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This note is for the Early 2k Shu from the white2tea moving sale. I get a lot of the “wet composting leaf” taste that I don’t really like. I tend to get that in mid-aged shou, but not all the time. Definitely not a tea for me, so I’ll probably share it with other steepsters.



They sent me 150g of this. I haven’t tried it yet.

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I have survived the tea! I drank this last night in the warrior style! About 10g/100ml ratio, but I didn’t measure weight.

Strong, punchy, pleasantly bitter. A real punch in the throat, but still enjoyable and complex. Notes of citrus and apricot, like some of my favorite shengs. Definitely one to keep around and see how it ages.

Flavors: Apricot, Bitter, Citrus


At 10 grams you are a warrior. I found this one too bitter for me at the moment and this is coming from someone that can knock down half a dozen iipas no problem. I do think that this will be really nice with some years of humid storage though


i like this tea. 6g/100ml is good enough for me. its bitter but nice, creamy.

dipayan biswas

Starts a little bitter and rather cigarette-smoky. Fades to leather, which lingers. I feel hit by the energy immediately. After a few steeps, the tips of ears are warm and it feels like my eyes are glowing.

Later steeps turned towards apple juice with some leather keeping it interesting. Pins and needles and eventually almost numbness at the sides of my tongue. Fascinating.
bigg boss vote

the soft roots

Thanks For sharing this
Few Fun land

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A nice, light bitterness at the beginning.. juicy.. some fruit-like flavors. Around steep 8, this tea got so sweet, it tasted like I was drinking sugar.

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drank 2014 Jingmai Raw by Mandala Tea
199 tasting notes

A good daily drink. Nothing too special from this cake though. A good sweetness after a slightly bitter few steeps near the beginning. Maybe apricot or peach notes, more dried than juicy. Slight astringency after the sixth steep, but a pleasant experience.

Flavors: Apricot, Dried Fruit, Peach, Sweet


I’m drinking that right now :)

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Surprisingly, for a 2007 raw, it tastes very green and vegetal to me, like I would expect of a 2013-15. It was light in color and didn’t have any of the typical mid-age sheng flavors that I expect. Definitely tastes of honey with a slight bitterness at the third steep. Good, lasting sweetness with a hint of fruit. I can agree with the raisin flavor notes, but I didn’t really identify a specific fruity flavor that I immediately said raisin..

Flavors: Dried Fruit, Green, Honey, Vegetal

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This note is for my custom, Florida-grown tea by Single Origin Teas

First of all, I ordered a green tea, using the bud and the first leaf and with a soft rolling.

Forget Florida for a minute. Transport your mind to China, to Zhejiang Province, to the village of Longjing. Taste the longjing tea, the buttery, hazelnut-y liquor, perfect in every way.

Now, open your eyes. What’s that? It’s a tea from Florida and not longjing? I couldn’t tell the difference. Seriously. That’s how good this is. I felt like I was drinking some really good dragonwell tea, not something that was handmade for me.

Thank you, James for this experience.. If I could order an ounce or two, please let me know.


Flavors: Butter, Hazelnut


Thanks for reviewing! I was curious about this opportunity.


I was honestly shocked at the taste and quality, Nichole. Obviously the tea, itself, isn’t worth the price, but helping James being able to mass produce and hopefully get this tea into more hands is definitely worth it :)


Awesome. I was intrigued by this when I saw the post. I’ll have to keep it in mind.


That’s awesome! I should do a note for my black tea from him.

Single Origin Teas

Thanks! I’ve been away on holiday (visiting all the tea shops in San Fran and Berkeley), thank you so much for your kind words! It got a hot wok (and by wok I mean frying pan) finish, so that may help to explain some of the tasting experience!

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Thanks to Crimson Lotus Tea for the sample! (and sorry it took so long to review..)

This tea is quite the experience. The overwhelming bitterness presented in the first few steeps is a strange, intoxicating bitterness. I’m not a fan of bitter tea, but this is alluring, coating my mouth and throat with a sweet afternote. The bitterness slowly gives way to a lighter, sweeter tea, but the mouthfeel lingers, beckoning you to drink more. All in all, the tea is too bitter for my tastes, so I refrain from rating it; however, it was a delicious experience far beyond a standard tea. The feeling of this tea should be enjoyed and savored.

Crimson Lotus Tea

We’ve tried our stock from last year and the bitterness has faded a lot already. It’s a very interesting tea for sure!

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Subtle and beautiful in complexity.. The tea doesn’t feel strong, but the taste fills you with light smoky, tobacco, and stonefruit notes. A deliciously crafted tea, to be sure.

Crimson Lotus Tea

I get the stonefruit for sure. Thanks for the review!

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drank Purple Tip by Bana Tea Company
199 tasting notes

Very nice (and different) sheng.. Tastes malty and sweet with a “fuzzy” mouthfeel.. Later steeps remind me of apricot, but the malty taste persists throughout all of the steeps. A delicious tea to be had.

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Super delicious. Overall, the tea never really got too dark and lightened quickly after the first few steeps, but that didn’t stop the flavor train from going strong for 20 steeps..
First steeps are nutty, moving into a smooth, subtle sweetness. A little bit of spice in later steeps. Seems like a good deal.


20 steeps!


I’m glad to see other people trying Bana’s teas, I think they are quite good!

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Learning more about tea every day.

Likes: Greens, whites, oolongs, blacks, and herbals! Just depends on the mood :)
Dislikes: Coconut, melon, chocolate, peach, cherry

I also collect antique teaware (Chinese and Japanese).

I’d love to try new types, varieties, etc. I’m still exploring pu-erh to make a complete decision whether to keep trying it or just count it as a loss.

I’d love to trade with anyone who likes something that I might have! I just have to get everything added to my cupboard first :)


Virginia, USA

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