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LiberTEAS sent this my way the last time she sent me a box of goodies! She told me this was going to be good and it IS…Woot!!!

This is black tea and coconut tasting indeed. It’s fairly creamy and YES you can taste the coconut more the more it cools for a few mins. When’s it super hot there is a cookie-likeness but it seems to fade as it cools and is replaced with more coconut taste!

Neat tea.

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I want to thank LiberTEAS for sending this one my way! Thanks, girl!!! :)

This isn’t much for scent but the color is a nice medium-dark brown with reddish hues. This is a solid black tea. A great ‘go-to’ or one to have in anyone’s tea cabinet…if you like black tea.

It’s a good medium strength with a tad of a peppery taste trying to hide in there as well!

Thumbs up!

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drank Chai Chi by Compass Teas
6768 tasting notes

Well, I randomly grabbed 2 teas from my ‘new pile’ and they were both flavored Rooibos…I need some Black tea this morning FIRST…so the 3rd one I grabbed was this little gem. It had both. The best of both worlds!? Well, let’s see…

Post infusion aroma smells like Rooibos, Black Tea, a little Spice…and even a little vanilla – eventho it doesn’t say in the ingredients that there is any vanilla in here but that is what I am sniffing…hum….anyhow…

The rooibos gives a natural sweetness to the black tea and it works out very nicely. The spice isn’t overly spicy and I really like that about this blend! The more I sip the more I like. This is very comforting and pleasant. This is a tasty tea, indeed!

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drank Blue Eyes by McNulty's
6768 tasting notes

I wasn’t sure if I would like this – I makes me do the ole pucker face when hot but cold this is nice. The Rhubarb and cream is what make it…I wish it was a little less on the hibiscus and rosehips…still fairly good tho

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The dry leaf mixture smells JUST LIKE York Peppermint Patties!!!!!!!! Woooooo! Post Infusion smells like Black Tea, Peppermint, Cream. This ‘brews up’ quick and dark! This tastes like black tea, mint, and vanilla. Altho I must say I LOVE the out-of the-bag aroma better than the actual taste…the taste isn’t bad either! Actually the more I sip the more I like.

Might tried ICED and might try some of other experiments! :P


Oooooo, York Peppermint Patties! That sounds good!


Hmmm this may need to be added to the shopping list…..

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Post infusion this is a very weird grey-ish brown color…almost like muddy or cloudy water…a water puddle…

I was afraid because of the hibiscus….but there’s isn’t too much in there, thankfully.

I think it’s more floral tasting with a fruity-sweet sidekick more than anything. It’s a more mellow tasting Compass Tea – pretty pleasant overall. I must say this one was a nice surprise. I don’t know if I would buy-out-the stock if I were to see it on a shelf – but I would suggest trying it if you were given the opportunity!


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This is every bit of Coconut and Pineapple flavored black tea. Thumbs up for creativity and pulling it off. It smells great and it pretty tastes good too.

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drank Red Robe by thepuriTea
6768 tasting notes

I’m surprised I am the first to log this one, too!

Dry leaves somewhat smell like Cocoa. Yum.
Post infusion liquid smell is slightly smokey or maybe roasted would be a better fit. Almost like roasted pumpkin seeds, perhaps.

It tastes roasted and a bit like nuts or seeds. I will agree that the end of the sip and after taste are sweet…this amazes me! It’s like a HAPPY ENDING tea. YAY!


i may need to have my red robe tomorrow!


I gave it a few extra points for complexity…

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

This one has me intrigued. Looks like I have another to add to my shopping list. Although, I did buy some new tea from Tea Gschwendner, it is Cream and Nut Brittle. Just sounded interesting.


Rachel – THAT sounds interesting, too!

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Thanks LiberTEAS!

In water it looked like matcha – plain and simple…
The dry leaves were silky soft.

Vegetal aroma and taste. Yet fairly sweet considering.
Pretty good!

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This smells AWESOME!!!!!

The green rooibos tones down the overall blueberry taste and it brings it to a happy medium almost. This is very satisfying! I am going to share this with a few of you as well…so those I am gathering Mystery Packages for…keep an eye out!

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