I’m still looking for a back-up to the Infusion Tea’s Plum Oolong…this really isn’t it…but there are a few completely different tasting notes and thoughts I have on this Oolong…

This smells and tastes wine-like…a very sweet and tarty wine or alcoholic beverage. I like the way this one starts but then it turns a bit too tart for my liking. I will give it some ‘props’ tho because it’s not as tart as it could be and I can certainly drink the entire cuppa! Yup! You got it! It’s because of the hibiscus! Ug.

It’s also because of the schizandra berries and rosehips, too! I, personally, would have preferred just straight-up Oolong with chunks of plum. Because this isn’t the case…I am ok with it…but I would have tweaked the name of the tea…maybe Plum Berry Surprise or “Plum & Then Some” Oolong or something…because it’s not just plum…there is more than just the plum.

Okay…so…now that I have gotten that out of my system and that my hot tea is cooling at rapid speeds today because it continues to be at tundra-temperatures…I’ll switch gears!


This is where it is, folks! At least for me, it is!

I’m completely looking at this flavored oolong in a different light when it’s cold. I can totally take the level of tartiness with the hibiscus! I prefer this one cold! There it is. :)

When I review this one over at SororiTEA Sisters I will most likely do it from an Iced Tea Prospective…of course I will say why I prefer it this way in the post but it will be less of a rant and ramble than I am doing here. I guess it’s just been one of those days or weeks…I have finally decided to CRACK

I can’t take much more snow and storms and cold and crappy roads!

Anyhow…back to the tea…

This iced or cold is MUCH BETTER and I am rating it mostly on the iced – since that is my personal preference here! It’s sweet and a little sugary and fruity and berry but smooth at the beginning with more tart at the end of the sip! It remains quite wine-like…maybe starting off more like a sweet and ending more like a fruity-dry. It leaves a drier fruit aftertaste as well.

So…how was that for a ramble and rant!?

Don’t get me wrong…this is a great tea for those who love their hot teas tarty and don’t mind hibiscus. For those like me who aren’t fond of the hibiscus – especially in hot teas – try it cold or iced. There are differences between the hot and cold versions. I, personally, prefer the iced in this case. I will say it has a nice wine- like color to it as well…comparable to some of the Arbor Mists colors…or wine-cooler type drinks.

End result for my preferences…fairly good cold.

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