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Harrika's Brew Haus Edit

1 ratings
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Type Tea Shop
Style Other
Serves Loose-leaf, Bagged
Food Snacks
Features Tastings

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Photo submitted by Kiaharii

1 Review

Harrika's Brew Haus in Cedar Point, North Carolina
Kiaharii rated this place
and said Edit

Harrika’s has a whole lot of beer, but they also have a good bit of tea. I’m rating this for the tea aspect.

They sell a small selection from Harney & Sons and Art of Tea. There are tins in two shelves/cupboards. They also sell some Harney & Sons in bags, both single servings and in boxes. There are a number of tea accessories as well. It’s kind of self serve from the tins, which is nice in a way. They are pre-measured bags inside or you can ask to have a specific amount. One downside is I had no idea how long any of the teas had been there, but I’m sure that is an issue at other places. I wish they had something other than plastic bags for tea because one particularly smelly one kind of contaminated some others. A cool place nonetheless.