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This is the final tea I tried of the DT summer collection, no Mango fruit punch this year as I tried it last year, oh and I tried Watermelon Mint this afternoon but didn’t pay enough attention to write a tasting note yet lol ( I was reading a good book haha), and I made this one tonight. It smells SO TROPICAL in the bag. Like, sooo good and juicy and fresh!

I steeped this for 4 mins with 185 degree water. In the scoop I put in the mug, it looked like there was actually quite a lot of white tea, although it was all chopped into bits and not much whole leaf at all. The tea smells tropical and mango/starfruit like when brewed, quite a delicious scent actually! As for the flavor, there definitely is white tea in my cup, it has that characteristic mild bitterness of a DavidsTea white tea base in a blend, probably because it was brewed for 4 minutes, in my opinion a long time to brew a white tea. But other than that, it’s juicy and sweet and tastes like starfruit with mango! Quite tasty, although I need to tweak my parameters to get rid of that bitter flavor from the white tea, maybe I’ll steep 2-3 minutes next time. Another one that I bet is awesome cold!

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Haha really this wasn’t added to my cupboard? I have had this kicking around since last summer and just finished it off this morning haha. It was a tea I waited all through the winter to drink, as it’s definitely not a wintery tea. The main flavors in it today were mint and lavender, and maybe a bit of orange. I just looked up the ingredients on Verdant’s page, completely forgot there was oolong in here, dandelion root, licorice root…they all blend so well that I can’t pick them out at all! It was a good run while it lasted, and this made for some good cold brews last summer, but it’s not a favorit eof mine, I have other minty teas that I prefer. Farewell light, minty tea. See previous notes :)

Flavors: Grass, Lavender, Mint, Orange

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drank Just Peachy by DAVIDsTEA
1135 tasting notes

Third new DT to try! This peachy tea had to wait until this morning for me to try it, because peaches yell morning time to me haha. Dry, it smells like peach candies, maybe those fuzzy peaches lol I love those things!

I steeped this for 5-6 minutes with boiling water. The resulting liquor looks to be a dull orange in color (didn’t use a clear mug, so it might be brighter) and it smells like tart yet sweet peaches. As for the flavor – yes, this is pretty much Peach Drink from Tim Hortons in tea format, and I’ll admit, I like that stuff haha that artificially sweet flavor it’s quite tasty in my opinion. It would be nice if this had more actual peach flavor rather than peach drink, but I really don’t mind it haha. It also has a tart note in the aftertaste that makes me think I just ate some Fuzzy Peaches. Mmmm haha :D I can imagine kids loving this iced, and I can’t wait to try it that way either! It’s sweet and refreshing and quite summery to me.

Overall, a yummy sweet tea, although not overly true fresh peach flavor. But I like it all the same, it is very summery and I could see myself picking up more of this in the future. Oh, and as compared to Peaches and Cream from the spring collection – this is a CLEAR winner. No weird artificial cream flavor that just tasted..off. Haha, this is fresh, sweet, tart, and good! So far I have been quite impressed with the summer collection!

Flavors: Peach, Sweet, Tart


I want to try this :)


It’s almost juice-like in character :D if you like sweet peach flavors, you will love this one :)

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Oops, another tea I am at the end of and haven’t written a note on! Well it was a tasty enough tea to finish relatively quickly haha so that says something! :D I believe this is the second rooibos that Verdant did, the Rooibos Tulsi is still my favorite of the two (possibly my favorite of all time) but this one was okay as well.

Usual steeping parameters were 1-2 minutes with boiling water. This blend is mostly cinnamon and rooibos to me, not much in the way of vanilla or orange, maybe they add to the richness of the blend. However I did find the rooibos a bit more woodsy and strong that I usually like, but at least it’s not a terrible flavor. The cinnamon and orange probably add to the warming qualities of this blend, as it really is a warm, cozy tea, a bit spicy and very comforting. There is a bit of creaminess present too.

Overall, a tasty little tea, although quite heavy on the rooibos flavor. Warm and comforting though, perfect for sipping while I watch the 5th Harry Potter movie for about the millionth time. :D it’s on TV tonight haha.

