199 Tasting Notes

drank Nahan 2014 Spring by Tea Urchin
199 tasting notes

Young and punchy.. This is too bitter for me to enjoy right now. I’m partial to middle aged sheng unless it’s a young jingmai.

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Very clean shu, light fermentation, no off flavors.. Very thick, dark, and creamy in texture, color, and taste. Notes of wood, mushroom in the early steeps. Tea is very dark from steeps 2-8, lightening after. The later steeps become clearer, the flavor developing a caramelized sweetness. Overall, a full mouthfeel over 12 steeps, and a delicious way to get into ripe puerh without any potentially off-putting flavors. Definitely on the short list for “really good shupu.” At $60 for a 400g cake, this is a steal – definitely a daily drinker and accessible to new shupu drinkers.

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Not something that I really enjoyed.. The rinse tasted like if you roasted baked beans over a campfire and could bottle that up in a taste-able form.. But then the steeps were super bitter to me at 195F. After a few steeps, nothing really changed, so I went to 175 and it was mellow and a little sweet. Too finicky for my tastes.


I never make sheng lower than 200F. Maybe you should try to up temps. You maybe rewarded with huigan after. Haven’t tried this tea though

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This tea is deceiving, since the taste is of a much older sheng. The aging has been accelerated and it shows in the very shou-like qualities. Notes of smoke, wood.. The first steep tasted like it was aged in an oak cask or something. Very enjoyable, but not my favorite either.


Good description of this tea :)

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This is very complex.. Mildly astringent, for sure. Notes of floral, grassy, and for some reason, I smell roasted peanuts, but I don’t taste it. I really didn’t notice this tea change over time with the steeps. I wouldn’t buy more of this, but it’s still a pleasant experience to be sure.

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drank Highest View by Mandala Tea
199 tasting notes

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Not sure if this is the dragonwell that came with the BTTC kickstarter, but my note goes here anyway :)
A very nice and light dragonwell with butter and chestnut notes. Delicious cup to start the morning.

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Pleasantly bitter at the first few steeps, eventually mellowing into a honey-like sweetness. Tastes of grass/hay/wood, with a very clean aftertaste. A little bit of orchid/floral taste in there as well. Not the best jingmai that I’ve tried, but a solid sheng.

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Medium fermentation, clearing up after a few steeps. Strong flavor and depth in steeps 2-6, growing lighter in color at steep 7 with the flavor changing to a sweet, honey/wood flavor. Very nice shou at this point.

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This note is for Yuzu Sencha Powder from the Matcha and Green TTB.

Overall, very sweet. Too sweet.. Luckily, I had a friend over who loves sweet drinks, so they had it instead. Definitely has a nice yuzu flavor, but it wasn’t enough to save the drink.

Liquid Proust

If this is the ones I put in there: I find it to be super strong!


Yeah, it was the one you put in. I love yuzu, but there must have been a lot of sugar in those packets or something!

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Learning more about tea every day.

Likes: Greens, whites, oolongs, blacks, and herbals! Just depends on the mood :)
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I also collect antique teaware (Chinese and Japanese).

I’d love to try new types, varieties, etc. I’m still exploring pu-erh to make a complete decision whether to keep trying it or just count it as a loss.

I’d love to trade with anyone who likes something that I might have! I just have to get everything added to my cupboard first :)


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