Tasting this along with other white teas from Verdant and the same family. I found this one to stand out with having a bit of an astringent grip that adds a welcomed dimension and core to the body. In terms of flavors, I am not an expert with white tea, so they all present a similar flavor profile: primarily floral with some minerality and initial sour notes. I also get perfume notes in this one. Gorgeous honey color. I should revisit white tea in general when I become more expert in tasting, but for now am happier with pu-erh, both raw and ripe. I will add that after drinking about six small cups of the three white teas back to back I was feeling a pretty funny/humorous buzz, and I’m not sure if that is attributable to just one of the teas or the combination.

5 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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I am new to tasting, so I am adjusting my ratings of each tea to accommodate my new experiences and learning.

But overall this is my logic:

95+ are teas I want to have on hand and buy again. I am willing to save my money for them (within reason) and measure out every last 10th of a gram.

90-94 are teas that I highly praise and recommend, but they are not ones that I prioritize to buy again and have on hand.

80-89 are teas that I am thankful for trying, but I would rather save my money if necessary to buy a 95+ tea.

If I do not rate a tea, it means I feel bad about giving a score of 79 or less and would prefer the community and experts weigh in with their math.

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