139 Tasting Notes


Wow, what an aroma! Like freshly squeezed oranges!
Tastes just a bit less orange-y but still good.

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drank Mayan Chocolate Puerh by 52teas
139 tasting notes

I’ve never had tea with cayenne pepper in it, so I was pretty knocked out by the sharpness of this tea. It’s a very odd taste. Or maybe it’s best called a sensation, rather than a taste. I’m sort of ambivalent about it right now. It wasn’t good, yet at the same time it wasn’t bad either. It’s such an odd, exceptional taste that I think I’m going to need another cup of this before I can consider it seriously.

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WAY too much hibiscus. Overwhelming.
I can’t even finish the cup.

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I got this the from a recent swap with Angrboda. This is a wonderful example of why swaps are so much fun, because I get to sample teas that I would never purchase on my own.

I never purchase fruity teas, because chances are I won’t like them. Maybe because so often the blenders can’t resist putting hibiscus into fruity teas, and I can’t stand hibiscus. Or maybe it’s just the cloying over-sweetness of them.

At any rate, I found this tea surprisingly good (and it doesn’t have hibiscus in it). I usually drink my tea with no sweeteners, so for me the first infusion was a slightly too sweet. The second infusion was perfect. The black (not sure which black) held up very nicely for a the second infusion, which I don’t usually find with black teas, and the strawberry was sweet, but not overly.

I’m thinking this would probably be very good iced too. Maybe I’ll put the rest of the sample in a little pot, iced, for tomorrow.

Winter Salo

wow that is unusual to have a strawberry tea without hibiscus – sounds like a really lovely tea.


Agree with Winter Salo, this sounds like the perfect fruit tea for the hibiscus-phobic me!


There is no danger of getting anything hibiscus-y from me, it’s horrid stuff! Tastes like blood. :) Funny that a non-hibiscus-y strawberry black strikes so many of you as unusual. In Denmark it’s a fairly common tea flavour. :)

As for the base, the danish version of AC Perchs’ website is slightly more informative, and apparently it’s a Keemun. :)

I’m glad the package arrived safely and that you feel you had a good swapping experience. :)


The local Israeli tea company (Wissotzky) makes some decent plain black bagged tea. However almost every one of their fruit herbals and fruit blacks has hibiscus in it. One day I had a craving for blood orange tea and I got a box of their bagged kind. There was much hibiscus in it that they might have been more accurate and called it hibiscus tea instead of blood orange. I couldn’t drink it.

The package arrived and is great :) I sometimes feel that I get stuck in a certain spot of drinking only the kinds of teas that I am used to and know I like. It is therefore a refreshing surprise to find nice teas that I would not have tried otherwise..

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I have no idea what cucumber in tea taste like, so I’m not sure if what I’m tasting is cucumber-ish. I do know that the white base is delicate and delicious, the strawberry is sweet and aromatic, and there IS something there, toning down the tartness a little. Is that the cucumber?

And the fusion of these flavors makes this tea very yummy!

Winter Salo

What a unique tea… it’d be interesting if you could find another cucumber infused tea to see how cucumber plays differently. I’d imagine it’d be a good afternoon tea with some cucumber sandwiches on the side ;)


I doubt there are many cucumber teas to be found. However now you have piqued my interest, and I’m going to see if there are any.

Winter Salo

Let’s know how you go, I’m really interested now! :)

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My past experience with green rooibos hasn’t been so good. I adore red rooibos, but the green…well, the green never tasted nearly as good. In spite of all that, I have been wanting to try this tea fora long while, mostly because it has gotten such good reviews and after all, it IS still rooibos.
I admit I expected not to like this, as I have not liked the other green rooibos teas I’ve tried in the past.

I was not prepared to LOVE this tea. Wow this is good! I have no idea what plantain tastes like, but this tea has a banana flavor that is noticeable but gentle. The coconut is not so prominent, but a hint of flavor mixed with the green rooibos base.

Green rooibos has been redeemed :)

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This smells smokey, but doesn’t taste very smokey. Actually, it’s sweet.
Without a doubt, this is my favorite of the samples I received from China Cha Dao.
I think I’m going to be needing more of this.

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This smells intoxicating – walnuts and spices. The taste is the same, but with an added sweetness that makes it more cake-y. DELICIOUS!

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I’m on my third infusion of this and it is wonderful. The smokiness is gone and it is gentle and sweet, with that characteristic oolong-y taste.

190 °F / 87 °C

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