Prepare for a long winded story with a really short review…

I was waiting in Great Bend , Ks to go on a third date with the most awesome and beautifully geeky guy you could possibly imagine. We were going to see the lego movie which I was less than enthused about. But the theater is dark, he’ll be right beside, and it’s our third date. In some ways I feel like I’ve reached adulthood, dating is not one of those ways. My social anxiety saw it fit to kick into high gear, because of course. I spotted a coffee shop not far from the theater and decided a hot drink would be good to calm my nerves. Next to the register was a black book shelf display where some poor employee had artfully placed a bunch of coffee and tea related nonsense. I didn’t know if was allowed to touch it. My eyes were immediately drawn to the bright labels of two 52 teas pouches, this and a peanut butter and jelly rooibos. I touched them anyway. I asked if they were for sale and earned myself an eye roll and an “of course”. I excitedly buy this one and took it as a very good omen. The date went well, the movie was amusing, we kiss and I smile for the whole hour and a half trip home. Because I’m eleven, apparently. I take this home and promptly forget about it for a month or two. When I look it up on Steepster I’m shocked to see that all the reviews are four years old. I contact Frank and see if he has recently reblended this stuff. I get a ‘nope’ (not literally, he was very nice). He’s surprised I’ve gotten my hands on it.

I picked out all of the cashews and white chocolate chips because they were stale. They wouldn’t have killed me, but eww.

I’ve been drinking it all week and it does taste like white chocolate, but I don’t get much cashew, I did pick them all out, so it’s understandable. I will be very sad when it is gone, I need to remember to go hit the re-blend button..

The tea was a little weak so I ended up using fairly large amounts of the leaf to get a good cup, but that’s probably just because it’s old.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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I’m 25 from Kansas.

I absolutely adore flavored teas, although I’m starting to appreciate the unflavored ones a bit more. It all seems to be a learning process.

I’ll try to take the time to describe my feelings on teas with few reviews more thoroughly, but no promises, I’m both easily amused and distracted.


Pratt, Kansas

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