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Brews a light yellow with a greenish tint and smells amazing. It’s so thick yet smooth when you take a sip. I can’t quite place the flavor it reminds me of but for some reason it makes me think of corns and grains. Really nice for oolong lovers or a green tea fan looking to branch out.

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drank Comforting by Aveda
115 tasting notes

This is definitely an interesting experience. The aroma gets you a hint of that peppermint/licorice/menthol smell found in lots of more generic herbal teas. It also has an oddly rusty smell, almost as if I were drinking from a metal container (which I am not). It’s not what I expected, but that’s not a bad thing at this point.

The first sip is…unexpected. I was looking for a strong menthol flavor and was instead hit by a overwhelming sweetness. I immediately turned to ask the gf if she put a bunch of sugar in it but was cut off by a cough caused by the sweetness that flowed to the back of my throat. In fact, she didn’t add anything to this and it’s just naturally crazy sweet.

A few more sips and I started to acclimate to the intense sweetness of the tea. Seriously, I can’t understand how they make the tea this sweet, but they do, and they do it well. As someone who likes things on the very sugary to the super sweet side, this is something I could drink often – not as often as a good clean oolong, but maybe even like a semi-consistent dessert tea. Now that I’ve had it I can totally understand why it’s served at a salon/spa.

If you’re open to really sweet teas, this pulls it off and does it without help. If you’re a purist, you’re probably not going to like this one.

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JASON LIVES! <3 lol. I find it really funny you rarely post a tasting note and, when you do, it’s this. But glad you like it WAY more than me lol.


Jason I found you a new butt tea. I’ll have to remember to bring it in :D


I have a cup of this tea everytime I get my hair cut (Aveda salon). I’m always surprised at that super sweet kick in the teeth at the end of the sip.


I’m trying to recreate this one since I can’t justify spending so much $$ on a box of tea in bags… I plan on posting my findings. :)

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Another crazy purchase from the speciality food market. I thought this would be a good way to test a take-home version of boba/bubble tea.

In terms of the packaging, it doesn’t have the most appealing design. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing, but the flat yellow and the basic design of the can give the impression of a cheap substitute rather than a convenient portable version of the real thing.

I cracked it open and was immediately surprised by the color of the liquid. It was much more light brown than I had expected. I guess the “boba” and “pearl” in the title had distracted me from the “milk” immediately following them. So, while I was expecting a straight boba tea, it’s actually much closer to a boba tea latte.

The aroma is super sweet, you can smell the sugary cream wafting out of the can. So much so that I can’t really smell the true tea at all. And now, the tasting…

It’s actually better than I expected. I was thinking it was going to be gross and way too artificial, but it’s not. It’s a tea latte with tons of milk and sugar, surprisingly so. Now I see why it smelled the way it did, there’s excessive amounts of milk/cream and sugar, too much for a tea latte.

Also, whether it’s a mental thing I can’t say, I can’t get over the sense that there’s a slight yet noticeable artificial hint to all of the flavors. The milk is good, but slightly artificial. The sugar is good (if not overwhelming), but slightly artificial; and same with the tea (or what you can taste of it through the wall of sugary sweetness). I’m thinking it’s part mental and part actuality.

It takes a while to get to the bobas, without a straw you have to drink about half the can before you reach the pearls. Now the only bubble tea I’ve had before included tapioca pearls that were big and black and slimy and chewy. So I was surprised when these came out small and white and slightly crumbly when chewed. Based on the texture, my guess is that they are made from rice, which I don’t even know if that’s possible. But, similar to the black tapioca pearls, they don’t have any flavor and are just a novelty I have yet to grasp.

So, it was certainly worth the experience, just so I can have tried bubble tea in a can. If you can deal with seemingly artificial flavors, then this might work for you. If you’re looking for a true tea or true boba experience, I’d go elsewhere.

Ashley Bain

I love making bubble tea at home. I order the big black tapioca pearls.


Do you order the big straws too?

