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Oh!!! This smells like honey and sweet-wood! Thank you Liberteas for this sample! The color of this post-infusion is that of a pale brownish color – actually it reminds me of a wine I like from Nobel Winery that I will be visiting tomorrow, actually. In color only, of course…not that it tastes like wine!

This is very smooth, pretty to look at, smell, and taste! This is delicious! It has notes of honey and maybe even brown sugar but naturally speaking – not that it has actual ingredients in there!

This is very impressive!

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Since I took a little time off from new teas a while back I have TONS that piled up OMG I’m trying to tackle them as quickly as I can but WOWZA!

Here’s a little sample I had laying around for a while now.

This oolong is tightly-rolled! It’s screaming for multiple infusions!

It leaves a pale yellow-green color in the cup!

It has a fairly-flat oolong taste with a bit of mouth-watering sweetness right at the end of the sip. I do like the end of the sip more than the beginning of the sip! The after taste hints at a mineral-rock type taste but not overly-so.

The more I sip this the more I’m liking it.


haha that will teach you to stop paying attention to your new teas :)



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It’s been FOREVER since I have had a tea from Kusmi! I’m excited! I think there has only been 1 tea from them I didn’t care for. This is another one I had to take from the Traveling Tea Box at the last minute! Sorry guys!

It smells like creamy strawberries…almost like a smoothie of sorts!

It’s not tart but it’s slightly sweet. The Green tea has a smoother taste and the strawberry isn’t overpowering and it doesn’t stomp on the green tea base all that much. This is a goodie!

Song pair: Stardust Woman – Fleetwood Mac

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For some reason I thought I already tried this but now I am 2nd guessing myself!

It smells like Mango and green tea.I can see the Jasmine in it tho.

This ‘brews’ very light…almost like a pale green or even a ‘white’ type tea. by the look of the post-infused liquor I wouldn’t know it had black tea in the base at all…that’s how light in color it is.After infusing I can now smell mango and jasmine.

It has a very light flavor – which is good in this case – I was afraid it was going to have all sorts of conflicting flavors but it doesn’t. It’s gentle in just about every way. The Jasmine is the first flavor then the mango. There are other fruit flavors that are being hinted at but they aren’t as identifiable. This is way better than I thought it would be!

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While trying to get the Traveling Tea Box prepared for send-off Monday or Tuesday I found myself having to take more out because it wouldn’t all fit – and if you have received a package from me – you know I jam-pack ’em!

Anyways – here is one I had to take out – there really wasn’t much left regardless – but this smells awesome and tastes pretty dandy, too!

It’s a creamy-sweet blueberry – not tart! It also has a ‘pie’ sort of a ‘feel’ to it, I suppose! Yes…this is really LOVELY!

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I’ve been wanting to start watching Downton Abbey for a while and still haven’t. All I know is – this specialty blend smells AWESOME!!!!Creamy Chocolate Whiskey? YES PLEASE!

I’m so grateful to be sipping on this! I’m so excited to have received a package in the mail today!

The post-infusion color of this tea is a bit lighter in color than I thought it would be. It’s a orange-ish brown about medium in color. The black tea base is a gentle medium flavor, too. It doesn’t taste like cream, persay, but it has a creamy texture. If you have every had those chocolate covered whiskey shots (candies) before that is what this tastes like. It’s pretty awesome, I must say! Very yummy! I am going to send the rest to Liberteas and Azzrian for our Sororitea Sisters Site!


oh man..i didn’t know such a thing exists! i so need to get some of this now..i love me some downton abbey :)


Hiya! Just sent you a PM, btw!


…you need to watch downton abbey. it’s really great though it takes maybe 1-2 episodes to start to really get attached to them…much like a lot of bbc shows i find heh


Didn’t take 1-2 episodes for me … Maggie Smith had me at “Carson!” ;)



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Still brisk and bitter. Hardcore. See previous notes…backlogging from this morning

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Well this is nice! Nice even-steven green tea base – a bit on the sweeter side. There is a nice drier yet flat bubbly type champagne taste but the strawberry is a bit weak. Not bad tho!

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Sampled a little bit of this today – it was pretty good. Just a hint of black pepper taste – or perhaps – smoke? Very faint, tho, regardless.

Interesting thing happened to me on my lunch walk today. Got chased by a duck! Posted them on instagram. LOL


oooh, what’s your instagram nick? (I am ozliotters, but I spam a lot.)


Haha. That sounds crazy!


RUUUUUUUUNNN!!!!! I bought a pillow for my best friend once that read, “Raising children is like being pecked to death by a duck.” LOL! She has always had a thing for ducks and was having twin boys, so I thought it was appropriate. ;)

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Incredibly creamy matcha! Lovely Cherry Blossom addition! A very unique and flavorful yet natural matcha offering. A pure delight! This matcha froths extremely nice, too! Two thumbs up!

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