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Oh my goodness!! This tea literally tastes like Pina Colada! I can taste the pineapple and the coconut in this,

Im really glad that this is a honeybush tea, I couldn’t imagine trying this as a black tea, somehow, I really wanted to put this tea in a tall glass, with tons of ice cubes and a cherry on top with a little umbrella.. perfect! :D I like the crisp texture in this tea, I just don’t know why I’m screaming for it to have some cherries in!!

the only thing is that I’ve no more of this left :( I really really want some more!! it’s so sad.


you can order some more – I think it’s in the permanent collection. :)


oh thankyou for letting me know that!!! Honestly, i’m going to be buying alot of this and experimenting with it hehe..

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I’m so sorry but this tea isn’t for me at all.. I made a jug of it and all I could taste was watery sugar.. I literally had a sip and threw the whole pot of it away… I was so disappointed because I really wanted to start getting back into more herbal tea.. turns out I don’t like them still.


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drank Chocolate by Adagio Teas
67 tasting notes

This evening I really wanted a bitter tea, something less than a cup of coffee so I decided to have a chocolate tea… I didnt want to go for a sweet chocolate tea, so I was hoping that this wouldnt be as sweet as chocolate is,, gladly this isnt so sweet, Its not as bitter, I was hoping for a bitter rich chocolate taste but it isn’t, I guess Ill have to make do with this tea, I wouldnt drink this again to substitute the coffee.. I need a stronger tea, overall.. its alright, I can drink it.. besides the coffee I need.. its not a chocolate drink that lives up to other choccy teas… Im guessing it would blend with other teas well,,, other than that.. on its own,, id rather not..

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 30 sec

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This is an AMAZING tea!!
With sugar and milk.. it tastes like chocolate truffles.

The smoothness of this tea aswell.. I can almost taste the chocolate powder on the truffles, it’s so perfect. I can’t detect as much of the coconut as I had wished but nevertheless it was delicious! It tastes more like dark chocolate rich tea, a rich tea but don’t think that this tea is bitter, it’s not that type of dark chocolate taste.

the aroma in the bag is much much sweeter than the taste, it smells a little bit like irish cream tea, which I must admit made me a little worried about this tea.. but! I can’t taste any irish cream when I actually brew the tea.

The price for this tea is really quite cheap for the quality of it, which is great!! This is the easter collection from The Covent Garden Tea House – so I bought 2 bags of it!! And now having some, I might even buy more!! I can compare this tea with the caramel sweetheart from yumchaa.. this choco truffle is the perfect chocolate tea that is a rich truffle treat, the yumchaa one is sweeter, just a heads up!

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This time I brewed 2 bags of this in a tea pot and left it for about 5-6 minutes, the time it brews really makes a difference in this tea, I noticed that the spice aroma came out a lot more than before. I was worried that it would taste like a spiced chai rather than gingerbread but I was relieved.

After the first few sips I decided to add milk with this, to tone the spice down, as I do with most of my chai teas. The aroma now smells more like gingerbread than spice, which I’m very glad of. The taste is more of a spiced ginger, can’t quite write the bread part, it just didn’t reach that real gingerbread taste.

As for the texture, it was alright, nothing I could hint that really made a difference there, not light but not a smooth or heavy tea. Overall this tea is drinkable, for a quick sit down with a book or laptop. I personally wouldn’t serve this tea for guests, it doesn’t spark enough… For the price and for an everyday tea (which I will stick by) it was a good tea to drink whilst doing something, rather than relaxing and sipping in pure bliss, I still have yet to find a gingerbread tea to sit and enjoy sipping

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drank Hazelnut Dolce by Teavana
67 tasting notes

For me, the first thing was the smell.. it smells strong, in a good way. The creamy chocolate aroma coming out of the tea pot was already delicious.. I couldn’t detect any hazelnut in the aroma but nevertheless it was a mouth watering aroma.

The colour of the tea is a dark brown red and having the first taste.. the whole taste was wondeful. I could taste the chocolate, the cream, the hazelnut..

The only thing that I could say about this tea is that I was hoping for a thicker smoother tea, it was quite a light tea.. I might add some almond milk next time but on it’s own the texture was far too fresh.. I hoped for a creamy tea with hazelnuts and chocolate.. I could taste alot of the rooibos aswell. I hope that I find a tea just like this as a black tea, which could really help on the texture of this.


I’m glad you pointed out texture! I think a lot of people tend to overlook it when it comes to tea; and when you have these flavors that are supposed to be deep (hazlenut, walnut, chocolate) you really need something to back it up or else it isn’t as satisfying.


honestly.. I just know that it would have made a difference with this tea.

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drank Pure Peppermint by Twinings
67 tasting notes

I’m not a great fan of peppermint, but this tea is just so perfect!! It hasn’t got that strong mint taste that I can’t enjoy it, the tea is a brown colour more golden brown.

The tea is light and refreshing, there is nothing artificial about this tea, it’s au natural and perfect before bed or after tasting so many flavoured teas, it’s perfect for after a hangover as well.

The consistency of the tea suits the tea perfectly, a light splash. that’s how I feel about this tea.

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Instead of having this iced, I had it warm.. shocking!! It was so so good.. I was worried that it would be too sweet for something like this.. but it was just perfect perfect!! Iced and Hot, LOVE IT..

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Loved it last time, love it again.. had this with my sister this morning, it was delicious!! Unfortunately I was so tired I automatically put sugar in it… bad idea.. It really didn’t need the sugar, it’s better without.. but still all in all it was delicious and all gone! Only a little left of this!! nooo… :(

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Hello! I’m a girl living in London and abroad tasting tea and reviewing them wherever I go! I have a huge passion for tea and find real comfort in it..

I buy tea samples and collect tea. I have a lovely collection that is still growing, it includes mainly loose leaf teas but I do have bagged. If you’d like to trade some teas just message me and we can send samples to each other which would be lovely..

If any of my ratings are

80-100 – love it, will be buying more.

60-70 – It was good, not amazing, I’ll drink it all.

50-60 – I didn’t like it so much, I won’t buy it again and probably won’t drink it again (unless I have a little faith).

under 40 – I hated it and couldn’t finish the cup.


London, UK

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