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drank Huang Shan Mao Feng by Dobra Tea
639 tasting notes

You do need to use quite a large scoop of leaves in order to taste this one. It’s a very light tea. Its color is a very pale green-yellow, kind of like green tea that hasn’t been steeped long enough. It’s full of umami, and it has a very nutty finish. It’s a very pleasant spring afternoon tea.

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This is a delicious bagged green tea! The flavor is perfectly balanced, and you can leave the teabag in the water for as long as you want- it doesn’t get bitter. I’ve started drinking it because it’s cold and flu season, and I’ve heard good things about Echinacea’s positive effects on boosting the immune system. Be careful, though- if you take Echinacea too frequently, it will start to lose its effectiveness. Drink this tea ONLY whenever you feel a cold coming on, until you feel better! It’s delicious and it works!

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Really good! I love the gentle tangy taste that the ginger leaves on my tongue. Nicely balanced, lovely and smooth. The longer you let the teabag steep, the better. Perfect snack tea, or stomachache reliever.

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drank Apple Cider by Bigelow
639 tasting notes

Delicious! Tastes exactly like apple cider, without the sugar. I wish this wasn’t a seasonal flavor.

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drank Lotus by Tazo
639 tasting notes

I drank this one this afternoon because I wanted the health benefits of green tea without the caffeine buzz (it’s decaf). The lotus has a nice, non-overpowering flavor. It’s a good tasting green tea, but there’s nothing really thrilling about it.

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Pretty good. A little tart, but nothing that can’t be fixed with some honey or sugar, and a little less steep time for me. (I have a habit of letting these stringless tea bags sit for too long at the bottom of my mug.) Perfect for sore throats and cold winter afternoons. I bet it’s good iced, too.

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This tea is amazing! It smells wonderful dry, and I love its light, fruity flavor (I drank it hot, but I’m sure it’s fabulous iced, too)! It is even beautiful to watch as it steeps because the leaves open up in the water. This is a perfect afternoon tea, because it is not too highly caffeinated, but it will still give you a nice boost of energy. I know that the bags aren’t recyclable or particularly eco-friendly, but I think the mesh does a nice job of eliminating the papery taste that some bagged teas can have. All in all, a satisfying experience. Lipton has done well!

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drank Cinnamon Stick by Bigelow
639 tasting notes

I’m not usually a huge fan of black tea- I find the flavor a little too sharp and bitter, even when it’s been properly steeped. However, I like this one. The cinnamon takes some of the bitter edge out of the black tea and gives it a gentle kind of spice. It’s a nice option as a two o’clock pick-me-up tea. While I won’t make it part of my everyday routines and rituals, I will keep some of it around as a comfort tea on cold days.

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