First impressions of this when I tried this in the store was Tastier, Juicier Red Kool-Aid. I automatically wanted to pick some up, and it’s an even better feeling knowing that proceeds go to charity.

I’ve had this a few times iced at home now and my initial major delight is waning. It does taste like cherries and cranberries mostly, then raspberry in the background. Like I’ve been finding with a few of their fruit blends lately, the flavouring they add to it usually ends up overpowering the actual fruit in here. The first couple times I had this, I couldn’t detect any stevia, but it seems like as I get closer to the bottom of my time, my glasses are getting sweeter and sweater, although it doesn’t have that overpowering, obvious stevia note that other blends have. Not yet, at least.

This strongly reminds me of another fruit blend I had from Bayswater. Maybe their Juicy Cherry? That reminds me of how I’d love to make an order but they make the process so annoying.

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