blackberry smell coming from my cup post infusion/steeping. I’m not really tasting the mint or apple. There’s always a fix for that add some more! I really like this. Very refreshing and it will hopefully get me to 4pm. If not there’s always the Oolong I have too!

160 °F / 71 °C 1 min, 0 sec

Definitely want to try this when our Teavana opens in a couple weeks.


I could send you a sample if you like?


Nah, that’s ok. It’s only a few weeks away and I want to go there anyway (SO excited about being able to get matcha at the mall!). Thank you very much for the offer though.


No problem – figured I’d offer.

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558 tasting notes

This is one delicious mojito-tea MojiTea? It doesn’t have the rum flavor, but I bet it would be great with a splash of rum, especially if one wants to imbibe on a chilly fall evening and still enjoy a summery drink.

The blackberry flavor is well done, the spearmint is noticeable (although I may try it with a little more for added flavor) and I think I’m getting a bit of plum and apple to show through as well. This is a nice softly fruit (in Teavana terms) green tea.

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 45 sec

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4843 tasting notes

I have Wifey-Woman to thank for sending me a bit of this tea to try. Since I don’t shop at Teavana very often (hubby is under the false assumption that I have “enough tea” – whatever that means), I am glad to have on-line friends who are willing to share bits of these teas to try. :) Thanks Wifey-Woman (aka Little Mew Brew!)

This is really good. I can taste the blackberry and the apple, and even the plum and raspberry. It’s pleasantly sweet and tart. The spearmint is a bit hidden in the first couple of sips, but the flavor develops nicely. Underneath it all, I can also taste the green tea peeking through.

If I were to change anything about this, I would make it hibiscusless. (Yes, it’s a word, I just made it up) I think that the hibiscus is a bit much here – it doesn’t really overwhelm the other flavors, but, I’d rather not be tasting it at all.

Other than that, though, I really am enjoying this blend.


hibiscus can certainly do overwhelm a good tea! I find places like teavana rely on it for lack of tea blending inspiration *grumbles


I am a Green tea drinker at best; I am newly to other teas. I am amaze at how much information there is out there and the types all from Camellia Sinesis. Fantastic, uh?

I have yet to sample to Mojito from the Tea Forte sampler I received. Will let you know if I can discern the flavors; not sure what is Mojito; although description depicts refreshing notes of Spearmint with Rooibos.

I can’t know as yet since not tried it. You noted spearmint as hidden in the first couple of sips; keen taste buds.


Mojito is a South American inspired drink that mixes lime, mint, and I think rum, sometimes coconut. Very yummy indeed!

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160 tasting notes

I believe I bought way too much of this tea. It sounded so great that I decided I needed to get enough to last me. And I did, and this is why I have way too much of this tea. I have had a few cups before, but this is my first time logging it. I have enjoyed it every time (thankfully considering I have a whole lot of it to drink through). My fondest memory of this tea is of it helping me through a tough case of laryngitis. With a bit of mint, it was perfect for my sore throat!

It is really pleasing to look at. I can make out the berries and green tea leaves. I think it is best described as looking “fun”. It smells great, berry being the main note followed by mint and, if you think about it, lime or lemon (definitely something citrus hiding among the berries, tea, and mint).

The brew (usual 2 tsp to 16oz of water) is an interesting purplish color. I get varying shades of it every time I brew it. I believe the color depends on the amount of berries in each spoonful, which can vary greatly. The scent is filled with berries and subtle hint of mint. I don’t get the citrus anymore. There is always a bit of a weird accompanying smell, which is malty (in a beer sort of way). I don’t really know where it comes from… It is the odd one out, making this tea loose some points for not being as smooth as it could be.

The flavor is great. First up berry followed by fresh mint. If you sweeten it, the mint will almost completely disappear and berry will take over. If you want to sweeten it, you should add more spearmint. In fact, adding more spearmint even if you aren’t going to sweeten it is a great idea. : )

I still tasted a bit of the malty “odd one out” I got in the smell, but it didn’t bug me. What did bug me was the sour taste it left in my mouth once the mint taste disappeared. Sour is not the way I like for my mouth to taste…

I like this tea, I really do… but it could be better. Adding more mint helps it reach the “great” mark, but it doesn’t quite make it. Still I am happy with the large amount I have and may consider reordering one day!

190 °F / 87 °C 1 min, 15 sec

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191 tasting notes

This tea is beautiful. To start with, the dry mix is visually pleasing and the brewed tea is a beautiful purplish-red. It really needs to be consumed from one of my very fancy tea cups. The smell of both the dry tea and the brewed tea is wonderful as well. Very fruity, which I definitely appreciate. I like when tea hits all my senses.

So much for sight and smell, what about the one that really matters? Taste? Less tea-like than I imagined. Well, less green tea. Others are right, the green does get muted by the intensity of the fruit and hibiscus. You do get some hints of the green tea, but hints are really all you get. I’m drinking it hot and unsweetened right now. This would be amazing as an iced tea. I’ll definitely drink it again (and not just because I have a lot of it).

175 °F / 79 °C 3 min, 0 sec

You write much better reviews than I do. I’m terrible at it. :)


I just did a second steeping of the tea for one minute, as Teavana recommends. Its less fruity, and I’m trying to decide if its more tea-ish, or just watery. The color is now a light purple and has much less of a fruit scent. I’ll need to try one minute with a first steeping—it might be since its on the second, it needs longer. I’m definitely on the fence about a one minute steep.


Oh, and thanks, btw. Reviews always make me nervous—what if I’m totally off base? What if my writing really does suck? Wavery self-esteem, I has it.


I usually do second steepings for 1minute over the initial steep time. So for this tea I’d do four minutes on the second steep. That’s pretty standard, except for pu-erh and some oolongs where you do steepings in 30 second intervals.


Oh, and on the subject of reviews — apparently a lot of people don’t write reviews when they drink a tea. It’s a log, not a review blog, according to the thread I read in the discussion boards. Some just put stuff like, “I brewed the cup too long but it was good with a little honey.” Or no log text at all, just a rating and steep time/temp. Only one of a user’s tasting notes shows up for each tea, so you can log a tea all you want without spamming the tea’s page. Cool, yes?

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