24 Tasting Notes

drank Irish Breakfast by Twinings
24 tasting notes

This has become my everyday tea, which is a good thing because it’s easy on the wallet.

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I’m updating this review allready. I liked it so much I decided to go for a whole pot at about 2AM.

Like I stated before, this tastes creamy and marshmallowy up front with mint in the background, but that description really doesn’t do it justice. The mint in it is really just enough to taste in the background and cool your mouth on the exhale. The creamyness of the tea is really the star player, which is neat becuase I never understood what people meant when their reviews called a tea creamy, I totally get it now.

This tea is also pleasantly sweet without adding anything to it, in fact, I think adding sweetener to it would throw it off and make it taste like liquefied toothpaste (Isn’t that what mouthwash is? Maybe? I don’t know, I’m sleepy). I totally get where it gets its name from. It justs tastes like something you would drink if you wanted to go and goth out in a cemetery somewhere. It makes me want to go and goth out in a cemetery somewhere. I guess I know what I’m doing tonight.

The tea when brewed doesn’t kill my senses with mint like smelling the stuff dry does. Seriously you guys, this tea smells really bad when dry. Spearmint is my least favorite of the mint family, it reminds me of toothpaste. With this blend I definitely don’t get toothpaste like other reviewers had reported tasting. Thank God.

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I guess I like greens more than I thought.

I definitely don’t get toothpaste. It tastes creamy and marshmallowy up front with mint in the background, it doesn’t smack me in the face with mint like smelling the dry tea does. after I smelling it I was dreading acually tasting it. Spearmint is my least favorite of the mint family.

Related: I asked for them to draw me a picture of a dinosaur and send it with the tea. He totally did! A dinosaur drinking tea and eating a cookie. Well, it could be a scone, but in my perfect world, scones are triangular and cookies are round, so its a cookie. That made my day. :D

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drank Butterbeer by 52teas
24 tasting notes

I am so excited you guys! My order from 52teas finally showed up andI can smell! I’m not 100 percent better, but I can actually smell everything, so I can appreciate the tea that just came.

Being a huge book nerd, this is the first one I ripped open. I’m drinking it hot right now. I’m going to have to do some experimenting but I think this would be better cold.

It tastes sort of like what root beer would taste like if root beer tasted good (I don’t like carbonation). I could see the characters in the book drinking a drink like this. Overall I love this stuff.

I let dad have a sip. he wasn’t as thrilled. He looked at me and asked “What the hell is this?”

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drank Chamomile by Pampa tea
24 tasting notes

Dad bought this for me because I’ve got the sniffles, I feel as if I’m just going to be sick all winter long. I’ll hold off on rating it until I feel better, because for all I know it could really be disgusting, but it’s certainly hitting the spot right now. I’m actually kind of irked that I can’t really appreciate flavors right now because I just got notice that my order from 52 Teas has shipped, and should be here in a day or two’s time because I only live about 80 miles from Wichita. I HAVE to be better before it arrives. I WILL be better before it arrives.

I haven’t added anything to it and it tastes wonderful, like wheat smells when it’s still green (Yeah, I’m from that part of Kansas). I haven’t added sugar and it’s still pretty sweet.

Another interesting note is that I can actually smell it! I’ve got Vick’s on my chest and I can’t even smell that stuff! What’s up with that?

Yeah, My Dad is great. I’m glad we still live close.

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drank Almond Fondant by Kally Tea
24 tasting notes

I waited a long time to write this up because I don’t like saying negative things, especially when I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s supposed to taste. I’d never tried rooibos tea before I ordered this.

I did not care for this, but I can’t pinpoint why. It just isn’t enjoyable. I tried the other rooibos tea in my package and have came to the conclusion that I just don’t like rooibos.

As a side note, I also discovered that I don’t like my tea infuser ball. It works fine, but my teas seems to taste better if I just put the loose leaves in my pot and strain them out after brew time is over. So I’m still learning, and if anything this review is a reflection of that, and not a reflection of the tea itself. It is probably fine for someone who likes rooibos to begin with.

If anyone wants some free tea, hit me up. I didn’t use very much.

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drank English Teatime by Bigelow
24 tasting notes

Dad bought me this tea because he didn’t like the idea of me drinking plain hot water while I was sick this week. Gotta love that man, even though I wasn’t drinking tea because I didn’t want to waste my little stash all up when I couldn’t enjoy the taste of any of it.

This stuff is pretty good, I had it with honey. It has a better taste than Twinnings, which I was surprised by. I got the water up to boiling and only set the bag in for about 45 seconds and it was surprisingly strong and flavorful.

I ended up dumping half of it out in favor of more hot water, after all, I was sick.

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drank Simply Strawberry by Kally Tea
24 tasting notes

This came as a complimentary sample in my Kally Tea order.

When I opened this up and took a whiff of the tea I was pleasantly surprised. They smelled like the strawberry candies you can get at christmas time here, the ones with the hard candy shell and the sticky middle. I LOVE that smell.

When brewed, strawberry flavor settled down a bit. the tea still mainained that lovely strawberry candy smell, but it tasted like more like really good green tea with fresh strawberries. Hands down the best green tea I’ve had.

I will be buying this soon.

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drank Green Almond Chai by Kally Tea
24 tasting notes

The dry leaves smell like almond extract. I followed directions on the package, deciding to steep for 7 1/2 minutes, the directions say from 5- 10, next time I will use the whole 10 because it wasn’t very strong.

Do follow the package instructions, out of curiosity I tasted the tea straight and it was probably not the best idea I ever had.

I used lactose free milk in this, which seems to be sweeter than regular milk. I think it covered up most of the almond flavoring because I couldn’t taste it at all even though the dry leaves reeked of it. What I could taste was the cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves.

I did enjoy this, though not as much as the gingered peach. I’ll play around with it though, because I think it has potential. It really soothed my sore throat for a some time while and after drinking it, so I’m definitely going to be drinking it all day today anyway.

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drank Gingered Peach by Kally Tea
24 tasting notes

I got my order from Kally Teas in the mail yesterday! The post office workers here probably hate me. I stalk my packages on the internet until they arrive at my local post office, then I run up to to get them so I don’t have to wait for them to be delivered to my door, because I’m notoriously impatient and that crap takes too long.

Dry, this tea smells cloyingly sweet and perfumey, But when steeped it tastes amazing. You can definitely taste the black tea and the peach, with a pleasant spicy background. The peach only comes out more when lightly sweetened.

The first steep was really good. I followed the directions on the package completely. I have an infuser at my house but I forgot to bring it to work with me. I wound up dumping the tea straight into my mug of water and fishing them back out when time was up, because again, I was really excited and I’m impatient.

The second steep was not as good, I shoved the wet leaves into my infuser when I got home so I didn’t have to go chase them again. The cloves in it made my tongue go a numb and tingly. I have to watch out for things like that, I have a geographic tongue,(My dentist said it was “really cool” because he hadn’t seen one before. He scares me but my teeth are healthy so win some lose some, I guess.), it can be wikipediaed if anyone cares to know what that is. I’m probably more susceptible things bothering my tongue than the rest of the population, so I’m not going to knock points off for that.

Overall though, I love this tea, and I will most likely buy more when I run out.

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I’m 25 from Kansas.

I absolutely adore flavored teas, although I’m starting to appreciate the unflavored ones a bit more. It all seems to be a learning process.

I’ll try to take the time to describe my feelings on teas with few reviews more thoroughly, but no promises, I’m both easily amused and distracted.


Pratt, Kansas

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