Flavors: Rooibos, Vanilla, Wood

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drank Hot Tropic by DAVIDsTEA
1135 tasting notes

Another new tea that I picked up today! I was excited to try this as Tropicalia was good last year but a bit watery in the coconut aspect. Excited to be trying a similar yet different tea to that one!

This smelled so coconutty and like Tropicalia dry. I steeped it for 5 minutes, trying it hot first, and the liquor is a light, slightly cloudy golden yellow. Smells tropical and coconut!

This is another win from DavidsTea! The coconut is rich and thick here, the vanilla might be helping bring out that aspect. It’s not too sweet but has a rather tangy flavor to it, fruity, not overly identifiable, but a fruit tang. Probably the mango, although I don’t get an overly recognizable mango note. I’m not sure if the other ingredients add much in the terms of individual flavors when brewed hot, but they are probably helping the overall blend taste as yummy as it does!

Overall, this is a great success hot. Lots of coconut and fruity tang, I think I prefer this to Tropicalia, although I had that tea wayy back last year haha, but I didn’t re-stock and hoard it so it can’t have been amazing. I am excited to try this cold, and the coconut is rich enough that it might make some nice summery cocktails and not be too weak of a base. A tasty coconut tea that definitely screams SUMMER! Now if only the weather would fully cooperate here and get above 20 degrees!

Flavors: Coconut, Fruity, Tangy

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drank Sangria by DAVIDsTEA
1135 tasting notes

Uh oh..I broke my long run of not buying more tea (except my monthly Verdant subscription) when I went to the mall today and decided I needed to check out the new summer collection and Hot Tropic. I was going to leave with only 25g of each and told the clerk that, but he gave me about 50g of each (so much tea) but on the bright side, I can now try them hot and iced, iced tea pitchers take up so much tea! So it was a happy mistake lol. And I also decided I needed a new Timolino, at least one to alternate with my old one, the old is so caked with tea grime I need to deep clean it before using it again, the new one is shiny and also blue (oolong blue). Overall a good day shopping!

Anyways, onto the tea, this is the first one I tried of the summer teas, well, except for the free sample of the mango one from last year that I got in the store. That one is okay but I had it last year, don’t need it again. So I decided to try this one first, as it smelled amazing in store, berry like with definite wine notes! My own bag is much stronger and smells much more boozy lol, maybe a bit chemical. But luckily it doesn’t taste like that!

I brewed it for 5 minutes, and yes I had it hot first. The resulting liquor was bright reddish pink, definitely hibiscus in this. But surprisingly, I really enjoyed the flavor! It is tart, yes, be forewarned – but there was enough sweetness that it actually worked quite nicely for my tastes. It was refreshing and sweet and although not as good as actual sangria, it was still an enjoyable beverage. There was a nice berry flavor present. I won’t compare this directly to alcoholic sangria anyways, it’s more of a nice fruity drink haha, and no wine headache after! :D although I am tempted to try adding some wine when I make this cold. I bet it would be awesome! Love the large strawberries in the blend, they make the dry leaf very pretty.

Overall, a good start to the summer collection this year. I drank the cup really fast lol, that’s why the note isn’t super descriptive. But so far, this one is a win for me, even with its tartness :)

Flavors: Strawberry, Sweet, Tart

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This is a backlog from this afternoon: My mom and great aunt came over for a visit and tea and after letting my great aunt smell various teas and telling her the different varieties I have, she said white teas are her favorite. I am also running low on white teas, so I took out this – my prized white tea. And I made 3 cups (one for each of us) Western style!! Haha, I was a bit apprehensive as it’s my fanciest white tea and didn’t know how it would turn out, but it seemed to be a success! Mom and my great aunt both steeped theirs longer than 2 minutes for more flavor as it is very delicate, but they both really enjoyed it! My great aunt said it tasted like coconut, so I am happy she found the delicious cream notes!

Overall, I came to this conclusion – yes, it’s my fanciest, most hoarded tea, but why hoard it? It’s a very good tea that I should drink and enjoy, and why not enjoy it with loved ones? I’m so happy I was able to share a prized tea with them and have a great tea experience :D it was awesome! So I now will try not to hoard teas for myself (lol that sounds selfish, oh dear), because everyone might as well experience them if they are given the opportunity! :) see previous notes on this tea!

