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This is one of my favorite selections from this brand of loose leaf tea. I always forget it is a rooibos, as it is pretty much undetectable to me. There is a natural creaminess that comes from the coconut and a peppery aftertaste that is quite pleasant and surprising all at once. I find the almond has an amaretto quality and pairs nicely with the coconut. I really notice the ginger more in the spicy smell rather than the taste, but it is more evident in the warming sensation after you drink it. It settles the stomach quite nicely. I can re-steep this tea about 3x, which is also a bonus. I really enjoy mixing this with a white tea from Teavana called Spice of Life.

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This smells really good right out of the canister, much like one of my favorite candies, which are old-fashioned sour gummy peaches. So of course, this gave me cause for excitement! I found while brewing it almost had a “perfumy” quality, but it was not unpleasant. The flavor, however, was a bit of a let down and actually is pretty artificial in taste. I was expecting something more sweet and fruity/juicy. The main note is candied peach w/ a hint of candied ginger that is not overpowering. A great flavor concept, but it left something to be desired. It is a bit better sweetened, and two bags are needed if using a large mug. I will finish my stash, but won’t re-buy.

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Imagine carrying the sweet smell of warmed cinnamon sugared almonds in a happy cone cup, while galavanting through a Renaissance Fair, letting your mind drift off to a far off and different time in history….It makes me want to watch Game of Thrones oddly enough.

So yeah, it can be quite a special thing, to smell something that brings you back to memories that bring happy thoughts, as the Renaissance Fair is one of my favorite summer time expeditions. I was head over heals at first sniff, and I felt like the taste couldn’t possibly measure up to the glorious smell. I was so delighted upon the realization that this taste exactly as it smells! My only complaint is I had to brew a generous amount to get the full flavor and it does have a slightly artificial aftertaste. It’s best if steeped for longer than recommended as well (12 min. was good). All in all, this is the ultimate dessert tea, and shines even more w/ your milk and sweetener of choice.
I haven’t had the chance to try David’s Tea, Forever Nuts, to compare the two, but will have a go at that next. I was happy to hear that I have an alternative, as apparently Teavana’s version is only available in the Fall.

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This tea took me by quite a surprise. I find Republic of Teas rooibos varieties to be hit or miss (I’m looking at you Red Velvet Chocolate), and at first taste I thought this was a miss as I tasted mostly rooibos. I gave it a second chance and realized I hadn’t steeped it in hot enough water initially (almost boiling is best to bring out the vanilla). I now find this tea to be oddly addictive, and even think I prefer it to one of my fave vanilla flavored teas-ROT Vanilla Almond. It tastes as if you are sipping on vanilla pods with a slight earthiness from the rooibos, and I find it leaves me feeling all cozy and calm. What’s better than that? It leaves a very pleasant aftertaste on the tongue that is almost creamy in it’s sweetness. This tea is excellent both plain and as a tea latte, but either way I find it best steeped for 10+ minutes if you enjoy a strong vanilla flavor.

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This was formerly known as Good Earth Original Decaf, and now is called Sweet and Spicy Decaf. It is also available in an organic version. This tea is an old time favorite of mine in the fall and winter season to enjoy at night. It is magnificently warming in it’s perfect balance of being both spicy and sweet, and is much like red chai. It actually warms up my chest, and is so pleasantly sweet that there is no need to add anything to it. I detect mostly cinnamon and orange with a mellow ginger zing. It doesn’t need to be steeped more than a few minutes to get a very full robust flavor. I find Celestial Seasonings “Bengal Spice” to be quite close to this flavor, but I favor Good Earth a bit more.

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I have been looking for teas to enjoy at night time, and therefore I choose this decaf version of Vanilla Almond. I tend to love both nutty and vanilla flavors and therefore had high hopes. I detected a strong cherry almond smell at first dry sniff, and then while steeping it mellows out to a rounded vanilla/almond essence both in smell and taste. I find adding a bit of soy milk made it more dessert-like and brought out the cherry undertones. I really enjoyed this tea as it has a very natural taste and I find the aroma to be so relaxing. I would def re-buy this when I run out.

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