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Beautiful green leaf. I can definitely see a Japanese noble sitting on a tatami mat and drinking this. It becomes bitter quite quick. So after a minute taste often. Predominantly grassy with slight marine flavors.

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A pleasant surprise. I thought for sure it was going to be artificial tasting but this actually tastes like real blueberries! The jasmine is on the light side of flavors, which I find rather odd considering jasmine usually like to make its self known. Had to cold steep this one. I’m wondering if the jasmine would come out more if its hot.


I actually remember the jasmine being really strong in this one! Interesting how different brewing methods affect the taste.

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Had to cold steep… I have a microwave but only Styrofoam cups. I don’t like citrus teas so I dont know what made me want to try this one. Might be good with some rum in it. Its good. Smooth. With a bit of orange zing. Just not my cuppa.

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As a genmaicha lover I had to try this. I’m pleasantly surprised. Not too sweet and good genmaicha base. It’s not something I could see myself drinking daily but maybe once in awhile

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Reminds me of the tea they serve in some of the restaurants we ate at in Japan. Mainly vegetal flavors with grassy hints in the aftertaste. Seems like it’s a very delicate leaf as there are many broken ones in the bag. I’m not going to put in a rating. Simply because its not a terrible tea but its also not one that will stick in my memory. Just a run of the mill flavor in my opinion.

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I thought my water was hot but it was just luke warm. Also I must confess that I always add honey to jasmine teas. So my taste compared to others will be a bit different. This is a good jasmine. Light like most whites. I love how the honey and jasmine meld and become great combination. The dry scent is also floral and relaxing.

Flavors: Jasmine

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As soon as I smelled this tea I knew I had to try it. It’s that mineral, very slightly grassy and floral notes that really hit the nose and make you go… yup have to try that. It has such a pure and airy flavor. Mineral notes are what I pick up on first; especially the more you steep it. Definitely buttery with an aftertaste for fresh cut flowers.

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The essence of this tea was so unique that I had to try it. I can imagine some monks up in the Himalayas concocting this tea. It’s slightly flowery. A hint of sweetness. Woodsy, black base is pretty much covered up by all the flavors mixing in the cup. Gorgeous amber color. Whoa weird! Banana!!! It went from sweet and flowery to banana and slightly bitter. This is a weird tea! Holy smokes.

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What a fragrance! The dry smell is so sweet. Almost like root beer. You really cannot let this one steep too long or it becomes bitter fast. Oddly enough the first flavor to hit your mouth is not vanilla. It hits more in the aftertaste. Also I found it better if brewed at a slightly cooler temp. Not the best vanilla tea I’ve had but not terrible. Not something I would drink again.
From the Here’s hoping TTB

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Mineral and grassy. Smooth going down. I quite enjoy this one. Though I don’t quite find as many floral notes as I thought I would.

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Stay at home mom of two kids. I’ve been drinking tea for quite awhile but figured now that my studies don’t have to reside on my job I can study up on tea. There is so much to learn!

Lately my tastes have been leaning toward unflavored blacks like Big Red Robe and Amba Thieves. I have a special place in my heart for greens though; especially Genmaicha.

I am a tea consultant for Tea Queens and Steeped Tea but I’m not good at pushing sales or home parties… But I do love to talk tea so if you have questions I would love to talk tea!





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