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i had a break through yesterday. get ready for this…. i realized i don’t like chamomile!

i always thought it was the other ingredients that i didn’t like, but this tea is so mild and unoffensive i was surprised that i could feel so adverse to it. and then it dawned on me! i have two chamomile based teas in my collection, both very different, and i don’t like either. like, i want to throw them away don’t like them. (don’t worry i won’t do that really, i’ll give them to my sister instead.)

point is, this is a valuable lesson. chamomile tastes like old soapy grass and i do not like it.


Chamomile is revolting! : )


haha omg thanks for backing me up! it help me feel a little less crazy yo.

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this tea is delicious. with a name like strawberry shortcake how could it NOT be.
it has caffeine, but i’ve been drinking coffee again for the first time in probably a year, so i can enjoy this tea with no guilt. in fact it will help me ween off caffeine again :)
this tea is warm and inviting and smells sweet and amazing. because of the candy pieces in it it’s also slightly sweet on the tongue. but not too sweet. it tastes real. and smells real. and i want more.
(this was a Davids Tea mail order sample.)

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drank Perfect Pear by DAVIDsTEA
783 tasting notes

my 20th tea!
i remember placing my very first DavidsTea order last summer.
i would clumsily brew this and my other new exotic teas in various cups throughout the kitchen, then let it cool, and gulp it down super quick. i was trying out steeping methods and cup sizes and various utensils and it was all kinda confusing to me at first. ah the beauty of innocence.

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
783 tasting notes

ICED. umm actually a bad idea. i won’t ever ice this again. i even had to re-strain it today cuz there was some strange residue in it. it was an experiment. i’ll drink what i have, but i really won’t ice this again.

i think i’m gonna take the sprinkles out of this tea next time i drink it.

seriously, birthday cake tea with 90% less sprinkles is 100% better. and still smells like cake!


Tea is about adventures! You’d never know unless you tried it, and now others can benefit from your experimenting. ;)

Daisy Chubb

I coldbrew this one so the sprinkles don’t melt! :3


I am not a fan of sprinkles in tea. They’re icky. (Actually, I don’t like sprinkles period.)

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drank Daydreamer by DAVIDsTEA
783 tasting notes

another sample that i drank as i was learning about tea.
i would just drink whatever.
and enjoy myself and steep things poorly and be confused and just keep drinking.
jumping in. jumping in.

Sleater-Kinney – Jumpers
Lonely as a cloud In the Golden State
“The coldest winter that I ever saw Was the summer that I spent…”

first drank May 28, 2012.
04/29/2013 added note.

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drank Strawberry Ginger by DAVIDsTEA
783 tasting notes

hahaha it’s hilarious the amount of herbal teas with hibiscus in them that i never wrote notes for.

i would like to try this one again someday hopefully. i bet i would like it much more now.

first drank 05/28/2012.

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one of the first loose leaf teas i ever bought. (this post is actually from 11 months ago). and it’s amazing i even kept drinking tea to be honest. rostov’s is the worst. there’s never been a single tea of theirs i liked. some i’ve even thrown out. if you ever come to Richmond please heed my warning!

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one of my favorites. it makes me feel like there are things in my past i need to remember.

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drank Paradise Found by DAVIDsTEA
783 tasting notes

first ingredient – hibiscus.
i was a tea newb and this was a sample.
here is a song about squirrels. kinda.
kinda about squirrels.

“Albini himself commented that this song is about a guy who wants to isolate himself from the world, so he tries to generate electrical power using squirrels. However, his efforts backfire and his life is overcome by these thousands of squirrels and they become the main purpose of his existence, totally defeating the purpose in the end.”

Shellac – Squirrel Song

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i have 2 hamsters named Bauhaus and Danzig.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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