81 Tasting Notes


Thank you Bonnie for this sample.
This is my 2nd Earl Grey Tea I have tried.
I boiled water.
I took the big sample and put it in the pot.
I let it cool.
I tasted the “Cream” It’s the taste in the beginning…
I got a little bored with it, so I added some organic Blue Agave sweetener.
The tea leaves plumped up and expanded.
I have a big pot that I will sample all day today.
Thank you, Bonnie

8/21/12 – I put whatever was left into the fridge, this tasted really good cold!

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drank Paris by Harney & Sons
81 tasting notes

Thank you Bonnie for this sample.
This tea came in a mesh tea bag, string, and tag that said Harney and Sons.
It’s the weekend, and I paired this tea with my breakfast – breakfast was a leftover salad bar from the night before.
I was excited to try this, so many positive reviews on steepster!
I asked my mom if she wanted to try, she said yes.
So I boiled the water.
Two cups, one tea bag.
The tea tasted smooth. It smelled good like flowers? maybe chocolate?
This teabag had mystery ingredients – guess the flavor!
This was not a strong tea, and I am thankful that Bonnie sent it to me.

There is a Harney and Sons in NYC that I will have to check out eventually.

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Thank you Bonnie for this sample.

I made a hot pot of this tea.
I drank it for breakfast, paired it with cheerios and milk.
The taste was excellent, no milk or sugar needed!
My mom had a cup and said it was “delicious”
This is my second Puerh tea that I have tried.
The cinnamon stood out. What’s not to love about this tea?
Not bad! Thanks Bonnie

I am going to chill the rest of this tea.
Also I will check out http://www.lupiciausa.com/ soon.


I hope you watched cartoons too! Sounds like something I’d do!

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Thanks to Nicole Martin for a sample
This tea comes in a cute brown baggy bag.
Quality Whole Leaf Tea from China
Packaging is 100% reusable, recyclable, biogradable.

This is my first Bai Mu Dan that I have reviewed. The tea leaves are dry and crunchy. I boiled some hot water. The flavor was very light.
The taste was light. A light tea taste, sort of when you drink a bit of Pepsi with lots of ice and all the cubes melt. You taste the Pepsi but it is diluted.
This tea reminds me of a tea called Lagg’s, a weak tea that darkens the water, but fails to come up big on flavor or caffeine.

I will blend this with Yerba Mate for now.

9/18/2012 – Tried this tea again. Crunchy leaves. Small cute twigs. Web site www.LittleRedCupTea.com has lots of information and brewing instructions. Here’s my take..
1. Used the best water you can (I’m using NYC tap)
2. The flavor is very faint, floral.
3. Used 1/2 the amount of water.
4. This is a late afternoon or night tea for me.

12/6/2012 It sits on my tea shelf, I haven’t touched it in awhile. I love the graphic brown bag. I’ll keep it around for awhile longer.

Little Red Cup Tea

Hi Hannabling — our Bai Mu Dan is indeed a light tea (as all white teas are) but if you give it another shot, I’d point to the brewing guideline here: http://littleredcuptea.com/pages/brewing-guidelines — White teas are generally brewed cooler than boiling (we shoot for around 170 degrees). A cooler (and perhaps a longer) steep should open up a lot of the flavor you’re looking for.


Martin @ Little Red Cup Tea


Thanks Martin! Will brew some more with a follow up.


Another option I haven’t tried is to let it sit in the fridge overnight and try it cold.

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drank Ginger Citrus Guayusa by Runa
81 tasting notes

I drank some this morning.
I paired this with Andy Capp’s Hot fries, a banana, and a Ess-A-Bagel.

From the Runa Box: Amazon Kichwa people "They come together during these morning hours to share dreams, music and myths in a tradition that is essential to what makes them “Runa” – fully living human beings.

So, I did my part.
I went to see the Micki Minaj concert at Rockefeller Plaza before work.
I saw screaming teenage girls.
I heard the song Beez in the Trap.
Then it was time to go to work.

Sharing, is caring, especially loud music.

8/15/12 – I’m drinking this at work. I love the caffeine buzz. However, I’m added: 1 Pack of sugar, Maca Powder and Yerba Mate to make this have a super kick.


Who spells Quechua ….Kichwa? Wierd! My Aunt and Uncle speak Quechua and lived in Ecuador but mostly Peru…ah…looked it up, Kichwa is the Ecuadorian translation to Spanish Dictionary of the word Quechua and isn’t used in Peru. Sounds like you had a great kickin morning!!!

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drank Pure Green Tea by PG Tips
81 tasting notes

I opened the 40 count box this morning. The smell was awesome.
The tea has no string, labels, or individual foil.
Straight up green tea. Will make some more comments later.

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Thanks to BrooklynSheep for this sample.
This came in a silver baggie.
Processed on 10/19/2011 for Emily R——-
CO2 Decaffeinated Ceylon OP
The tea had a Kosher star
English Breakfast 1 tsp/3-4min/212 degress
Imported and Picked by Upton Tea imports
I had a very small sample.
I placed what I had in a half cup of water.
I didn’t get anything special, still tasted like hot H20.
For now I’ll check out more teas from www.uptontea.com


Hm. I believe it was a sample of Decaffeinated English Breakfast Ceylon OP (TC09). You sure it was an Earl Grey? At least then it would have tasted like hot bergamoty H20…


Hi Brooklyn Sheep I’ll have to review my notes, and looking forward to trying my other Upton Tea sample I got from you!

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Thanks to Nicole Martin for this sample

Organic Guayasa – WIN – Love Guayusa Guay*USA* USA USA GOLD METALS!
orange peel
natural peach and carmel flavor.

The bag smells great!
I made some hot tea.
Didn’t need any Milk, Sugar, Honey.

I drank a few sips, and my brain automatically chilled.
I felt relaxed, and alert.
I love Guayusa!

Thank you Nicole Martin

10/11/12 – I dissected one of the bags today, there’s also what appears to be cinnamon sticks crushed up in there as well that’s not listed on the bag.

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