Oh yeah, and my tea was awesome as usual – Western brewing definitely did not cut back on the flavor! Creamy, sweet, soft – a perfect white tea and a lovely afternoon with amazing people. <3


Bravo! Carpe tea-um! ( Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)


Haha good pun :)

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I have reached a sipdown of this lovely black tea on this fine Friday night. I think I steeped this for about 3 minutes tonight and it is packing a dark chocolate punch! Rich and decadent, and I definitely am getting a raisin flavor tonight! Maybe because I’ve been drinking Cocoa Goji Zhu Rong and it has strong raisin notes and the same base, so I might be associating this to the blend a bit. It is also malty and soft, smoothing out more as it cools. Mmm this is a tasty tea, and I would like to order a bit more of this one day. I had a bit of trouble with getting this base to taste as good as it does now last year, particularly in blends. However I think with the softer water here the flavor has improved immensely, and I might try blends with this in it again as well. Tasty tea, and sad to see it go! See previous notes on this tea :)

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So it snowed in my hometown and at my parents today lol. It’s a mere 3 degrees C here today, so out come more cozy teas! I am very close to finishing this one off, I keep saving a little bit to have one last hot toddy, and then don’t feel like making myself one lol. Maybe tonight! Anyways, having this just as tea at work today and it helped warm me up while it was warm, now it’s all cold but still flavorful. Citrusy and chocolatey, with the bergmaot noticeably present today, so it actually tastes quite EG-esque. Have to decide if I want a cozy rooibos or EGC this afternoon to ward off the cold. See previous notes on this tea!

ETA – now I really want just some plain Zhu Rong Yunnan Black. Le sigh. I should have brought that to work. Oh well, I can have it when I’m at home lol. Might be a black tea day..hopefully I don’t overcaffeinate!


Sorry, but doesn’t ETA mean “estimated time of arrival”? lol


“Edited to add”. :)


Thanks! ;-)



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It started storming this afternoon and this led into steady rain, again! Man we never get this much rain, the rain barrels are overflowing! Supposed to rain all day tomorrow too. So out come my cozy teas haha, I had EGC last night but tonight this one called out to me. Malty, lightly sweet, delicious. Warming and a bit heavy but like a soft flannel blanket heavy, not too much, just enough. This is such a good tea, and when I finally allow myself to order tea again, this will probably go on the Teavivre order. Loving this on this dreary night of completing online courses for work that I have procrastinated on for almost a year. #winning See previous notes on this tea!

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Hello all, I am an electrical engineer (read:NERD :D), who is a bit obsessed with tea! I discovered loose tea in 2011, DAVIDsTEA in 2012 and it took off from there. I really started drinking/enjoying tea because it was excellent to take to class in the morning and because I can’t handle coffee! (unless it’s a really good cappuccino or latte, or decent decaf haha)

I enjoy a variety of teas – current favorites being ripe and raw pu’erhs, chinese black teas and herbal/green rooibos blends. I also enjoy white, green, and oolong teas, although I tend to drink them more in the warmer months. I have also tried matcha and guayusa, but I don’t drink them too often as I am a bit sensitive to caffeine. As a result I don’t drink black teas as often as I used to, but in moderation I can still enjoy a wide variety of teas.

Oh, and I have a severe peanut allergy and try to avoid most other nuts, just to be safe. Limits my tea choices a bit, but that’s ok. However I have tried almonds and found out I can eat them, so I have been trying a few teas with them in them.

mrs.stenhouse12’s rating system
(as of 04/19/13)

95+: Absolute favorite, will try to always have it in stock, and when I don’t I pine over it!
90-94: Awesome teas, will probably purchase again a few times
80-89: Very good tea, may restock at some point
70-79: happy to have tried and will gladly finish, but not restock
60-69: not horrible, but not the best, will finish if I have some though
50-59: not a favorite, probably will have a tough time finishing the bag
-50: yuck. I don’t want to have it ever again.



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