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drank Oi Ocha by Ito En
115 tasting notes

Wow, I’m not sure if I got a bad one but this is pretty awful. It still has about a year left until expiration, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

It doesn’t taste like green tea. It certainly isn’t a #1 green tea. In fact, it tastes closer to a Lapsang Souchong than anything. I’m getting a ton of smoke, lots of bitterness, and it generally tastes kinda dirty. It doesn’t taste like it was sweetened, so that part of the label was correct (that’s about all it has going for it). Really awkward after taste too; tastes slightly of vinegar and brine. Can’t finish the bottle.

I’m assuming I just got a bad bottle because I’ve had other bottled Ito En teas that were good. I’d try this again (hesitantly) just for the sake of seeing if this was a fluke bottle. Maybe this was mislabeled…


My stomach is actually starting to hurt a little…


yikes— hope you are alright. maybe you got a bad batch of bottled tea?

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Sounds like it went bad.


I actually washed the taste out of my mouth with some DQ ice cream cake! :D Feeling better now.


Ice cream cures all! :)


Definitely sounds like a bad bottle. Oi Ocha isn’t exactly a delicate Japanese green tea, but it should not be smoky and bitter. Glad to hear your stomach is feeling better.


Definitely sounds like a bad bottle, the Ito En teas are usually pretty nice for pre-bottled!

Tea for Me Please - Nicole Wilson

I definitely think it was a fluke. This is one of my faves. I always get it with my lunch from the supermarket by work :)


Wow awe striking how you literally described what I tasted from this bottle in words LOL Yeah this one does suck. I expected something better than that. I’ve learned my lesson from this about pre (plastic) bottled green teas for sure.

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drank White Tea by Teatulia Teas
115 tasting notes

A really nice, soft treat. The liquor is very light, a little yellowish and clear. It has a fairly floral nose and some vegetal notes, almost somewhat like a green tea, but not nearly as strong.

It’s surprisingly sweet throughout the whole sip. You get a good amount of sweetness when it first hits your tongue, then it recedes a little, but comes back the strongest farther back in your mouth. It finishes nice and sweet with an almost buttery flavor.

It’s light, but at the same time feels like it’s coating my tongue (in a good way) which I think may be where the buttery flavor sensation comes from. A good white tea with some flavor complexity and unusual notes that make it stand out from other plain whites.

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Benjamin Lim

It was light because you didn’t read the instructions.


How dare you question a Steepster Overlord.

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drank Tea's Tea Golden Oolong by Ito En
115 tasting notes

Got this from the asian food market a while back. My bottle actually looks a little different (it doesn’t have the Tea’s Tea branding on it) but it appears to be the same thing. I liked this a lot, especially since I like the in-your-face flavors like this.

I think this is a great option for “real” tea drinkers. Personally, I enjoy Arizona iced tea, but I know lots of loose leaf drinkers would cringe at that. However, this one gives the convenience of a bottled iced tea with actual, real, oolong flavor.

I’m not sure how accessible these are since I got it from an asian specialty market, but it’s worth a shot if you’re looking for a “truer” bottled iced tea.

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(TTB 1.2)

Pretty tasty, good classic oolong aromas and flavors. Kinda floral and vegetal. The liquor is much lighter than I expected and I’m not getting as much flavor as I expected or would like. Although, the lightness can be kinda pleasing since it isn’t too overwhelming. Even though, I think I may try another infusion to see what else I can get from it.

BTW, I have been drinking tea since my last tasting note, I’ve just been really bad about logging them. More to come + probably some backlogs…

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

2nd steep was pretty similar to the first, except a little less flavorful and a little more “watery”. I’m not sure how long it steeped because I forgot about it…I think it was about 4 mins.


I LOVE Norbu!!!!!

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This has some good body to it. Not overwhelmingly so, but not so light that you don’t notice the flavors. The color is really light for a green and given it’s delicacy, I agree with everyone else that this is a green bordering on a white. Very vegetal, grassy, a little earthy/heavy flavor. Some buttery sweetness on the nose and just when it hits your tongue. I’m getting just a tad of bitterness toward the end, but I think that’s because I got the bottom of the pot. For not being such a fan of greens, this is a good one.

