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This is one of the Fall Collection teas I was so excited to try! Spice cake in a tea? Sign me up! I was sorely disappointed by this one though. It tastes like grain, the kind you feed to horses. It even smells like horse feed! I just barely got through the first cup. I made some more a few weeks ago, intent on finishing the little bit that I had. I oversteeped it and added some sugar. Definitely got more spicy heat, but the rest was much the same. This is a very flat tea that doesn’t deliver on its spice cake promises.

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Story time:

I took my friend to Teavana (only local tea shop that was open after work) to get her an infuser and some tea of her choice. She’s just gotten into tea and I wanted to further the interest.

We go in and spend a lot of time looking at the tea ware and cups. She selects an infuser she likes and we go up to the counter to check out some tea. There’s a salesgirl and a new employee being trained. I asked the salesgirl what the minimum purchase was and she told me 2 ounces. The trainee shows us about five different kinds of tea and my friend and I choose three that we’d like to take home.

“I’d like a half ounce of these two and an ounce of this one,” I tell the salesgirl who’s ringing us out.

“The minimum,” she informs me, condescension dripping from her words, “is two ounces per tea.”

So I bought my friend two ounces of this, the tea she had picked out, and left the other teas on the counter. Maybe I’ll go back at some point and have them in a to go cup.

This is a tea that is good hot or cold. We tried it first hot, and it was very melony and sweet, even without sugar. A very nice, light after dinner tea. As the cup cooled, more of the mint came out and complemented the melon flavors nicely. Cold steeped this tea is minty and fruity and refreshing in a bracing way. I like it better hot.

It steeps well – not the persnickity nightmare that is Strawberry Rose Champagne/Peach Tranquility. It also resteeps well … once. Anything more than that yields vaguely pink water with no flavor.

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Another one from my trip to Davids in NYC. This one was love at first smell – it smells like fresh fruit straight from the garden, earthy and sweet. It’s a perfect breakfast tea – just steep and throw it in a travel mug! It tastes lightly fruity and the puerh base lends a heftiness to this tea. A very nice blend that I am definitely going to need more of!

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drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
446 tasting notes

This is hands down my favorite tea. I love the smell of the dry leaves -heavy citrus with a creamy finish. I love the color of the brewed tea – green and gold mixed together. And, finally, I love the taste. It tastes exactly like lime ice cream! I was shocked and impressed. After trying other dessert teas that didn’t live up to their delicious sounding names, this one was a real winner for me.

I even shared some with my coffee-loving friend and she fell in love! We placed a joint DAVIDsTEA order and made sure that we each got a bag of this. Absolutely splendid!

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drank Mint Julep by DAVIDsTEA
446 tasting notes

I picked up some of this when I was in NYC on my first visit to a DAVIDsTEA! What an awesome experience! The staff was friendly and helpful and I walked out wishing I’d bought more tea!

I had had a lime tea before and wanted something similar to enjoy at home. It was between this and Lime Gelato … and I ended up buying an ounce of this on smell alone.

I got it home and brewed up a cup … only to be disappointed. The mint was good, but the other flavors in the tea really threw me for a loop. There was minimal fruity goodness, mint on top, and a weird aftertaste I couldn’t place. I relegated this one to the back of my tea cupboard until a friend came to visit and expressed interest in trying it.

I brewed up two cups using my new electric kettle (previously, I was stuck using a low powered microwave and measuring cup) and WOW! Proper brewing temperature changes everything! It was lightly sweet, minty, with just a hint of fruit. Delicious!

Overall, this isn’t one I’d buy again, but it is one that I would happily accept if offered!

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This is the first loose leaf tea I ever purchased. I went into Teavana looking for a teapot — something small that I could use with loose and bagged tea. I came out with a nice ceramic teapot and four ounces of this tea.

I had tried a sample in store, at the salesgirl’s urging and was instantly in love with it. It was sweet and fruity and more satisfying than cookies — I had to have some. When I got home, I brewed it according to the package directions and …

Water. Barely pink, hot water.

I called the store and asked what I was doing wrong. I was told to use 3 tbs for my 20oz teapot. I upped the amount of tea I was using (not by that much, though!) and tried again. Still water.

Desperate, I upped the steeping time from the recommended 3 minutes to about 10 minutes. Finally, the color of the tea matched what I’d seen in the store! I added some agave honey and finally had something similar to what I’d been served in store.

Overall, this tea was diasppointing. The fruit flavors are weak and it’s incredibly difficult (for me, anyway) to brew this so it tastes good. This is one tea I’ll be happy to use the last of.

190 °F / 87 °C 8 min or more

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I became interested in tea spring 2013, when some friends of mine brought me to a local tea shop. I’ve been experimenting since, and am absolutely in love! I am especially fond of blended teas, and I’m a sucker for gimicky flavors.

My cupboard is stocked with a lot of DAVIDsTEA at the present, although I do have a few teas from some local shops. I’m looking forward to branching out and trying teas from different vendors and shops. Let the journey begin!

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