The Merry Monk Edit

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Type Tea Shop
Serves Loose-leaf
Food Snacks, Pastries
Features Tastings, Afternoon tea
Mon Sat 10:00 AM 7:30 PM
Sunday Closed

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Photo submitted by Ysaurella

1 Review

The Merry Monk in Paris, Paris
Ysaurella rated this place
and said Edit

This tea shop was very next my office -Unfortunately we moved !!!
I’ll come back anyway because the 2 ladies are absolutely charming and cheerful with any client and very helpful in discovering new teas.

They are paying a very nice attention to our taste and provide good advices & suggestions.

You can buy a huge variety of loose leaf teas (8 tea brands and probably more than 200 teas)
You can drink a tea in shop or on the terrace along with a home made pastry.I never taste neither tea nor pastry on site so I’ll have to come back for sure !

however you’ll find great tea accessories here (tea pot especially and mugs, cups & tins)

A very good address, you’ll feel the place is hold by real tea lovers.