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The best thing about this tea is the smell. Really great blackberry aroma comes wafting from the tin and the brewed liquid. I tried two cups using my fancy new water kettle my gf just got me (kept the water warm for me!). The flavor seems to be more on the sage side than the fruity blackberry side. But I’m still not getting much from it. First time I tried about 4 mins steeping, then 4:30 the second time…not much difference. I feel like flavored/fruit teas have a hard time meeting my flavor expectations and continually come in below where I’d expect. Maybe I’m not as big a fruit…tea drinker as I thought ;)

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

Which fancy new water kettle?


Pino’s Digital Kettle Pro!


I ended up getting the cheaper one and was COMPLETELY disappointed so I’m scared of the brand now, so I think I may pay more for the Chef Choice brand.


What was wrong with it? I haven’t used this one much yet for varying temps, but I love how it maintains a temp for you. You can keep a kettle going all day for fresh water without worrying about a thing :)


My main issue was it measures in C instead of F. It’s also pretty touchy. How much is the min you can have in the Pro and have it work properly? That was also a draw back for me. I make my tea anywhere from 2-8oz at a time.


Have you tried using Google to convert temperatures Cofftea? All you do is input (whatever temperature) C in F (or in my case the other way around) in the search box and it’ll instantly do the conversion.


@Cofftea: Mine is listed in F. Apparently you can order it in C or F, just ask the manufacturer or order from amazon. I think the one I linked before is in F (but it also says it’s currently unavailable :( ). For a minimum water amount, I’m not sure; I haven’t tried it with anything that small yet. But you can always just heat more water than you need and only use 2-8oz or however much you want. Also, from looking around it seems like there were some questions about the Chef Choice…but I guess you’ll get different opinions on everything :)


Jillian, yes I have. My issue is that the one in F is more sensitive. (1 degree C =~2 degrees F). If I’d get something like ths, I’d want exact temps, and since all of the temperatures for my teas are listed in F, I’d like that in a kettle as well. I don’t want to have to think about temperatures.

Jason, I don’t think I’ll order it from amazon- I did that w/ the cheap one and now I’m stuck w/ a $40 kettle that I don’t want and can’t return. I need to look around for the cheapest shipping (amazon was $10) and has a return policy. I’d also prefer not to measure my water after it’s boiled, that takes time and passing the water from one vessle to another and results in cooling.


@Cofftea: Ah true, I just hadn’t thought of that before. Are there many heating vessels that are designed to heat a small amount of water like that?


Unfortunately no. Especially not w/ such temp variation.

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drank Coconut Cream Pie by 52teas
115 tasting notes

For my thoughts, see: http://steepster.com/lfiske29/posts/24744

Ditto, minus the starbucks and never having had actual Coconut Cream Pie, which is delicious.

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All things green

That sounds very tempting


#maybeiwastoobusyworkingonsteepstertowriteanovel(likesomepeople) #soyoucouldhaveanawesomeplacetologyourteasandmeetotherawesometeadrinkers


@all things green: sorry you had to get in the middle of that, literally :)

Give it a try if you haven’t already. As someone who likes tea but also thick strong flavored drinks like straight hot chocolate, its a good middle ground.



Okay, I can’t keep doing that. Maybe you’re lucky that you have someone not-quite-ghost-writing for you on Steepster. #golaura

Get back to work! #sike


Retro is the new black. Get back with the times…like Back to the Future, McFly.


Tsk, tsk! So mean Takgoti! *shakes head *

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I’m one of the creators of Steepster!

My favorites are greens and oolongs but I’m open to pretty much anything (although I’m still working my way through pu-erh). Either way, any tea that expands my tastes, teaches me something, or promotes a love of tea is a winner in my book. If you have any questions, shoot an email to jason@steepster.com or PM me.


Brooklyn, NY



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