6768 Tasting Notes


2nd infusion:

I HAD to note this separately with my findings! Hotter temp and 2nd infusion this morphs! I love it when a tea morphs especially when it’s the 2nd infusion and more importantly when it’s a black tea!

the post-infused liquor is MUCH darker! Much more like a black tea base I was expecting. The sugar notes are still present even tho the actual crystals ‘melted’ in the first attempt! The Lemon MAY BE a bit more in the forefront than the raspberry but they are still at a nice level of flavor and seem to be even more juicer this time around.

I’m upping the rating on this one because I’m overjoyed at this 2nd infusion being the way it is!

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drank Maple Sugar by TeaLeafs
6768 tasting notes

Another backlog while I finish up another cuppa from TFAR – yeah-BOI!

I bought this Maple Sugar one because I have had a few Maple Sugars that I have liked in the past and wanted to try theirs. It was different than the others I have tried. I think, maybe, a little less maple sugar, persay, and more brittle and/or cocoa but I wouldn’t call it a chocolate taste just a different taste. Over all I do like it but it’s different than I expected. It also has peppercorns, so that could be a big difference, too!

BUT…still a good offering from this company! Kudos on that!

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Dry – this smells like a crispy, crumby – bakey type cookie with a spec of Raspberry. Once infused – it smells like raspberry and lemon with a little bit of sugar.

For a black tea base this is lighter in color – that of a lighter brown. It’s fairly golden, too!

YUM! This is delicious! Tea For All Reasons sure knows how to blend ’em! Awesome!

This is creamy and smooth but also has gentle black tea base with ‘just right’ flavors walking hand-in-hand. Raspberry and lemon work awesomely well with each other creating a truly unique flavor! I’m totally loving this flavor combo, folks!

The Diamonds – or the ‘sugar crystals’ are a neat touch, too! It brings a little bit of sweetness to the overall flavor but doesn’t engulf it if you know what I mean!

Yet another winner from this great company!

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drank Fig Formosa by TeaLeafs
6768 tasting notes

Another Backlog – BUT – I will remember this one until the day I die!
I LOVE it that much!

It’s truly amazing! It had me at ‘hello’ and at first sip! It’s smells AMAZING!!!!

I cannot express how much I LOVE this tea! It is a flavored oolong, a flavored formosa. It’s WONDERFUL!!!

It’s sweet, plump, luscious FIG with natural sugary notes. It’s perfect as-is hot or cold but the first time I tried this was with my husband as an ICED tea and he always has to have sugar/sweetener in it and we were splitting it…so…I added agave and rock sugar and it took incredibly well to it. It didn’t change the awesomeness at all and accompanied it well! My husband doesn’t generally drink oolongs because he doesn’t understand them and he absolutely LOVED this one!

I can’t find anything wrong with this. I MUST give it a 100! It would be one I should have bought more of right away and certainly will the next time I visit! THIS…is a household favorite!

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

Wishlisted ! I love figs !

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I would like to apologize to Jillian for not tasting and logged sooner! WOWZA! I have had this one for a while and just realized it! Eeek!

This smells like a ‘dusty’ green tea with blueberry.

It has a creamy green tea flavor with a hint of flower and blueberry that are quite faint but welcomed! This isn’t too shabby!

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You can tell that this oolong is deeply roasted by looked at the color of the leaves that are tightly-rolled. It may be the darkest I have seen thus far! Once infused the aroma really magnifies! It has a charcoal and mushroomy type aroma paired with a cross between an oolong and a green.

The flavor of this is very clean for a roasted/toasted oolong. It has a deep and rich flavor. It’s a bit charcoally but also a little reminiscent of cocoa, too. This is very unusual but in a fascinating way!

Totally YUMMY and totally unique! EXCELLENT craftsmanship!

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I REALLY wish the Steepster Gurus would add PURPLE Teas as an option for Tea Bases as they are becoming more and more popular now! Right now we have it just listed under ‘teas’.

Some of the purple teas I tried at first were REALLY WOODSY tasting. This one is REALLY REALLY appealing! It has a good amount of wood flavor but it also has other flavors popping in and out, too! It’s more complex than the other purple teas I have tried. It’s semi-sweet, semi-vegetal, but creamy and woodsy, too! YUM!

The post-infusion color is neat! It’s a light-brown/grey/purple color combo! Very unique!

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Another Backlog but tasting notes of sorts as well as bringing a new tea to Steepster! Again, from TeaLeafs in Williamsville, NY. I was unable to find the ‘button’ for new ‘places’ reviews – not sure what happened, oh well.

This is a darling flavored white tea. The white tea base is excellent. The vanilla is ‘just right’ and so is the grapefruit. I remember having the one that H&S offers but I really think this is superior!

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Take a moment to click on this tea and look at the product description – straight from the company!

It’s in remembrance of those lost at sea from the Titanic. The symbolism of the ingredients are clever and touching.

The black tea base is of medium strength but also reminiscent of Ice(d) Wine without being overly flavored. The Sugar Crystals are amazing and to the eye look like it would morph the flavor of this tea to overly-sweet and sugary but it doesn’t…it’s perfectly done! The Cornflower Blossoms add a nice color to the overall look and feel but also contribute a perfumy type flavor to it and maybe even a bit of creaminess to the taste on the tongue.

I really love everything about this one! Nice job Tea For All Reasons!


stop making me want teas from these guys! lol


BUT WAIT! There’s more! lol
I hope you plan on being on here all day cuz I got LOTS on tap, chickadee!


hahaha i’ll try to get a few up today as well..working from home has not been as tea productive as i hoped it would be. though the reserve from verdant i’m sipping on has been nice.

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This is a backlog but also some tasting notes, too!
A while back I visited one of my many hometowns – the suburbs of Buffalo, really! Williamsville, NY. I came across a lovely tea shop called TeaLeafs. I cannot say enough about this tea shop and will be doing a review on steepster about it shortly.

Anyhow…more about this specific tea…

Eventho it isn’t the very best Buckingham Palace tea that I have had it’s still pretty darned good! It smells very nice and it does brew up nicely! I think the green tea that is blended with it is a bit more than others that have the pronounced black tea-only base. I do like the difference but I also like my stronger black tea base, too!

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