A review of The European Jasmine Tea by Suntory

Company: Suntory
Tea Name: The European Jasmine Tea
Tea Type/Varietal: green
Region: Japan
Steeping Vessel/Amt. Leaf: soft drink
Liquor Color: golden amber—-light cinnamon
Leaf Characteristics: When I opened the tea bottle which had been in the refrigerator for many days there was not that pungent jasmine scent as I was very surprised since expecting of this.

I poured the tea in my cup and decided to have this with my evening meal. I took several sips of the tea whilst eating and noted the dryness of my palette and the fragrant aroma of the jasmine as I swallow the tea, which by the way is astringent as well. No sweetener at all. Tea is coldly unappealing.

I was thinking to throw the remainder of it away but then thought to microwave it for a minute or two and see how that fares up. I inadvertently put it for two minutes and walked away to wash my hands and when the microwave beeped, I opened the door, reaching for the cup which was piping hot and burned my fingers. I was so very mad at myself for being so dumb and not careful enough. I have had a horrible day so the burning was to awaken me to my on-going demise. I am numb with pain and yet the burned finger was to un-numb the numbness, instead I am feeling that it only added to my foolishness and stupidity. I let others use me and it is tiresome; but only I see this or I don’t see.

Anyhow, tea when warmed for two minutes livens the aroma of the Jasmine plant to that wow…pew! I was expecting when I first opened the bottle and the taste is still very astringent but not as drying as when the tea was iced tea. That coldness/dry mouth dissipates a bit more-so as tea is warmed.
Would I purchase this again? No
Did you find the tea’s color to your liking? Yes
What of the tea’s aroma? As an Iced tea, the aroma is that of a dry white wine, that parch dryness effect from the jasmine plant as apposed to a tart, crisp apple.

This is good tea but not for this reviewer; her days with Jasmine are getting worse and worse since burning my fingers; I am taking this as a way to stay away from Jasmine; all things jasmine. I pray I remember this and don’t buy anything else.

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I like to drink tea less so than when I was aptly reviewing teas. I find that I like less and less of things as I age. I am a somber spirit who prays daily to not be at all. Thank you Steepster for all that you do to enrich tea drinkers.


Uxbridge, MA



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